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Jimmy and Tony sat in silence both lost in their own thoughts.

Tony turned his head and looked at the clock, which showed that it was almost four-thirty and he was getting hungry.

He sighed as he stood up and stretched the movement catching Jimmy's attention. Tony looked at Jimmy and noticed him looking at him curiously he smiled at him half-heartily.

"I'm hungry." He said by explanation.

Jimmy looked at him blankly then all of sudden he started laughing. Only Tony would be hungry.

Tony mocked glared at Jimmy while trying to hide the smile that was forming on his lips. Tony huffed when Jimmy only laughed harder he turned and headed to the kitchen to hide his amusement.

Once he was out of view of Jimmy his shoulders sagged. He was going to miss this just him and his brother hanging out and laughing for no apparent reason. Yeah he was going to be closer to his other two brothers who he only saw a few times a year. He missed them but since he met Jimmy and befriended him it made missing his brothers a little easier. He jumped when he heard jimmy's voice from behind him.

"So what are we having for dinner?" jimmy asked from the kitchen doorway. He had been standing there for a few minutes watching Tony lost in thought. He wondered what he was thinking.

He smirked when he saw Tony jump as he made his presences known. Catching his eyes as he turned around he saw sadness and hurt in Tony's eyes before he covered it up.

They stared at each other not saying anything because they didn't have to say anything they understood what wasn't said. Tony was the first to look away bringing the menus in his hand to eye level he looked at Jimmy.

"So Pizza or Chinese?" he asked holding up two different menus up to Jimmy,

Taking his eyes from Tony's face and looking from one menu to the other. He couldn't decide what sounded better Pizza or Chinese. Frowning in concentration at the menus he failed to notice the smirk forming on Tony's face. Jimmy head snapped to look back at Tony when he heard him chuckle but tried to pass it off as cough but didn't work as he started laughing. He just looked him confused.

"What so funny?" he asked exasperate.

Trying to catch his breath in order to answer Jimmy. Once he had regain control his breathing he looked at Jimmy and smirked.

"You were concentrating on the menus like you were studying for one of your medical tests." Tony chuckled at Jimmy blushed at his comment.

"Lets get Chinese haven't had it in while." jimmy huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

With the biggest smirk on his face he walked to the phone and dialed the number to the Chinese place to order their food. He didn't have ask Jimmy what he want as he already knew because he would get the same thing each time.

After placing their order he put the phone down and turn to face jimmy. Who was looking in the fridge.

"Hey get me a beer would you." He asked as he took a seat at the table.

Jimmy closed the fridge door with a beer for Tony and a Pepsi for himself I hand. He sat opposite of Tony after giving him the beer. Looking at him you couldn't tell of how hurt he was at being removed from Gibbs team.

" Are you going to tell Abby, Ducky, and Mcgee of what going on and why your are being transferred?" He knew that he shouldn't have asked especially when he saw Tony shoulder sagged in defeat but he was curious as of whether they were going to be told of what happen in Tel Aviv.

"Gibbs would have already informed them of what is going on." Tony answered him in a neutral voice. His face was void of any emotion giving nothing away.

Jimmy sighed when he couldn't get through the mask that Tony had put up. Stupid.

He thought silently to himself but couldn't back out now.

"Yeah he probably is or did but you know as well as me that he won't tell them everything." He responded.

Tony nodded yeah he knew that Gibbs wasn't going to give them every detail but he wasn't sure if he would tell them.

"I honestly don't know Jimmy." He said honestly.

Jimmy nodded his head he understood why Tony was reluctant to tell them everything.

He opened his mouth to say something else but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Both of looked each other confused they knew that it wasn't their food since it had only been at least five minutes since they ordered and it would take about half an hour for the food to arrive.

Tony stood and went to open the door. He looked through the peephole to see who it was. He grinned at jimmy when there was another knock. Jimmy looked at him confused. His confusion vanished as he saw who was the door. He shouldn't have been surprise

"Mike, what are you doing here?"
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