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–Oh my god, she got some rest” CSI Eric Delko said in mock surprise when he saw Amy, getting a head slap from her and Gibbs simultaneously.
–I am happy you are back,” Horatio said, and hugged her tightly. –How are you feeling?”
–Like a normal person, for once” Amy said, causing Gibbs to laugh.
–I missed you” Eric said, and hugged Amy.
–Oh my god he is being nice.” She joked.
–You think Eric being nice is weird, you should have seen Gibbs before you knocked him on his…” DiNozzo started. He stopped abruptly when Gibbs delivered him a head slap.
–Director Leon Vance, NCIS” Vance said to Horatio and extended his hand.
–Lieutenant- CSI Horatio Caine, Miami Dade crime lab.” Horatio said, shaking his hand.
–I cannot thank you enough.” Vance said.
–It is an honor to have an NCIS team here in Miami. Your team has been nothing short of helpful with the joint investigations that we have shared.” Horatio said. They started to walk towards the rentals that Horatio and Eric brought. Gibbs and Amy walked behind, hand in hand.
–Cant believe I am here to stay,” Gibbs said in her ear. She grinned.
–Seeing is believing, Gibbs. Now all we have to worry about is you being called out of the country.” She said. Gibbs chuckled.
–I told you about my first wife, Shannon, right?” He asked. Amy nodded. –What if I told you that when I first married her, I thought I could never love anyone the way I loved her? But then I met you. Amy, I was wrong. Because I love you more than I was ever capable of loving her.”
–Gibbs.” Amy said. She looked at Gibbs, and saw that he no longer had the mask he had since she knew him. She could read his eyes, and they where practically screaming love. –I love you too. More than I will ever be able to love anyone. Like that song Apologize, ‘I need you like a heart needs a beat, its nothing new’”
–When you two are done wrapping yourselves in Raccoons.” Ziva said. Amy laughed and Gibbs did not even bother correct her grammar. He had the first legit smile on his face in a long time, probably since Shannon and Kelly died.
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