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Story Notes:
Ziva and Gibbs pairing (not father/daughter)most likely one shot.
Author's Chapter Notes:
A conversation at work leads Gibbs to Ziva. What happens in the dark and where does it lead?
Ziva realized she had an angry Gibbs in her living room and she wasn’t sure why. She only knew when She’d let him in his ice blue eyes blazed with fury. He hadn’t waited to be invited, simply pushed past her and walked into her kitchen. He’d poured himself a glass of whiskey from the stash above her stove and stood there staring at her pacing like a caged tiger.

She wasn’t the kind of woman easily intimidated, but Gibbs was one of the few men who could evoke just that emotion in her. It wasn’t the fact she was wearing nothing but a black slip of a nightgown, or that she’d been woken from sleep. It wasn’t even that it was nearing one a.m. and the only light was coming from her hallway it was the emotion radiating from him. She couldn’t place it but it made her wary. She approached him cautiously. –Gibbs?”

–Ziva….” Gibbs forced the words out past a sip of whiskey that burned down his throat. He’d been sitting outside her house for an hour trying to calm himself before coming to her door; he’d only just now reached the point where he could think somewhat clearly.

His voice as always caused a skitter of desire to race down her spine. She felt fingers of it dance down her back threating to cause her to lose her breath. Instead she steadied herself by curling her hands into fists. Outside her kitchen window the clouds parted and a shaft of moonlight caught the silver in his hair, simple jeans and the work worn coat couldn’t hide the beauty that was the man she wanted. Here in her darkened home she was hard pressed to hide, what, in the day she was able to lock away.

Gibbs watched her stop just steps away from him. She was a shadow siren dark hair loose falling all around a barely there slip of fabric teasing at lush curves. He set the whiskey glass down on the counter and it was obscenely loud in the darkness. She startled and her dark eyes flew back to his. He took one step closer to her, –Interesting conversation at work today, Ziva”

His eyes were somehow even angrier than moments before. She couldn’t think straight to figure out his words. The scent of him was wrapping around her whiskey, sawdust and Gibbs it was as intoxicating as the alcohol he had just consumed. She shook her head trying to make sense of his words. –Gibbs,…I don’t.”

Gibbs closed the distance between them, noticing how in her bare feet she was so much smaller than he was. Gripping her arms as gently as his control would allow. –You’re going to have a baby with some,” Gibbs took a deep breath trying not to yell –damn test tube. Some faceless man you’ve never met. Possibly even Tony’s”

Ziva froze, with any other man she would have laughed at the misunderstanding of the situation. But Gibbs was shaking with fury as he held her arms. His control was his nature it was part of the man himself and he was hanging on by a thread. Their attraction to each other had always been there, from the moment her eyes had met his for the first time she had wanted him and she suspected it had been the same for him. It wasn’t arrogance it was the looks, the innuendos and the slight touches over the years that told her this. They had never let it go further because it couldn’t but as he stepped even closer to her and she felt him hard against her thigh she wondered if that had been the safest choice.

Gibbs tugged at her hair barely maintaining his control –tell me”

–It was a joke Jethro.” She watched something unnamable pass over his face as she said his given name only to be again replaced by anger.

– A joke, what the hell is that supposed to mean?” Gibbs picked her up and set her on the kitchen table placing his hands on either side of her making it clear she wasn’t going anywhere till she explained.

Ziva was surrounded by him again and she couldn’t stop from bracing herself against his forearms. She took a deep shuddering breath, only to take more of him in. She watched his lips quirk knowingly. Damn him he knew the effect he was having on her right now. She found her voice but it wasn’t as strong as she liked. –While you were in MTAC, somehow Tony got on the subject of having donated sperm. He ran to get a coffee and McGee and I came up with the idea to mess with his head a little if he continued talking about it. McGee did some heckling…wait no Hacking and found which clinic Tony had donated to. And so when Tony came back I told the story about how I was looking at being inseminated at the very clinic where Tony had made a deposit. We were just trying to make him sweat it. You happened to be in the room. – Ziva licked her lips as she felt Gibbs pulse race beneath her touch. –I didn’t think you would care.” She shrugged and a strap from her nightgown fell off her shoulder causing the bodice to dip dangerously low on one side.

Gibbs’s gaze didn’t miss the slice of skin revealed, the soft swell of her upper breast offered up for his view. Still, he refrained from touching her. Sighing he took a deep breath of his own and let his head fall ever so slightly against hers. He could breathe somewhat better now. The anger rushing in his ears was dulled now. –You do not want a child then?”

Ziva gasped at his question it was such a feminine thing for her to do she heard him chuckle low and soft. He still wasn’t really touching her but the intimacy between them was more than most touching she had experienced. –I did not say that.”

Gibbs lifted her chin to force her to look directly at him. He waited for her to speak. Not allowing her to look away.

