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Chapter 1

"Dinozzo your late."Sorry Boss my alarm didn't go of." He sat down at his desk."You look like crap."Thanks Ziva, for pointing that out."He started up his computer." Where's Probie?"He wasn't feeling good. so he couldnt make it. Who was that Girl at your house last night?" Her name was.... Wait a secound. How did you know that there was...." He stopped as a smile grew on her face. "YOU WERE SPYING ON ME!" She started laughing. "HOW LONG!" she was wiping tears from her Eyes."Long enough to know you can't sing." Tony had a flash back of when Kate was in the shower and she had thrown the sponge at him." Tony? you ok?" tony jerked to attention. "Fine." Gibbs phone rang."Grab your gear."What is it?" Tony and Ziva said at the same time." A marines body was found Just outside of Topeka Kansas." Ziva stood up. "PLEASE tell me were flying." Nope."

"I can't take much more of This!" Ziva said holding her stomuch." PULL OVER!" She bearly made to the side of the road before she threw up. She walked back to the car."You done yet?" She elbowed him. "OW!" Ziva sat down. " Gibbs we have to stop somewhere. Its three o'clock in the morning And I did not have Dinner. and not to mention I just lost what I had eaten."Fine." They pulled into a gas station half an hour later." Finealy! Im starved." She walked inside and bought her self a Bottle of water and a sandwich. she walked back outside. she opened the back door to lay down and ran into tony. " TONY!" Hey. you slept all the way here! Gibbs walked in between them and layed down. "Ziva passenger.Tony driver keep going. "BUT!" was there something in my voice that made that sound like a suggestion?" On it."

They pulled into a hotel at 4:30. "Hey wake up." He shook Ziva and the next thing he knew he was laying on the hotel parking lot with a splitting headache. " Try to be more careful when you wake me up next time." they checked in. "I call the biggest room." She locked the door behind her.

They pulled into the crime scene the next morning." Special Agent Gibbs. NCIS. Where's the body?" Over here." She got a name?" Yes. Gunery seargent Alice Marson. She was stabbed multiple times in the chest. A man found it while on his daily run. His name is Daniel Springs." Where does he live?" Elm and 10th down town Topeka. "Send the Body to NCIS."Alright." He called Mcgee." Hey Mcgee I need you to run a name for me." alright. Where are you guys?" Were in kansas." whats the name?" Alice Marson." ok." and one other name." alright." Daniel Springs." alright I'll get back to you as soon as I have them." Hurry up."

"What do you got Ducky?" Gibbs was talking with ducky over Video Chat."as you know she was stabbed several times.The one that killed her punctured her lung. there was also straw in her hair. I sent up to abby to confirm it. the results should be in any time."Straw? Ducky?" Yes." There was no straw at the crime scene. That means she was killed then her body was dropped there. Time of death?" between five to five thirty tuesday Morning." Thanks Ducky." his phone rang." hey boss I got them. Alice Marson went missing three months ago. she was taken from her house in Topeka." family?" yes she has a husband. no kids though." and Springs?" he's Sqweaky clean." alright. where does the husband live?" Elm and 3rd."

They showed up at Daniels house about an hour later." Daniel Springs. NCIS. we need to talk." He opened the door." What? Is this about the body I found yesterday? I told the sheriff Everything I knew. I was on a run and I triped over the Girls hand. Then I called 911." Ok. what time do you usualy go on your run?" I dont know about 6:30 to 7 depending how tired I am." Where were you between 5:00 and 5:30 Tuesday Morning?" I was at home. Asleep." is there anyone to verify that?" Yea. My girlfriend was here. she left about noon on tuesday because she babysits." Where." The Daycare center just up the street." Does she have a name?" Elisha Phillips."

