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Author's Chapter Notes:
The case is wrapped up, but Abby missed bowling and Ducky missed bridge. But maybe he could teach her to play cards... He could teach her a lot of things, although she may beat him to it. Fluffy little story about how the Victorians invented strip poker.
~A Teaching Experience~

"I was meant to be bowling tonight" Abby pouted as she flopped onto Ducky's desk. She could have taken the chair, but being Abby, she didn't.

"Yes, I believe everyone had plans tonight"

They'd been called in for a case on a Saturday afternoon. They'd wrapped it up by 9pm, which only made everyone more irritated, as they'd missed their plans by so little.

"What did you have planned? You look a bit down… Did you miss a date for this?"

"No my dear, nothing so exciting" He pottered around, cleaning and packing up.

"Then what?" She watched him while sitting cross-legged in the middle of his desk, looking quite comfortable.

"Just Bridge. In theory I play bridge every Saturday night. It rarely happens, of course."

"You could play with me"

He didn't bother to explain that bridge requires four players, and that if she didn't know that, it would take months of practice to become a worthwhile opponent.

"The game takes some time to learn"

Her mouth fell open.

"You don't think I could do it!" she said angrily.

"I'm not sure I could teach you"

"How long've you been playing?"

"About fifteen years"

"In that case you'll be fine!"

Abby leaned over to shuffle through the top draw of the desk while Ducky shook his head on the other side of the room.

"Second draw, if you insist"

"I do" she said stubbornly. "How do I deal?"

"If you wait a moment, I'll help you"

"Okay" she chirped, leaning back against the wall and happily watching him work, an activity she particularly enjoyed.

Finally he finished working and sat down at his desk, but not too close, as she was still comfortably sitting cross legged in the middle of it. He took the very well shuffled cards from her hands.

"What card games have you played before?" he asked, idly shuffling the cards while he spoke.

"Um… Go Fish? And poker… Well, kind of poker…" she blushed and looked a little flustered, but covered it with anger "How come you need to shuffle? I already did, don't you trust me?"

"It's traditional for the dealer to shuffle before dealing, it helps prevent foul play"

"You don't trust me!"

"Of course I do my dear! Now, you've played Go Fish and strip poker… We may have to start from the beginning."

Abby pouted and nodded.

"In that case we'll begin with hearts, have you played hearts?"

She shook her head.

He dealt out three hand hearts, altered for two, the proceeded to explain the rules. Abby got impatient after about two minutes.

"Okay, that seems simple, points are bad, you don't want them, queen of spades is really bad, you really don't want her. Can we bet on it?"

"You can, it's quite easy, but I don't have any change"

"Neither do I... Jelly beans?"

"Do you have any?"

"No" she looked disappointed

"That's alright, we'll play for forfeits"

She gave him a questioning look.

"Victorian parlor games were usually played for forfeits, small items of value, like hair ribbons and embroidered handkerchiefs, secrets, being next to make the tea... dares and kisses for larger wins"

Abby grinned.

"So it's... Victorian strip poker... With truth or dare thrown in. That sounds like fun."

"Oh, it is. Now, shall we play an open hand first?"

At an open hand, Abby did poorly but listened well, trying to make up for her earlier impatience. Satisfied with her progress, Ducky dealt for a real game. Abby did fine, possibly a little too well.

"You just took a heart, that's a point"

"Indeed it is"

She pointed



"You took a point... I want your tie"

He did nothing, having a little difficulty deciding what to do. His mind ran through every possibility from shrugging it off and making an excuse to leave, to saying come and get it, an idle fantasy which he instantly put aside before it affected him. She was sitting on his desk in a pleated skirt, right in front of him, the ice was thin enough already.

Abby was clearly far less concerned by such things. She leant over and gently began to remove his bowtie. It put up some resistance, she frowned and tilted her head to one side, leaning in closer to better see the entirely unfamiliar puzzle. She worked it out eventually, although the distraction of being so close in his personal space slowed her down a lot.

As she tugged the free end, she very nearly pulled his lips to her neck. Concentrating on what she was doing, she didn't see the pained look caused by the huge self-control he was forced to exert.

