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When he opened the door he had not expected Jimmy to show up so soon. Jimmy had said that he would be at his apartment after work. He looked at clock it was just after three he knew for a fact that jimmy wasn't off work until five. He looked at him confused.

"Jimmy, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"Well you called didn't you." Jimmy said as he walked in and headed for the living room leaving Tony at the door confused.

He shook his head and closed the door with a sigh and follow Jimmy into the living room.

Walking into the living room he saw that jimmy had already made himself at home. Jimmy was sitting on the couch with his feet curled up under him and eating at piece of pizza.



They both laughed. It was good to laugh.

Tony sat at the other side of the couch once he stopped laughing.

They sat in silence, looking at the T.V. but not really paying attention to what was happening on the T.V.

Jimmy turned and looked at Tony. He knew that Tony was hurting but was doing a damn good job in hiding his feelings.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

Tony closed his eyes and sighed.

What was he feeling? And that was the question because at this moment he was feeling so many emotions that he couldn't pick one.

"I honestly don't know." He said as he turned and looked at Jimmy.

Jimmy could see anger, sadness, betrayal, and loss in Tony's eyes. Seeing his best friend in so much pain broke his heart he had never seen Tony so lost. When he got his hands on Gibbs and Ziva he was going let them have it for hurting Tony.


Mcgee noticed that Gibbs had seen the box that held his medals. He was concerned because he had never seen Gibbs so pale.

"Boss are you alright?' he asked. Gibbs looked at him he was shocked to see tears in his boss eyes.

He saw him blink and the tears were gone. At first he thought he was imagining it but when Gibbs stared at him he knew that he had actually saw seen the tears.

He still hadn't figured out what was going on.

But seeing the reaction of his teammates he knew it was just big.

His computer beeped which indicated that he had just received an instant message he opened it up when he saw that it was from the Abby.

Timmy what happen with Tony?

I don't know Abby everything was so weird. All Tony said was to ask Ziva or Gibbs but neither of them had said anything.

Do you think it has something to do with their trip to Israel?

Possibly Ziva has barely spoken to Tony these last few days.

Tim, we have to figure out what is going on. I have a very bad feeling about this.

So do I. And how will we do that?

We'll by questioning the parties involved we'll start with Ziva, and if she doesn't break then we ask Gibbs. I'll call Ziva down to my lab when you get down here.

But Gibbs wont let me leave without knowing where I'm going what will I tell him?

Tell him your going to the bathroom or something but hurry up.

And with that last message she signed off, he closed the window and sighed. What had he gotten himself in?

He was about to say he was going to the restroom when Gibbs stood up threw his empty cup of coffee and waked out of the bullpen.

"Going for coffee." He said as he walked in the elevator.

He noticed that Ziva had followed Gibbs with her eyes but Gibbs didn't acknowledge her. When his disappeared in the elevator she went back to her computer. Not once did she look in his direction.

He stood from his chair and headed in the direction of the bathroom.

"Going to the restroom be right back." He said as he left the bullpen.

Ziva didn't turn from whatever she was working on.

He turned to see if Ziva was looking at him but when he saw that she had head down he turned to the door that lead to the stairs and headed down to Abby's lab.

When Agent Daniels had asked if she knew why Tony had walked out of the bullpen so abruptly.

She was confused and had demanded that she explain what had happen upstairs. Agent Daniels told her about how Tony had stormed out the director's office and had started to pack his personal belongings in to his bag and had said something to Mcgee but couldn't hear what was said and the how He had just walked out of the bullpen.

Abby had been getting more worried about Tony was she listened to the events that had happen in the bullpen.

When Agent Daniels had left she had sat and just thought about what she found out. She had tried to call Tony but the line was busy.

She had then was going to call Mcgee but decide to instant message him instead because she knew that she wouldn't get anything out of him on the phone if Gibbs and Ziva were in the room.


After talking to Mcgee. She sat back and waited for Mcgee to arrive.

While she waited she called Tony again but had went straight to voicemail.

She was worried about Tony but wouldn't be able to go to his apartment until she figured out what was going on and what was Ziva involvement in this whole event.

She swirled around as she heard the elevator arrive and saw Mcgee walked in.

She turned back and dialed Ziva number.


Finally alone in the bullpen she sighed in relief. She never thought that it would hurt to see Tony in pain.

But she couldn't back out now it was to late for that.

She knew that as soon as Abby, Mcgee, Ducky find out about Tony abrupt change to another team they would hate her.

And she couldn't blame them. Gibbs already hated her.

A single tear slid down her cheek she wiped off.

She was startled as her phone rang.



"Yes Abby what can I do for you?"

" Could you please come to the lab I need help with something?"

"Sure Abby. I will be right there."

"All Right good see you in a few." And the line went dead.

She put the phone down to a couple of minutes to compose her self before she stood and headed for the elevator.
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