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Author's Chapter Notes:
McGee was once in a pack living in Canada the only Omega of a pack of 25 abused and always raped he ran away trying to find a new live in America Washington D.C now apart of the NCIS team yet as we all know you can only run for so long your past will always come hunt you.
Hello everyone this is the last chapter of McGee's silent wish this chapter is rather short as it is really just a follow up of the next few weeks after the last chapter.


McGee had started to get better he was now able to sit in the garden he smiled as Kenny started to get on with the other kids in the neighborhood he had made friends with a Omega child who had moved in shortly after Tim had been moved into Gibbs place.

He watched as Kenny had brought the other child round their home The Omega's parents was unsure at first after hearing that there was Three Alpha's living here but then when Kenny said about his mother being a Omega and that Tim would never let anything hurt Jamie.

The mother wanted to meet Tim first then the Alpha's she was very happy to see things how they where at first she thought that the broken arm was coursed because of his mates but after McGee explained that this was from his past pack she calmed down.

The father also met them he to was happy that his son was going to be protected while he was in the house with Three NCIS agents and a doctor in the house he had no reason to be worried as he first was.

Now the two was playing in the garden with McGee watching him Abby had brought over some books and updated him on everything that happened apparently Jimmy had found his mate in Ziva much to everyone amazement and amusement still Tim was happy that he had got on so much since he had started working there at NCIS bullpen as Ducky's assistant.

Playing his hand on his belly he could relay good news to his mates when they got back that afternoon the new that he was pregnant Ducky had made sure that a doctor that he knew would check up on Tim on a regular basses mainly to check his injures this doctor was mated already to a wonderful Human female with two kids of their own.

By the looks of things in the Doctors examination he could see that Tim was indeed pregnant with two children.

Tim was happy he was very happy who children they where he did not know he did know that they where not from anyone in his pack he was told he was only three to four weeks along and he had been back for over a month now.

Getting up he made his way into the kitchen to make drinks he knew that the three would be arriving in a short while.

Looking out of the window he watched as his son who skin had started to get colour back in them cheeks of his the boy had grown more now he was no longer at the hands of Micheal he wondered for a while how he was able to get Kenny from the pack he was placed in but now he just happy that he is spending time with him making up for the past years of being unable to watch him grow.

He hard the door unlock looking behind him Tim saw Gibbs standing in the door way Tony ran up to him lifting him slightly of the floor and into the nearest chair Ducky just laughed and smiled.

Gibbs made his way over to finishes the coffees and teas Tony sate down on the chair next to Tim.

Tim looked at all three of them "I have some news." All three looked at him as he started to spin his fingers around each other his nerves was getting the better of him.

Then at last he sighed as he placed his hand on his stomach once more "I am pregnant with two of your children"

Ducky was the first to speak "You sure it one of ours? I don't care if it not but you know how far along are you my dear?" Tim smiled at him "Only about three to four weeks Doctor Harrison did the test this morning though I do not know who children they are I know there two of yours"

Gibbs knelt down by Tim leaning in he hugged Tim but not to tightly he was so happy even if the child turned out not be his that would not stop him form caring for the children he grown to love and care for Kenny and then Jamie as well as the Omega has almost become one of the family since he gets on so well with Kenny.

Tony to hugged him once more his feelings where the same as Gibbs and Ducky Tim knew that he need not to say any words to express such happiness he would care for them his first chance of a family came true.

McGee watched the three of them smile Gibbs helped Tim into the garden Ducky carried the drinks while Tony was opening the doors for them all Tim knew that at last as he was gently placed into the chair his wish was coming true.

His silent wish for a family a true family was finally a reality McGee's Silent wish was no longer Silent any more.


Ok that it hope you enjoyed this fanfiction I did please review.
Chapter End Notes:
Ok so here the thing Kate is alive she just now helping Abby in the lab while Ziva is part of the field agent.

Also I have Dyslexia so I am sorry if there is any misspelling in the fanfiction if you see anything please let me know so I can change the spelling.
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