They walked up the street. they walked up to the women sitting at the front desk." Is Elisha Phillips here?" That depends. who wants to know?" Special Agent Gibbs.NCIS. This is special agents David and Dinozzo." I'll go tell her your here." No. we'll go get her." Is she in some kind of trouble?" we don't know yet." they walked out towards the play ground. Tony walked up to a little boy playing in the sand box." Hi. Whats your name?" The kid got up and ran away screaming to a younger women."What? what did I say?" Maybe the kids just dont like you." What?! Kids love me!" the women walked over. " its not you. the children are told not to talk to strangers. and if one approuches them, to get an adult." See. i told you so." I'm Elisha. what do you need?" Special agent Gibbs NCIS.Were here to talk about your Boyfriend. "Daniel? Is he okay?" Maybe. can you verify that he was at home between 5 and 5:30 on tuesday morning." yea he was. he was there when I fell asleep and there when I woke up. I remember when we were kids. we used to go out to the back of my old ranch and sit by the apple tree and eat apples. then we would go into the old out building that we used as a fort and play after we where full. Did something happen?" what he didn't tell you?" about what?" he found a dead body." who was it?" she was walking inside. she talked to the lady at the front desk." would you go watch the children while I talk?" alright." the lady walked out." her name was Alice Marson." oh God. She was Daniels Ex-girlfriend." Gibbs got a phone call.

They walked back down to daniels." Daniel. open up." he opend the door agian." why did'nt you tell us." what?" you knew the victim. why did'nt you tell us!." I didnt want Elisha to find out." Find out! She told us!" how did she know?!" Beats me. we need to have you put under 24-7 servailence." Why?!" Because another girl you just happend to know went missing right after we visited you. Sarah Crimson."

they pulled up to Alices house."Jason Marson?" yes? is this about my wife?"yes it is. her body was found yesterday morning." he started to close the door." wait. we need to ask you a couple quiestions." he opend the door so they could come in." did your wife have anyone who disliked her enough to kill her."no. everyone loved her." the only one who really didnt like her was her Ex-boyfriend. Daniel. well there was that one guy at her work. he was always hitting on her until she told him to F off. then he started threating her. we pressed charges and thought it was over." do you know his name?"yeah. his name is Jacob Brown.

"Mcgee I need you to run a another name. Jacob Brown." On it boss. when are you guys coming back." I dont know it may be a little bit."

Ziva crawled out of bed. she answered the door." You ready to go yet." Tony was standing in the door." Let me get dressed. she closed the door. she walked into the bathroom. someone hit her on the back of the head.

Tony was knocking on Zivas door agian."Are you ready to go yet or not."no answer" Ziva? are you okay?" Gibbs was walking down the hall." She isn't answering." They pulled out there guns and kicked the door open. zivas clothes where on the bed. her gun and badge on the nightstand. her bags on the floor. the bathroom light was on." Ziva?" Gibbs called. no answer. Tony opened the door." Boss."He pointed to a small smear of blood.

Ziva woke up. she was tied inside a car trunk. she remeberd her phone was in her left pocket."If I could just bump it. Gibbs is one on speed dial." she started to inch her hand towards her pocket."come on. Just a little bit more."

gibbs phone rang." What Mcgee." I ran the name. he was Arested five months ago for assulting his girlfriend." Mcgee we need you down here." Alright. I'll take the first flight down there." hurry. He took Ziva."

Mcgee walked off the plane at exactly 12 o,clock that after noon." did you have any luck." No. they found sarah this morning. dead. same MO." he had kept Alice three months." he's being more careful. He knows we wont make a move until we find Ziva." they walked back to the car." we need to find her before its too late."Gibbs phone rang.

"Gibbs!" Ziva? where are you!" i dont know. All I know is that im in a trunk." Tony call abby! tell her to track zivas phone.NOW!!!" he pulled out his phone. he Handed the phone to gibbs." Abs I need you to track Zivas phone." Why? Is she ok?" Just do it and hurry." Ok im almost done." Ziva can you..." the trunk opened and the phone line went dead.
" Abby where you able to track her." sorry she hung up to soon. Gibbs! whats going on!" someone took Ziva." Why did'nt you tell me!" Abs she's gonna be fine." she was taken by a murderer! she won't be fine!" abby how far did you get."She sighed " she's some where around Topeka kanses." Did you get the results from the hay?" yeah. It can only be found in select places in kanses." Thanks abs."

