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Author's Chapter Notes:
mcgee remembers being shot,
Mcgee fell asleep, He saw a light, but there was a man, he had a gun and started to shoot. bullets flew past him and one hit his leg, he remembered a man standing over him, mcgee tried to look at the face, he couldn't. The man pried a gun from his hands and said ' look at what you have done' he turned. 4 dead people were beside him. But he knew he didn't do it. His head hurt and everything faded to blackness. He woke up.
The nurse was standing next to him. She smiled as he woke up and yawned. He also recognised the 3 people who stood near him, they were the people who had questioned him earlier he decided that he would have to tell them what he saw. But he didn't know if it was relevant.
'hey mcgee, do you know any of these people. they claim to be your teammates and boss.' the nurse said, mcgee shrugged.
' how the hell is he supposed to know who we are? he can't even remember his own name' Gibbs shouted. the nurse scurried out of the room looking terrified.
'okay if you are NCIS then why are you here? wait. what is NCIS?' mcgee asked. the word NCIS sounded familiar but he didn't think he had ever used the name before.
' god mcgeek.. NCIS? ring a bell? mcgeek. mcgoo. anything?' tony said desperately. he wanted his best friend back.
' mcgeek. mcgoo.. nope' mcgee replied casually he was annoyed that he couldn't remember anything but they remembered everything about him.
' hey tim. Do you remember the attack?' gibbs asked cautiously
' well i remember 4 dead guys. one man comes. takes everything. chucks it. then everything fades to blackness' mcgee replied trying to remember his 'dream'
' okay that is good. Tim we have to go. erm. bye' gibbs replies. ziva and tony follow him out and mcgee goes and closes his eyes. He wonders if he did kill these people
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