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Abby watched Tony closely and watched the hurt, betrayal, and sadness reflected in his eyes before his mask went back up full force. She swallowed thickly trying to hold back the tears that threaten to fall but a couple escape and slid down her cheek.

“Tony.” She whispered hoarsely, taking a step towards him not sure if he would accept a hug from her at this moment. She heard him sigh before he stood up and gave her a sad smile. That undid her and in five steps she was hugging him tightly, sobbing into his chest.


Out of the corner of his eye Tony saw Mike tense when Abby took a step towards him. Sighing he stood up and gave her a sad smile, next thing he knew she was hugging him tightly making it difficult to breath, sobbing into his shirt, he hugged her just as tightly as she was because he didn’t know when the next time he would be getting an Abby hug.

He looked up and saw everyone looking at them sadly with the exception of Gibbs who kept his face emotionless. He still didn’t understand what he was doing here. What more did he want, he had already hurt him enough and was taking the people he had seen as family away from him.

Not able to stand the sight of the person whom he had seen as a father figure and trusted. But now he didn’t want see him. Tony looked way from Gibbs and turned to see Ducky watching him with a frown on his face. McGee on the other hand was staring at his shoes. He wanted to know what was going through their minds right now.

Looking back down at Abby who had calmed down but had yet to relinquish her hold on him.

“Hey Abby. Would you look at me?” he said gently. She didn’t move right away but after a few minutes she move back a couple a inches but was still hugging him and looked him. His chest tighten when he saw her red puffy eyes look at him with so much hurt that he just wanted to turn away but refrain from doing it.

He looked back at Ducky and McGee and back at Abby. “Its okay Abs….” he couldn’t say anything as Abby had step away and was looking at him wide eye and shaking her head.

“NO its not okay Tony because you are family and if anyone should be leaving it should be that…. That witch not you. You have been here longer than anyone has ever been.” Then she turned to Gibbs and glare at him. “ And you how could you do that to Tony, after all he has done for you. This is how you repay him. I never thought you could be this heartless bastard!” she stopped when Ducky interrupted.

“That’s enough Abigail.” He said sternly.

Nobody said anything and could feel the tension growing as the silence stretched out.

A few minutes later Gibbs cleared his throat and everyone turned to look at him.

“Tony, I would like to talk to you.” he said looking at Tony in the eye before he said. “Privately.”

Tony kept staring at him blankly. But before Tony could response another voice replied.

“No, whatever you have to say to Tony you can say it here.” Gibbs turned to look at the man who had answered the door still wondering who the hell he was.

But before he could question him. McGee beat him to it. “Who are you?”

The man chuckled then looked at Tony who looked at him smirking then at Jimmy and could see the amusement his eyes. He turned to look at the other occupants in the room. And said coolly. “I’m Mike. Tony’s brother.”

Abby, Ducky, McGee, and Gibbs were shocked and confused on how this man could Tony’s brother, as Tony had never mention having a brother. But they couldn’t see any resembles to each other. Tony chuckled looking at them.

“Mike is my brother in every sense of the word but in blood.” Tony told them.

“Don’t forget about Logan he would never forgive you.” Jimmy coughed. Mike laughed nodding his head. Tony scowled at them then sighed. “Yes Logan is my brother as well can’t forget about him.”

Everyone felt that they were missing something but stayed quite. Gibbs cleared his throat again and the tension returned.

Tony looked back at Gibbs with cold eyes. Gibbs winced mentally but otherwise didn’t show any emotions. He was scared he had never seen that looked directed at him other people yes but not him.

“I think I’ve heard enough from you and to tell you the truth I honestly cant stand looking at you. You have a destroyed the respect and faith I had for you. As of today you and I have never been friends.” he said emotionless. Gibbs heart sank when Tony said that they were never friends.

“Jethro I think its better if you leave.” Ducky told his long time friend who as right now he didn’t seem very fond of him.
Gibbs looked around the room and knew they wanted him to leave. Looking back at Tony he nodded his head, turned and started to walk away before he turned back and locked eyes with Tony. ” I’m sorry.” He said before he walked out.


Gibbs sighed as he closed the door and leaned on it. He didn’t know why he had come but something had told him to come to see what he had done to his son. But what he had seen was worse then he had imagined. What Tony said to him he deserved it but it didn’t hurt any less.

But knew that he couldn’t take it back.

Wiping his face with his hand he left without looking back at the door because he if he turned and look he would want to go back and try to fix what he had broken.


Tony sat down when the door closed signaling that Gibbs was gone. He felt bad about what he said.

“No Tony you have nothing to be guilty about. Nothing.” Mike said having an idea of what he was thinking.

Jimmy nodded agreeing with Mike. “Yeah Tony. Its alright to feel like you do after the way he treated you.”

“C’mon Tone introduce me to your friends. I’m sure they are dying to know how we met and became brothers for life. It’s an awesome story!” he said cheerfully.

Tony snorted and Jimmy laughed.
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