Chapter 3

"Daniel Springs! Open up! NOW!!!" he opend the door" What now?" WHERE IS SHE!" Who?" My agent." what The Girl?" yes where is she!" I dont know!" she went missing right before we set up security in your house! Wheres your car!" Gibbs looked behind him and saw Zivas phone." MOVE!" he looked at the phone. the last call was to him." Where did you get this?! I... I found it outside the daycare center while I was visiting my girl friend." YOU KNEW WHO THIS BELONGED TO!" Elisha walked down the Stairs." Daniel. Whats a matter..." Gibbs saw Zivas Star of david around her neck." Where did you get that!" what the necklace? Daniel gave it to me." He put Daniel in Handcuffs." What are you Doing! I have never seen that necklace before in my life!" Gibbs turned to Elisha." That necklace belongs to my missing agent." with that she quickly yanked the necklace of her neck and handed it to gibbs." I had no Idea. I SWEAR I had no idea.

" Where is officer David." I dont know." WHERE!" I SAID I DONT KNOW!" Gibbs stared at him." Look all I know is that someone put Alices body where they knew I would find it." behind the glass tony and mcgee watching. " why WOULD he call the police after killing her." and how did Elisha know that it was his Ex-Gi... Oh no. We have the wrong guy." Tony ran Out of the room."what!" he watched as tony ran into the interragation room. "Its Elisha." Gibbs turned back to Daniel. " Where is the ranch." what ranch?" the one you and elisha went to as kids!" umm... umm... just outside of topeka. the west side. Just a mile." they ran outside.

Ziva was hung by her hands, stareing into a barrel of a pistol." you just HAD to pull up my records. you should have stopped while you where ahead. I killed her because Daniel was sleeping with her! Do you know how that feels?!" no.because I dont date that much. and I pick more carefully." What?! are you Saying I'm STUPID!!!!" she punched ziva." you know I was gonna make it quick But now...." you know you could couldve just broken up with him." I saved her husband too. the pain of figuring out that he was being cheated on. he wouldve just kept sleeping with her. " still. Is he worth enough to you to go to jail?" She hit her again." We had Everything! We where going to get Married! Start a family!" Ziva looked over Elisha's shoulder to see Gibbs pulling in the drive way. he got out of the car and ziva saw him mouth " Keep her busy." Why Didnt you just break up with him?" he thought I wasnt good enough anymore. I lOVED him. Any way enough Chitter Chatter. Lets get down to bussiness." Gibbs walked around the corner." Elisha Drop the gun!" Elisha walked behind Ziva and grabbed a fist full of her hair." Take one more step and Shes dead!" Daniel walked around the corner." Elisha. Drop the gun. Please." Daniel?! What are you doing here?!" Please Elisha. Drop the gun." I killed her Because of you." What?" I killed alice because of you!" Wh.. what?" YOU WERE SLEEPING WITH HER!" Tony was inching around the corner of the shed. " Let her go and we might be able to work something out." do you think im a fool? I know I'll never get out. But. I will let her go if you let me go." Sorry not a chance." Tony grabbed her wrist and made her drop the gun. Gibbs untied Ziva."you ok?" she was wiping the blood from her lips." yes. just a couple bruises." she turned around around and landed a good one on elisha's jaw." OW!!! I think she broke my jaw!!!"Feel better now?" Much." Gibbs turned around and was puting handcuffs and Daniel. " What are you doing?!" She might have killed Alice. but we found your DNA under Sarahs fingertips." Gibbs put him in the car. Elisha looked at Gibbs. "You'll regret this." Tony pushed her into the car." Im glad thats over." Gibbs Smiled.

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