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–I am really going to miss you,” Amy said to Gibbs at the airport. Everyone else had already boarded the plane to bring them back to Washington. He kissed her, and when they broke away there where tears in her eyes.
–Awe, please don’t cry Amy. I swear, I will get away as soon as possible to visit, no business intended.” Gibbs said, feeling his own heart shatter. He was having a hard time leaving. He could not get out of mind Stettler being so close to her when he first saw her.
–I love you,” Amy said, fighting for control.
–I love you too” he said. He wanted to tell her more than Shannon, but did not want to cause more tears. Amy’s phone rang and she answered it.
–I have an early birthday present for you” Eric said through the phone.
–Really?” Amy asked. She looked at Gibbs, who gave her a grin.
–Yep. Go into your jacket pocket.” Eric instructed her. Amy did. –The other pocket”
–Eric, holy shit. How the hell did you do that?” Amy asked, inspecting a one way ticket to the plane to Washington that was about to leave.
–I never state my resources.” He said. –Horatio does not want to see your face in the lab for at least a month.”
–With this ticket, he wont see my face in Miami for a month,” Amy said, giving the ticket to Gibbs for him to examine. She froze. –one problem”
–What?” Eric asked.
–The plane is about to leave, and I have no luggage.” Amy stated the obvious.
–I have you covered. Go to your car and open the door.” Eric said. Amy covered her phone to talk to Gibbs.
–Hang on a sec.” she said, and ran to her car.
–The back seat, Delko” Eric said.
–How do you know where I am, what did you follow me.” Amy asked.
–Just do as I say” Eric told her. Amy opened the door to the back seat and found a bag. –Everything you need. Clothes, deodorant, everything. Me and Calleigh put it together.
–Gibbs has something to do with this, doesn’t he?” Amy asked.
–Maybe.” He said.
–If only you where here, Eric. I will miss you.” Amy told him, grabbing the bag and locking her doors.
–Turn around” Eric said, and she heard him behind her and through the phone. She turned and saw him, Horatio and Calleigh standing there.
–You guys really outdid yourselves” She said and ran over to hug them, and in her brothers’ case, kiss their cheeks.
– I meant what I said.” Horatio said.
–Me too. Think one of you may have to drag me away.” Amy said as Gibbs came up with a smirk.
–Like your present, Am?” he asked. She grinned.
–Damn right I do. I should have known something was strange.” She said and ran into his arms and kissed his mouth quickly a few times.
–This works out good since Stettler is on the run and after you. We all agreed that it would be best if you came to Washington with me, and on top of that, you would probably not argue about it anyways.” Horatio told her.
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