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Author's Chapter Notes:
McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
Hello everyone this is the second chapter sorry about the long wait for this chapter I wanted to finish my other fanfiction. I am also going to write a new fanfiction along with this but not for another few days.


McGee knew that his time to run once again would be near but once Micheal had showed up it was faster then he would have liked now he was down in Abby's lab Palmer was touching his shoulders to calm him down.

Tim knew that he should not be afraid after all they would have done something to him before if they really would have harmed him and Palmer never told him about any bad experience he had while working with Abby and Ducky who where both Beta and Alpha.

He was sat his back to the wall they allowed him that much so he could always leave when he gets to frightened Gibbs told him so.

"So McGee you mind telling us why that bastard Alpha wanted you to return to his pack?"

Sighing McGee placed his hand in his lap then he told them his story:

"OK so I am a Omega on my mother side she was Irish and park of a Irish Pack near Dublin she came over to America when her father wanted her to have a fresher outlook on different packs. She met up with my own father not long after she had turned 25 when they had married she told my Father what she was."

Stopping to grape the glass of water that Tony had given him their fingers brushed together slightly making McGee shiver with desire for the Alpha but said nothing he was afraid they would wish to use him the same way as his other pack once did and by the sounds of things they still do.

"My father John was fine with what my mother Iris was he had no worries and knew that there was not anything he knew other then the fact he loved her the same way she wanted him to. they mated and had my sister before they had me."

Gibbs looked shocked he never heard of Tim having any other siblings but then again he did not seem to know much of Tim as much as he thought he did.

"By the time my mother was 30 she had me.... Sarah had been about 5 years old by that time My father wanted to move us to Canada for his Navy based had been moved over there. So we all went there but shortly after the move my sister had not coped well with the cold she died shortly after the age of 8."

Stopping for a short moment he took another breath that he did not Realized that he was holding.

"My father died no more then 4 years into his new location it was only meant to be a practice but he never came back I still Don't know how he was killed mother never told me."

Ducky was hearing all this with sadness he felt Palmer shift besides him. "That was when I met Michael and his pack I was about 12 then.

His pack could smell that my mother had become with out a mate since fathers death. he wanted her and me in his pack he kept coming back I remember a particular day when he looked at me with eyes that I at the time did not understand."

Gibbs nodded he knew or believed where this was going. "My mother came out one day to find Michael touching me in ways that made me squirm I did not know what to do. My Omega came out and was unable to say or think any way to stop him.

My mom shouted at him for him to stop but when his hands started to go under my trousers she got angry and attacked him then which he killed her without any effort"

Tony looked up once again at them he knew that Omega would be outmatched by a Alpha in any battle and by the sound of things Tim's mother did not care about that just protecting her last child from a Alpha who by the sounds of things was overstepping his bounties and without a Omega's permission to even touch him the thought of doing that to A Omega makes his blood boil.

He was brought out of his thought when Tim spoke once more. "My mother died that day and I was brought to the large pack that Michael controlled I learned my place that day where I stood what my role in the pack was about I never wished for anything ever again."

Abby felt tears build up in her own eyes as she watched the tears in McGee's bright green eyes and body tremor she felt Jimmy look sad as well she knew a little about the other Omega past as well.

Gibbs stood up "What about what that bastard said about you being..... you a child birthing factory what the hell was that about"

He was angry but not with Tim how could he ever be angry with the smaller and under agent how could he when them bright green eyes stared up at him and the others how he just wanted to hold the man he wanted to fuck him as well but he could hold on to when it was the right moment and by the look on Tony's and Ducky's faces he was not the only one.

He wanted to protect Tim so badly, Palmer as well but his main course was Tim to protect him to keep any harm falling on those small hands that seemed to bring comfort to him and the other two Alphas besides him felt the same.

Tim stood Gibbs believed that the younger man was going to leave but he went to the other side of the room "By the time I was 15 I was old enough to start given birth to Children even when I was not old enough they where able to knot inside me when I was used by them on random accusations...."

McGee stopped looked to the sky from the little window Abby had in the lab they could see the effort that Tim was going though remembering such memories.