With a cheeky grin, she pulled the tie away from him and daintily dropped in onto the desk beside her, just out of his reach if he wished to remain platonic.

"It's your lead"

Ducky looked back at his cards, suddenly having no idea what they were, let alone any memory of his game plan. He threw out a fairly standard choice and was easily beaten, repeatedly. Although there were no more points coming out, he was slowly being forced to lead terrible cards.

Abby chose well and played quickly, she saw the points' value in a whole new way. Finally forced to lead, she lead a three of hearts, with a smug expression and was instantly beaten by a two and a self-satisfied expression. Surprised, she leant back and, far more suggestively than she intended, she said

"What're you gonna do to me?"

"Your gloves… Both of them"

She removed one elbow length fingerless lace glove and dropped it on the table in front of him, she was just starting on the other when he stopped her. He took her hand in his, then ran the other hand slowly up her arm, took the hem and gently peeled in down, then slipped the glove off. He placed both on his lap, well out of her reach, then smirked up at her.

"Your lead"

He was teasing her, he was playing with fire, but he was quickly coming to a point where the risk of rejection, the value of friendship and the expectation of professionalism faded into the background, and the idea that Abby might share his feelings filled his mind. He didn't care that he was risking their friendship and his job, she was sitting in front of him and she filled his world.

Abby looked at her hand, but couldn't keep her mind on it long enough to even register what was in it. He was getting bold, he was actually flirting, properly! Maybe it was real, maybe he felt it too, maybe he'd been hiding it just like she had, maybe it would be worth the risk. She picked a card at random, and he hit it with the queen of spades, forcing her to take it.

"Thirteen points" he raised an eyebrow.

"You don't have to use them all at once" she said rather pitifully.

"Oh, I rather think I do"

"So when you win big you get to..."

"Steal a kiss from the lady"

Her heart was beating fast, she couldn't come up with a cheeky, eloquent answer, she nodded and nervously said


She knew exactly what to expect, she'd played truth or dare enough to know how the dare kiss goes. She was expecting a quick little peck on the lips, and she was expecting to enjoy it. She was right, mostly. He stood up and smiled at her, then leant forward and gave her a chaste little kiss, and that could have been the end of it. But lingering was a little too easy, neither wanted to move away and both assumed the other would, so there they stayed, his soft breath on her cheek, her scent robbing him of all conscious thought.

They moved subtly, brushing cheeks, noses, chins, each silently begging the other not to pull away. Finally their lips brushed slightly, then Ducky suddenly captured Abby's lips in a fiery, passionate kiss, which lasted until they were both breathless, but nowhere near long enough. He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to the edge of the desk, spreading cards over the floor in the process. With the other hand behind her neck he pulled her in to kiss her again and again, her fingers running through his soft gray hair. She pulled him up against her, wrapping both legs around him, whimpering into his lips as she felt his hips roll against her for the first time.

He couldn't resist her reactions, he took the hand from her waist and slipped it under her skirt, stroking her gently as she squealed and moaned, arching her spine and letting her head fall back, revealing the tempting expanse of her throat. He nibbled and kissed it all over as he softy caressed the hot moist black lace between her legs.

Finally giving in, he pushed the lace aside and touched her properly for the first time. She let out a little scream then grabbed onto his belt, struggling with it in her eagerness. Seconds later she had pushed away the clothing between them and was amazed by the sensation of touching him. She wanted to reverently touch, stroke and admire it, but she couldn't, not this time. With one hand still holding his firm length, she wrapped the other around his body, pulling him close, plunging it into her.

She shivered and moaned as his hips rolled slowly, stealing all thought away from her.

They tenderly made love on the desk, kissing, gasping, moaning and eventually screaming.

Even afterward, as she settled on his lap on the chair, they could not stop kissing and delicately caressing each other.

Abby eventually spoke, it was time to to confess, to signal her intentions.

"Take me home?" She whispered

"Every night" he said softly, and watched a big grin spread over her face.

Later she could confess her sins, but not right now. Eventually he would have to know. She'd learned to play Black Bitch when she was six, she'd just never heard it called Hearts before.
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