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Ducky was about to knock again when the door started to open but it was not who they expected.

They looked him over he was tall around the same height as Tony with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Abby, Ducky, and Mcgee didn’t recognize the man standing in Tony’s doorway.

Mike looked at them. “Can I help you?” he asked. Before they could respond a very familiar voice said from behind them

“We came to talk to Tony.”

Mcgee, Abby, and Ducky whirled around to face Gibbs who had walked up behind them without alerting them of his presence. He watched as Abby glared at him with so much venom that he wanted to take a step back but refused from doing so. Ducky and Mcgee reactions to his presence wasn’t any diffrernt from hers.

Abby stared at Gibbs for a couple minutes before she turned her back on him she couldn’t stand to look at him. Ducky and Mcgee also turned their backs on him.

Gibbs sighed under his breath as he saw his ‘family’ turn their back on him. He knew that it would be a long time before they talk to him but he couldn’t blame them. He had to face the consequences of his actions and he would forever live with them.

“We would like to speak with Anthony?” Ducky asked the young man still standing in the doorway.

Mike paused hesitating on letting them talk to Tony but after a while of thinking it over he slowly nodded his head. “Sure, come on in.” he said moving to the side to let them.

They all noticed his hesitation on letting them see Tony but decide to stay quiet as they walked into the apartment and scared that if they said anything he would deny them to see Tony. Following him to the living room where they presumed that it was where Tony was.


Tony watched Mike walked out to answer the door. He wondered who it was as far as he was concerned he wasn’t expecting anyone.

Shrugging his shoulders he went back to his food and the game. Mike would let him know who it is.

Jimmy also didn’t think much of who was at the door.

A few minutes later they heard mike ask who ever was at the door what he could do for them.

Tony froze when he heard Gibbs voice. He was definitely not expecting him to be coming to see him. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with Gibbs right now and didn’t think he wasn’t ever going to be in the mood to deal with Gibbs.

If he was honest with himself he didn’t want to see Gibbs. He had manage to push away the hurt and betrayal with the help Jimmy and Mike. He looked at jimmy that was looking at him wide eye.

He sighed when he heard ducky voice a little while later. He closed his eyes and hung his head when Mike let them in, he ha a feel that Abby was there as well. He smiled to himself Abby was the little sister he never had.

If they were here that meant that Gibbs told them about his ‘transfer’ which meant that Abby was giving Gibbs the cold shoulder.

He looked up when he heard footsteps nearing the living room he watched, as Mike was the first to walk in followed by Abby, Ducky, and Mcgee and Gibbs. He was shocked to see Mcgee there. He looked at Mike and locked eyes with him and could see the wariness of having let them in. he have him a small nod, telling him it was okay. Mike gave him a small smile and went and sat on the recliner chair again and watched the new comers warily. He didn’t want them hurting Tony more then they already had.

Tony looked at his team, no not his team anymore. Abby had tears running down her cheeks he felt bad that she was hurting. Mcgee looked shell shock and Ducky looked at him sadly. He gave them a small sad smile.


Walking into the living room they saw Tony sitting on the couch with Jimmy eating Chinese. Abby, Mcgee, and Gibbs were surprise to see Jimmy sitting comfortably next to Tony. They hadn’t expected Jimmy to be there, they weren’t aware that they talk let alone were friends.

Ducky on the other hand wasn’t shocked or surprise at finding Jimmy there, as he was well aware of the friendship between them. He was glad that Jimmy was here supporting Anthony. He looked a Jimmy and smiled at him proudly. Jimmy returned his smile. He looked at Tony closely and could see the hurt, betrayal, and sadness reflected in his eyes. He saw how he looked at the young man that let in and nodded at him he wonder what that was about and who the young man was as he had never met him before.

“Tony.” Abby whispered hoarsely

Tony sighed. This was going to be a long night.
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