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Author's Chapter Notes:
McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
Hi there this is the next chapter hope you all enjoy it.


McGee could not tell you clearly how he got here in this cage he knew who took him and he had no doubt what their plans where for him after all this was the pack that he ran away from 4 years ago.

He looked up when he heard the door open McGee had to close his eyes as bright light was shone on him.

"Well look what we have here boys our little toy is back where he belongs but I wonder how long we can keep him here this time?" Now the light was dimmed McGee looked up and saw Micheal knelling down in front of the cage which he was currently in.

"Our little boy is awake" he opened the door McGee tried to use that moment to get out but as he made two passes before he was roughly pulled back looking behind him his eyes widened as he saw a thick chain which was attached to a collar which he was wearing.

There was laughter from behind him as he was pulled up to Micheal who spat at him, "How predictable I did not think it would be even that Predictable he laughed even more as McGee tried to tug back but the Alpha's grip on him even tightened.

"you just lightened up my day Slut now I am sure you know what we want from you don't you"

This sent shivers down his spin he ran away from that life he would not go back "No never I don't want that never again" He sounded tougher then what how felt. However that though failed when he hard a small child's cry reached his ears. "Now don't tell me that you forgotten this young boy?"

McGee looked up into the boy's eyes they where green like his the hair was brown with slight silver light to them he looked to be no more then about 7 years old.

"Kenny?" The boy looked up the ability of a mother and son from a wolf pack was strong it did not matter whether the child was a Omega, Beta or Alpha they knew who their birth mother (male or female) are the strong blood bond and instanced that the mother and child have.

"Mommy?" "Kenny" his blood boiled over his child was being hurt and he would not have that no way in hell.

Tugging on his collar while he lashed out to who ever was in-front of him which happened to be Micheal who m got a blow to the cheek there was a cut now running down the side of his cheek blood tickling down Micheal face.

"Why you little bitch" He grabbed McGee by the shoulders letting the chain tug on the neck of McGee which had started to dig in still McGee did not want to let go not with his child there right in front of him he would not give up not ever again.

Even when Micheal kept running his hands down and up his leg till it reached his hole opening.

"You will learn whore that we are your masters and you will allow us to fuck you silly till you would not be able to walk again"

McGee half whimpered half growled his son was watching this his son would be-forever scared for life he would not have that not even if he should die but that will never happen since who else would care for his son.

Although he did not see the dark look


Gibbs passed back and forward his frustration was getting to braking point three days that Tim was taken Three days and Kate was still in the hospital and three days since they have come up with nothing.

Tony typed at a very fast passe as he too tried to find anything to help them look for his.... their mate Tim was normally the best person to hack into things or research things.

It was not till they head a loud happy screech that they looked up to see Abby running up to them with Ducky and Palmer in tow. "I found him I found McGee"

Gibbs looked at her "Where?" Abby held out a piece of paper then to the large screen she held her control flicked the screen on and smiled while turning back to the group.

"He is currently still in America just they are I believe heading for the boarders of Canada" "Good work Abby how close are they from the boarders Abby?"

She looked up at him "they are North of the North Maumee bay near the road leading out of Toledo If they where to leave anyway now they would reach the borders with in 13 hours and a half hours. I have managed to pin point Timmy's location to a abandon warehouse it will take you for a normal person about 8 hours (I think) but for you Gibbs or Ziva it would take about 5 hours"

Gibbs nodded "Let head out"


When they arrived there was a short silents Gibbs looked around the place Tony and Ducky could only remain there stopping them self's from running in there to help their mate.

Finally they got the signal from Gibbs slowly holding up their guns in front of them self.

At last they where inside yet something was not quit right there was no noise from anywhere.

Opening the door they had the smell of blood retch their noses looking around they saw something that shocked the team and would forever hunt their memories forever.

Three bodies dead on the grown two where in the cage a small body crouched in front of a larger body the body of Micheal who to was dead.

the smaller body the team did not know who he was but knew it was a kid the larger person behind him however they did know to be McGee shivering and the breathing Ducky knew was to be difficulty in breathing.

"Tim..... Timmy" Gibbs edge closer towards the two he sensed that the boy was a Alpha... rather would grow up to be one the kid started to growl once again Grabbing the gun which was laying at the side of him raising it slightly upward but not directly at Gibbs.

"Easy there little buddy we won't hurt you or Tim we are hear to help I don't want to harm one of my mate. Tim looked up at the sound of his son's growl and gaps.

"Save.... Kenny... they save my mates Proper mates " The child looked down took his tong out and licked McGee under the eye licking the tear away.

The child let his gun drop to his side, This allowing Gibbs, Tony and Ducky to get to McGee side. the child growled once more about to grab the gun once again however McGee grabbed him bringing him closer to his shivering body.

"It save they save your save Momma has you Kenny" Gibbs looked around him once more looking at the four bodies laying in and around the cage.

Nothing was said after that McGee always had his hand in the child's own hand while they where placed in the truck to be brought back to Washington D.C.

McGee slowly allowed his body to turn and rested with Kenny leaning against his own body he felt them ever so slowly drifting of to a peaceful sleep and McGee can wish once again now he and his son was save at last.

Ok that the chapter for McGee's silent wish up the next will be up in a few short days.
Chapter End Notes:
Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

Also I have Dyslexia so I am sorry if there is any misspelling in the fanfiction if you see anything please let me know so I can change the spelling.
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