"Then I was 16 by the time I had my first pups two boys and one girl the girl was killed right after Michael found out two days later. her name was Tanya One of the boy's was taken to be placed in another pack while the other was killed he was born blind you see and Micheal did not want anything in his pack that would hold him back."

Everyone was pissed how dare the Alpha harm pups and separating the Mother from her only living child they would kill that Bastard when they next see him.

"I was broken two pups killed the other was taken shortly after that I became pregnant once again but once again it was not meant to be Micheal got angry with me one night he kept hurting me I fell over a trunk which only encouraged him to come after me he kicked my belly to much I lost the pups that night.

He tried a few times after that to get me pregnant once more but one night I really had enough when that happened I did not want to see more pups die so I ran. I found my pup from the first birth in the neighboring pack I watched as the new parents watched Kenny play with them as well he was looked after much better then I would have been able to. I left at least knowing that my child pup was in a safe place."

Tim sate back down his chin rested in his hands which where on his legs, "I never looked back since I finally reached here Washington D.C I joined the NCIS trying to keep my Omega hidden as much as I could but knew that if there was any shifters here they would smell me out at once.

Then no more then two years ago I was placed in this group these where the happiest memories that I ever had next to my children being born but I should have known that Micheal would come after me I just wished it would be some other time."

Gibbs moved to hug Tim who flinched "Sorry but I want to know what this does to me role here in pack" Gibbs stared Tony spoke the thoughts "What you mean Timmy"

"Do you want to continue to be the same pack or team family I don't know or do you want to use me the same way my old pack used me I need to know so I can mental prepare myself tomorrow or this afternoon depending on what you wish from me"

"Three Alpha's two Betas and Ziva although she was Human she was part of their pack as well regardless of species.

"I be damned if we ever get as near as treating you the same as those shit-holes of a so called pack I will let Ziva shot me with a Silver bullet without hesitation"

Gibbs reached for McGee's hands Ducky placed his hands on the boy's cheek holding his head Tony walked behind McGee hugging from behind him.

McGee shivered in pleasure Gibbs looked into his eyes deep stormy eyes meet with his own bright green eyes.

"I want a relationship from you Tim but I want to protect you as well not use you in that way" Ducky also held Tim closer.

"I also with Protect you Tim no other words that can be placed with how I feel about that pack that you came from. I just wish we could have helped you sooner I love you my lad but It up to you to decide"

Tony whispered in Tim's ears.

"You shall never want for anything I shall protect you if you need anything just tell me I will provide it I shall always be there for you should you need it."

McGee just watched them all he did not know what to do he wanted all three of them yet he just could did not know what that made him a slut? a whore? "I......I....Want all three....I know that makes me a whore or a slut but I come to love all three of you please"

Three sets of hands reached out Gibbs kissed him but gentle while Ducky kissed his hands while rubbing the inside of McGee's leg but downer of his leg. Tony rubbed McGee's back smoothly but lovingly.

"If that is what you want I can live with Tony and Ducky while shearing you" Gibbs said while Ducky smiled as well.

"Same" McGee looked behind him up at Tony who just laughed "Don't need to ask Love if that what you wish then It fine we can protect you better if there are three Alpha's at your side."

Everyone nodded at that Abby looked at her clock while almost in shock "I think we need to head home guys Kate and I have a date"

Gibbs looked at McGee, Tony, Ducky "Who shall we stay at" Ducky smiled "Yours my mother still not sure with lost of people around her I need to go back home to make sure she alright before coming over"

They nodded McGee blushed, Tony sighed "I only have a flat while that is big I think Gibbs place is bigger" Gibbs stood pulling McGee behind him with Tony and Ducky followed behind.

McGee could not help but feel that flicker of flame spark inside of his heart maybe he was able to start wishing his silent wish.


I have a cramp in my hand from so much typing so much anyway the next chapter will be up in a few days hope you enjoyed this chapter.
Chapter End Notes:
Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

Also I have Dyslexia so I am sorry if there is any misspelling in the fanfiction if you see anything please let me know so I can change the spelling.
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