Ziva was trembling; she wanted Gibbs to touch her. The air was ripe with their need for each other like dry grass one small spark and they would both go up in flames. Yet his question made her feel vulnerable. He knew, she hadn’t just been speaking to Tony and McGee today she had been talking to him in the only way she could forcing his hand making him come to her. It hadn’t been conscious but now with him touching her it dawned on her that’s what she’d been doing. She conveyed her apology with her eyes and he nodded but still waited. –I want a child, not from a test tube but from a man inside me. A child we’ve created together.”

Gibbs growled low in his throat; finally allowing himself the indulgence of touching her he placed a hand on her stomach. –The thought of Tony’s child here made me want to beat him senseless, and most days I like him.”

Ziva felt her body grow damp at such a simple touch. – I didn’t realize…..it would make you so angry.”

Gibbs was done with pretense had been done with it the moment he walked through her door. –The thought of anyone but me inside you makes me angry Ziva.” He saw the shock in her eyes, watched her mouth part on a sigh, the instant arousal that washed over her was unmistakable.

–Jethro, we’ve never…” She lost her words when his hands grasped her hips.

–Yeah I know. I stayed away from you all this time. I tried anyways, to keep my distance but damned if you aren’t far too tempting.” Gibbs traced tiny circles with his fingertips, into her hips.

Ziva felt fire race through her. Her nightgown still covered her but just the slightest shift would leave her bare to his touch and her body begged for her to move just enough to feel him against her bare skin. –You haven’t been the only one tempted.” She saw his confident grin and reveled in it, she admired a man that knew who he was.

–I wanted you tempted Ziva, I wanted you wanting me. I wanted your body craving mine.” Gibbs pulled her to the edge of the table letting their bodies touch. Showing her how his body craved hers equally as much. Thin fingers of moonlight danced around her as her head fell back caressing her skin as he wanted to do. A fine sheen of sweat a testament to her barely held restraint made her shimmer. For a moment he had to remind himself this wasn’t a dream, that he really was touching her.

–I always want you. I shouldn’t admit it but it is the truth. I need, that’s why the ….” She looked away unable to finish.

Gibbs felt the jealousy wash over him and pulled her even closer. –That’s why the other men. I’ve been no saint either Ziva, but not again, only me now.”

–Only you.” Ziva’s breath was coming in short gasps now, she knew he could hear it but his breath was not much steadier.

Gibbs picked her up and carried her into her bedroom. He didn’t have to be told where it was despite having never been there before; he’d seen enough houses in his day. But walking in her room he stopped short in surprise. –Well I’ll be dammed”

Ziva blushed deeply, –Not what you expected I imagine.”

Gibbs would have called her out on that understatement but bit his tongue. Ziva’s house was functional and simply decorated. Clean lines and modern furnishings, but her bedroom revealed the true woman inside her. Deep jewel toned silks, tapestries and beading hung along the walls. A low set bed swathed in similar silks and a multitude of pillows was larger than what was needed for one person. It looked like something out of a thousand and one nights but tastefully done as everything Ziva did was.

–Beautiful, just like you.” Gibbs set her on her feet just on front of the bed. Stepping toward a Bombay chest of drawers he disarmed himself and removed his jacket. He made quick work of his socks and shoes. Still, Ziva watched him unmoving from where he’d placed her.

Ziva felt him close the distance between them and brown eyes met blue. For a long moment he just watched her. He didn’t touch her, didn’t speak they were just breathing in and out together.

–Are you on birth control Ziva?”

Ziva knew why he was asking and also wondered how his timing was always so damn perfect. She shook her head –No”

Gibbs had suspected as much, how he couldn’t say just something his gut had told him. –I didn’t bring condoms tonight Ziva.”

She didn’t know what to say to that. Licking her lips she linked her fingers with his trying to balance herself. Her body was so wet so swollen with need she could smell her own scent in the air, closing her eyes she knew Gibbs could as well.

Reaching up to cup the side of her face Gibbs felt the warmth of desire hot on her skin and his control slipped further. –Other than my anger do you know what I thought about all day?” She looked at him waiting for him to continue. –I thought about being inside of you, coming inside of you nothing between us at all.”

For all she knew of Gibbs, Ziva hadn’t expected to hear him say that. –Jethro, you’re killing me.”

Gibbs chuckled –Want you, Ziva, here now.”

–I want you to Jethro.”

–Do you understand what that means Ziva, why I mentioned what I just did. Or should I go out and….”

Ziva pressed a finger to his lips. She knew exactly what he was saying –Stay.”

Gibbs took a long breath in taking the scent of her as well. Calloused fingers pushed the straps of her nightgown fully off her shoulders till it puddled at her feet.

He took in her perfection, dusky skin lit only by a soft lamp they had flicked on as they walked in the room. –Beautiful.”

–You make me feel beautiful. When you look at me, when you touch I feel …wanted.” Ziva didn’t get the words out as eloquently as she would have liked. Gibb’s hands on her wrists and his mouth on her collar bone made it difficult.

