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Author's Chapter Notes:
Tony gets transfered out of the team by Gibbs and Ziva. What will happen when he joins his new team out in L.A. This will be a crossover with NCIS:Los Angeles. Tony/Kensi pairing later on.
Chapter 1

He stalked out of the Director office. He was furious; He couldn't believe that Gibbs was doing this to him. He was being kicked out of the team; a team that he had help train.

It was like when his father disinherit from the family when he was 12.

Now he was again years later being disinherited from the people he had come to care and see as his family.

They didn't want him. Gibbs didn't want him anymore.

That thought kept going through his head.

It hurt.

More then when he was kicked out of his biological family.

Why? Why did it kept happening to him? Was he cursed to always be alone for the rest of his life?

He was so lost in his thought that he didn't hear Mcgee calling him.

' Tony!"

Startled he looked around and noticed that he was standing in front of his desk. He well aware that Ziva and Mcgee were looking at him but he didn't acknowledged them.

He knew Mcgee was looking at him worriedly. But he didn't comment, Ziva on the other hand looked at him with an emotionless face and then went back to her report.

It had been like that since they had come back from Tel Aviv two says ago. After being interrogated by Director David of Mossad. Ziva would ignore him whenever they were the same room together. So he stayed out of her way.

He had seen Ziva and Gibbs talk before the boarded the plane, at first he saw that she had hesitated then she looked at Gibbs said something then both of them turned to look at her father. Who was looking at Ziva smugly. Then they looked at each other and Gibbs gave her curt nod. She smiled at him faintly then walked towards the plane.

He had thought that Ziva wasn't going to come back with them. But when she was walked towards the plane he let go of the breath he didn't know he had been holding.

Now, he knew what Ziva had said to Gibbs or had asked him to do before she got on the plane.

For him to be removed from the team

If that was what they wanted then that's what he was going to give it to them.

The sooner he packed his bag the sooner he was out of their hair

He took his bag from the side his desk dropped it on it, and started to open drawers and getting the few belongings he had put them in his bag.

He could feel everyone in the bullpen watching him but didn't stop what his packing.

After he checked he had everything, he zipped up his bag. Stood, grabbed the box of Gibbs medals from where they still sat in his drawer, and walked to Gibbs desk and dropped them on it.

The bang of the box hitting the desk echoed throughout the bullpen.

Everyone was shocked.

They knew that the box held Gibbs medals and that he kept those medals because he was proud of Gibbs. He always held them with care but not this time he just dropped them like he was dropping a report of.

He didn't give a fuck anymore.

He looked at the box one last time turned and headed to his desk. He grabbed his bag hung it on his right shoulder since left one was still in sling.

He turned to Mcgee and looked at him. Mcgee wasn't the same he was when he first started. He no longer was a probie but he would always be his probie. He knew he was going to be all right as the new Senior Agent for Gibbs. He knew how to Take care of himself and stand up to Gibbs,

"Well Probie, I guess this it. Huh." He sighed. This was a lot harder then he thought it was going to be. "It was fun working with you. You have learned so much in this four years we've been working together. Take care of yourself."

He held out a hand out for Mcgee.

All mcgee could do was shake his hand confused. He didn't know what was going on, why Tony was acting like this.

"Umm… Tony what going on?" he asked as Tony let go of his hand and turned around to walk away.

Tony paused as he heard Mcgee's question. Locking eyes with Ziva, he said.

"Why don't you ask Agent Gibbs, Tim, better yet Why don't you ask Agent David what's going on. I'm sure they would be happy to tell you."

He never took his eyes from Ziva as he talked. So he didn't miss the flinch that his words caused.

But he didn't care if she hurt her.

If it would have been under different circumstances he would of felt guilty but not now.

He had once loved her and had told her but like the other two times he had said I love you to someone they have been thrown back at him and this time was no different from those time. But now he didn't feel anything for her, he was numb.

He broke eye contact with her. She had still not shown any emotions expect for the flinch but otherwise had stayed emotionless.

" I'll be seeing you, Tim."

He said over his shoulder and headed for the stairs.

Without a glance back Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo walked out for the very last time, leaving the bullpen in silence.
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