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Amy smiled as Stettler followed her up to her door. –I had a really good time”
–Me too. See, that was not that bad, now was it?” he said. Amy chuckled and turned to face him. He entered her personal space. –No, it was not”
Stettler pressed his lips gently to hers, and she froze. She forced herself to kiss him back, and was surprised that he was actually a decent kisser. He placed his hands at her waist gently as she wrapped her arms around his neck. When oxygen became a necessity they broke the kiss.
–Don’t pinch me, think I am dreaming” Stettler murmured, lowering his lips to the side of her neck.
–Think we should go inside. Don’t…want….to give everyone a show” Amy said in a mock breathless voice. Thank god she was a good actor.
–Then lets go” Stettler suggested, and let go of her long enough to unlock the door to her house. She stepped inside and Stettler shut the door behind him before pushing her against the wall and covering his mouth with hers.
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