–Always wanted you Ziva.” Gibbs let his free hand unbutton his shirt and shrugged out of it pulling her close he cursed softly at the feel of her softness against his skin.

It was Ziva’s turn to laugh. –It seems I’m testing your limits Jethro, your control just might be slipping.”

–Today you left me with none.” Gibbs undid the fly of his jeans and slid them off quickly smoothly lowering them to the bed in the same movement.

Ziva looked between them, he was even more handsome nude then she had imagined. His whole body was strong and spoke of hard work; his body could have been that of a much younger man. But, it was his sex that drew her gaze the most he was no small man curving thick and proud. Reaching out she let her fingers wrap around him moaning low at the iron silk in her hand.

Gibbs felt her first touch on his shaft and had to concentrate on baseball stats to hold off from coming in her hand. –Like that.”

Ziva felt her hand slicken with his pre-come as she stroked him and knew his was primed for her. The thought of him being inside her like this was making every movement a cascade of pleasure. He was placing kisses all across her body, nipping gently across her belly forcing her to remove her hand from him. His mouth moved between her thighs tongue slipping inside her skipping any preliminaries and the pleasure was shocking. –Holy hell...”

Gibbs chuckled savoring the silky sweet feel of her against his tongue. He grasped her hips letting his tongue have full reign. He felt her shaking the weakness in her legs and reluctantly he let his mouth trail up her stomach through the valley of her breasts only to nip at the fine skin of her shoulder. He lingered there a little longer than he should have and knew there would be a mark tomorrow.

It was Ziva's turn to laugh softly.

–Should I apologize, for marking you Ziva?” Gibbs pulled her to the bed positioning her just to his side.

–No, does it please you?”


–Then why would I want you to stop. But I have a question.”

Gibbs met her gaze.

–Why are you making me wait?”

Gibbs almost laughed but sobered quickly –I want you to be sure Ziva, I want no regrets.”

–I have none Gibbs, no doubts, no uncertainty and no patience. I need you inside of me very very soon.” as she'd spoken she'd taken him in her hand and was enjoying feeling his reaction in every twitch and jerk of his cock.

Gibbs couldn't have denied her if he'd wanted to and where he would have spent a great deal more time on foreplay Ziva was already guiding him inside her. He went slowly remembering how small she was. As he slid in inch by agonizing inch she wrapped around his cock like liquid heat. –Good God Ziva....”

Ziva felt him enter her with amazing gentleness. The man was definitely all about control. She was grateful though his gentle thrusting gave her time to adjust. He felt amazing even as she felt the pleasure-pain of infrequently used muscles coming to life her body responded as though having him inside her were the most natural thing in the world.

Ziva wrapped her legs around him and in an instant he was fully inside her. He didn't bother to hide his groan, he was barely under control. He hadn't felt so primed to come since he'd been a much younger man.

–Gibbs you feel incredible. Please....” Ziva was already so close; his hands were everywhere touching her breasts, caressing her face and then suddenly where their bodies were joined. Softly his fingers worked magic, somehow knowing exactly how to touch her.

–I'm damn near about to embarrass myself Ziva, you feel so damn good.” Gibbs kept up his gentle thrusts, nuzzling her neck he placed a trail of kisses along her collar bone trying to give her more time before he left her behind.

Even as Gibbs spoke Ziva felt his cock thrust so deep in just the right spot and his thumb flicking her clit threw her over the edge. His scent surrounding her, the enormity of the moment, what they were doing all of it took her over an edge she hadn’t known she could cross. Calling out his name she clung to him till she felt his reality creep back in ever so slowly. He was still rocking inside her shoulders slick with sweat.

–Gibbs?” She could barely speak meeting his eyes they were glazed with need, a look she knew she’d need to see again and again.

–I’m going to come Ziva, inside you. Be sure before…I can’t stop myself.” Gibbs didn’t know how in hell he would stop himself if she asked but he’d find the will somehow. Her body gripped him like a damn vise and watching her in the throes of orgasm had been the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. She hadn’t held back just let herself fall.

Ziva shifted her hips drawing him deeper crying out when she again felt ready to come. It amazed her she could be ready again so quickly, barely recovered from the first. Wrapping her legs tighter around him she flexed her inner muscles tightly feeling his hands grip her shoulders painfully tight. She knew he didn’t realize what he was doing and grinned. Pulling him in closer she took his mouth for a deep kiss, against his mouth she whispered. –Now”

Gibbs felt her tighten around him and pull him impossibly deeper. One last stroke and his mind shattered as his orgasm rushed over him, pleasure so intense it bordered on pain caused every part of him to shake. Hands clenched in her hair he held on breathing through the intensity, his heart racing head swimming. Collapsing against the bed he pulled her with him, so she was pressed against him. Bodies still locked together. –Beautiful.”

Ziva smiled. –Yes it was. But just once wasn’t enough.”

Gibbs nipped at her shoulder –Never enough”
Chapter End Notes:
Ziva and Gibbs pairing (not father/daughter)most likely one shot.
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