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"Mike what are you doing here?" Tony exclaim as he hugged his brother happily.

Mike chuckled hugging Tony back. "What you thought me and Logan wouldn't be here to support our brother?" He asked. Tony tensed as he stepped back and let Mike step fully into the apartment. He turned to close the door and never saw the look Mike and Jimmy shared.

Tony turned to look at Jimmy and Mike who were looking at him sadly, he forced a smile and walked into the living room plop himself on the couch and sighed.

He knew that as soon as he had called Logan and Mike that one if not both were going to come down and be here for him. He really appreciated their support because without them he didn't know what he would do.

He looked up when both Mike and Jimmy walked in.

"Sorry for bringing it up bro." Mike said remorsefully.

Tony shook his head. "Nah don't worry about it. I had a feeling that one or both of you guys would show up sooner or later." He smiled half-heartily.

"Okay good glad we cover that. Al right, enough about all this depressing shit. What's for dinner, I'm hungry." Mike replied on his way to the kitchen.

Tony and Jimmy laughed watching him disappear into the kitchen in search for food.

"Hey Mike you up for Chinese we ordered a few minutes before you got here?"

Jimmy called out when they heard doors being closed.

Mike walked out a couple minutes later with a beer in hand and headed for the recliner chair and sat down with a sigh. "Chinese is good." He said.

"Good because we weren't going to get you anything else." Tony said with a smirk.

Mike huff and slid down the chair while Jimmy and Tony laughed at his expense.

"Oh Mike stop pouting otherwise we aren't sharing our food with you." Jimmy told him chuckling when Mike turned toward him and glare at him.

Mike opened his mouth to retort when a knock was heard.

Tony stood up and looked at Mike suspiciously. Mike looked back at him and raised his hand in surrender.

"It isn't Logan, He wont be able to come but he will go pick us up at the airport when we arrive in LA." He said.

Tony nodded and went to open the door.

Opening the door he came face to face with Danny.

"Hey Danny how are you?" Tony asked the delivery boy.

Danny smiled at him. "Hey Tony. I'm good getting ready to start school again. How about you?"

"I'm good as well. That's great you're going to be a senior. Its your last year of make it memorable okay."

"I will Tony." He said.

Tony nodded while getting the money to pay for the food. "Ah Danny I have some bad news. I'm moving to LA so I wont be seeing you or ordering anymore."

"Oh man that sucks Tony but I hope you're happy out there."

"Thanks Danny." Tony said as he gave him the money. "Keep the change."

"Thanks." Danny said when his phone vibrated saying he got another order. "I have to go Tony more orders to deliver but it was great meeting you."

"You too Danny."

He closed the door and headed to the living room with the food in tow.

"Food's here guys." He called out as he walked in. Both Jimmy and Mike were watching a basketball game.

"Finally I'm starving." Mike exclaimed as he tried getting the bag from Tony but Tony pulled out of his reached. "Tony!" he whined.

Tony laughed as he sat the food on the coffee table. "Shh you baby here get your food but leave some for the rest of us."

"Hey those are mine!" Jimmy exclaimed reaching for his shrimp dumplings. Mike laughed and tried to get them out of Jimmy's reach but was having trouble as he was sitting and jimmy was standing.

"Aha." Jimmy yelled when he finally were able to get his shrimp dumplings back and promptly moved away and sat as far away from Mike as possible.

"You could of help me." Jimmy told Tony who was on the other side of the couch laughing at his brother antics.

Tony shrugged with a smirk on his face. "Yeah I could of but I was to hungry beside I think you handled it pretty well."

Jimmy stuck his tongue out at him and turned to watch the basketball game they have been watching he tried to ignore Mike and Tony's laughter.

"Oh come on Jimmy I'm sorry." Mike apologized trying not to crack up again.

"Whatever." Jimmy said not looking at him.

Mike sighed and looked at Tony who was eating his lo mien happily and a big smile all the while looking at the T.V.

"Jimmy I am truly so…" He was cut off mid apology when there was another knock at the door. He looked at Tony and Jimmy confused. "You guys expecting company?"

Tony and Jimmy looked at each other and looked back at Mike shaking their heads.

"No we aren't." Tony answered as he made o stand up.

Mike shook his head and stood and was already heading for the door when they heard another knock.

"I got it."

"Okay." He answered while sitting back down and went back to watching the game.

Mike headed for the door and as he opened it he was met with four familiar people he had seen in pictures but not in person. He knew why they were here so he decided to play ignorant.

"Can I help you?' he asked
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