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Story Notes:
This is Jimmy and every guy on the Gibbs Team everyone on Gibbs team fell in love with Jimmy before he was taken but thanks for the drugs that was pumped into him everyone wants to have sex with him weather he wants them to or not this makes the team even more protective.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Missing for over Three years the team have not stopped searching for their Jimmy who was taken under their noses.
Hello everyone this is my new fanfiction since I am going to finish my last fanfiction Hope you enjoy this new fanfiction I am writing.... Typing I mean.


Dark.... cold... he could not go on much longer these are the thoughts that went though Jimmy's head he had not seen any light since he was placed in this cell.

Opening his eyes the dark cells in this weird lab every day or every other day he was given new drugs that kept him paralyzed his hope of getting out of here was very slim now.

They use him for drug experiments most days others he was used like a toy who was unable to fight back even though the drugs kept him paralyzed they stilled chained him to the walls or bars his tears no longer held no meaning to him.

He waited for the first week or even the second week for team Gibbs to get find him but that never happened his hopes where dashed once more by the end of the month when he was first rapped by many men who kept him awake for many hours doing what they wanted to him.

He knew one of the drugs made him grow dog ears and a tail it was fluffy and curl kind of tail He did not know what kind of dog and at the moment he did not care.

Jimmy remembered his name only because he kept hearing a voice no a few different voices in his head calling him Jimmy he swear it was the team.... Gibbs, Ducky, Tony and McGee he also believes he could hear Abby's and Kate's voice.

Still no one came for him but... somewhere he stilled hopped that they cared enough even if he would have to leave his job he wanted out of the place.

Crying for the first time in a long while he only stopped when he hared his cell door open he was shocked when he hared a cry that sounded like a younger girl.

He looked up to see what he feared a child a girl shacking his head Jimmy tried to talk with the gag in his mouth "Hey...." The girl looked up at him with wide eyed and scared look on his face "I... No hurt you"

This got the girl to giggle Jimmy smiled as much as he could staring at the man behind the bars "She will be your temporary cell mate" Jimmy did his best glare though without his glasses it was no good really.

"Don't give me that look you fucking whore" Looking down at his own watch he smiled back at Jimmy "Look at the time... it time for another dosage"

climbing into the cell The lab doctor took a needle out of his pocket and stacked it into Jimmy's arm Turning to the girl he started to point the needle at her making her hid away from him all Jimmy could do was muffle and grunt which made the Lab doctor turn back to him "What whore?" "In me.... put in me... leave her be...."

smiling in such a way that sent shivers down Jimmy's spin he did as asked giving the extra dosage to Jimmy.

"Lets see what you look like in a few moments"

Leaving the two allow the girl crawled up to Jimmy wrapping her arms around the man while curling her self slightly into him. Jimmy looked down at her "What name?" the girl looked up tilting her head a little confused but a light switched in her head.

"Amelia Winston" Nodding his head Jimmy just stared at the wall opposite them till Amelia spoke "Whats your name?" "Jim.....Jimmy Palmer" The girl's eyes widen once more.

"You work for the NCIS right?" Jimmy simply nodded "You where on the news for weeks still mentioned now and again there was a large starch all round the state"

This made Jimmy rather shock the fact that he was being looked for him... but that was ages ago they might have stopped looking for him by now but the thought that the team did care enough to even look put that much effort into it.

The girl looked up at him once more "Daddy will find me... he will find you as well we get out of here together"

The thought was a happy one but a unlike one as well but he did not want to dash the girls only hope.
Jimmy could not help but see that the candle inside of him lit back up for the first time in a while.

Sighing slightly he allowed the girl to lean against him while he to went into a silent sleep.


Gibbs and the team pasted back and forward Three years three bloody years and they have still be unable to find Jimmy he would not believe the younger man to be dead he would think other wise the other agents as well.

Ziva looked up at him as he slammed his hand against the desk making some of the papers fall onto the floor. Sighing she knelt down to pick the papers up these where the work proses of finding Jimmy she knew that he had his own file.

Searching though the work she looked at some of the places that have been she did see something in their searching they have all been to places away from Washington they had yet look at any building warehouses or anything of the sort with in Washington D.C believing that the kidnapper would want to be far away as possible.

She looked up at Gibbs "Gibbs.... what is Jimmy is closer then we believed him to be? what if that was the Kidnapper wanted us to think all along?"

Gibbs stared at her she was right he knew that they have been looking for everywhere but in the most obvious places.

He was angry so angry "McGee.... look up all the abandon building no matter their size don't miss anything out" Looking at Tony he sighed "DiNozzo call everyone who might have been connected with the last case I want everyone spoken to and all evidence filed In Jimmy's file."

Turning to Ziva he smiled "Thanks... go down to Abby's and Kate's lab tell them that we have a different lead Kate need to come with me to the last place we saw Jimmy"

Ziva nodded "On it"

Gibbs gripped the desk harder then he never thought he could he sighed Three years and if Ziva was correct about how this guy thinks then that will end soon.


OK that it for now then next one will be up Sunday hope you enjoyed this first chapter.
Chapter End Notes:
This is Jimmy and every guy on the Gibbs Team everyone on Gibbs team fell in love with Jimmy before he was taken but thanks for the drugs that was pumped into him everyone wants to have sex with him weather he wants them to or not this makes the team even more protective.
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