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Amy was sitting up against the wall wrapped in a blanket that Josh found laying around and a cold water by the time Gibbs burst into the house. He had one thing on his mind; Amy.
–Gibbs” Amy said, trying to stand up. Gibbs grabbed her shoulders and pushed her gently back to the ground then sat beside her.
–You alright?” he asked, wanting to pull her into his arms but not knowing if it was a good idea. He did not know what happened to her in that closet, and the last thing he wanted was for her to be afraid of him.
–I am better now,” Amy said as Gibbs inspected her face. She looked as exhausted as he felt. He sighed with relief when she snuggled into his side. He hesitantly wrapped an arm around her and kissed the side of her head.
–I am sorry” he whispered. Amy looked up at him.
–Never say sorry, it’s a sign of weakness” She reiterated what he had once told her after hearing her say sorry.
–I promised that you would not get hurt.” He said.
–it is not your fault” Amy told him sleepily. She slowly drifted to sleep. Horatio came running in.
–How is she” He asked. He saw her chest rise and fall and sighed with relief.
–She is getting a very long overdue and well-earned nap.” Gibbs said, causing Horatio to smile slightly.
–I am going to order that she take time off.” He said. Amy’s eyes shot open.
–Hey, its ok. You are safe.” Gibbs said softly against her hair seeing the fear in her eyes.
–Horatio, I am telling you now, I refuse to ever go undercover again.” She said before falling back asleep.
–I will make sure of that, Amy” Horatio said in a whisper as Eric walked in.
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