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Author's Chapter Notes:
Missing for over Three years the team have not stopped searching for their Jimmy who was taken under their noses.
Hello everyone this is the next chapter of Jimmy's new chapter hope you enjoy.


Jimmy could not tell how long it has been since the girl was brought and placed in the cell with him. Since then however he was given three more injections and tested for two knew ones.

He did know however that he wanted to be fucked.... he knew that he should not want such thing after his treatment from the other men that came in and out of the cell.

But he could not help it his body was so hot and he could feel his penis grow hard at every touch that was placed on his body.

His heart and mind hated it when these lab scientist touched him yet his body would love it Amelia would hide behind me when they came into the cell He encouraged her to do so after all she was only a young girl and she was unable to help herself should they get near her with needles or pills.

He saw someone put something on the top corner of the bars on the far corner of the cell. Terry who Jimmy found was the name of the main man who had fucked him and injected him the most was standing in front of him looking up at what ever was placed in the corner.

Jimmy looked up when he head him then he spoke "Hay there NCIS I am sure your wondering where your little fuck toy has been taken to well I am finished with him done all my testing on his body I am sure you want to find him fuck him after all how can you resits such a beautiful body that looks like it been hand craved by god?"

While he was talking his hand went to touch me from my cheek down to my penis which made me whimper I could not help it I wanted to kick this man in the bulls make him feel some of what I was feeling.

Jimmy glared at him but his eyes turned to the camera trying with all his heart to connect with who ever was on the other side of it to help Jimmy wanted be saved more then anything.

Amelia's body shivered as Terry went to touch her but Jimmy moved to stop him he been stopping anyone from touching her since she been here Terry laughed again "I am not going to hurt her just show her to the camera you bitch."

He moved again but because of the chains I was unable to stop him a second time he made a move for Amelia's hair dragging her to face the camera she had started to cry again.

"Now this is a Pretty little thing is she not? Your Jimmy wont let me anywhere near her he been taken extra injections just so I don't hurt her" smiling he started to lick her cheek making Amelia cringe slightly.

"Don't worry I will send this tap to you and where you can find me I want a challenge but there nothing more I want then to see results on what I have been working on for 4 years your Jimmy will forever be the worlds biggest slut thanks to my protect"

Jimmy let out a whimper as he was touched once again his body shivered as well while he tried to get away with all his might Terry licked Amelia's cheek once again making her cry even more.

Doing something he thought he would not do ever he reached out with his legs even though they where chained he raised his legs and kicked Terry in the shins forcing him to let go of Amelia who went to hide behind Jimmy one again.

Terry went down and lent over Jimmy taking his face in between his hands he forced Jimmy's lips against his own forcing Jimmy's mouth to open Then forcing a pill down Jimmy's throat he smiled when Jimmy swallowed it.

Cuffing Jimmy by the hair he made him to face the camera once again "If I where you I would come soon or his body will heat over from pain I am wondering as to how you would deal with him like he is now men of NCIS will you fuck him to death will you use his body till there nothing to be used or will you keep making him pregnant as that is what some of the drugs I have given him to alter his body to suit the person who is fucking him."

Terry smiled and pushed Jimmy back down onto the fall Amelia court him before he could hit the grown "Hurry men there is little time to waist."


Gibbs was typing with all his might when he hard someone come up to his desk he looked up to see that it was Jenny she looked rather grim "A daughter known as Amelia Winston of a Admiral not far from here we got the call in not more then a few moments ago..." Gibbs hated it when children got involved "Turns out this video came at the same time"

She held it out but he could see that she was not happy about it.

He took the video and played it on the large screen what he saw angered him and every other member in the bullpen Jimmy their Jimmy was being used touch like some fuck toy.

He saw the girl a girl was hiding behind Jimmy He looked so tiered then when they saw him being forced to take the drug that was what it took for Tony to throw something at the scene making it shatter.

Gibbs looked up at Jenny who nodded at him "Team this is a large operation we will rescue Jimmy" He looked around the room every other NCIS agent stood grabbing their gear with a angered look on their faces.

Smiling sightly to him self before turning back to his own team Gibbs gave them that look he gave to all his members "WE shall not fail Jimmy again and we shall get the girl as well."

They stood even Ducky and Abby even though they where not agents nodding to them he was not about to stop them.

Turning back to Jenny he sighed "WE SHALL NOT ABANDON HIM" the whole team in the room cheered and everyone moved out with the location of their beloved Jimmy.


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Chapter End Notes:
This is Jimmy and every guy on the Gibbs Team everyone on Gibbs team fell in love with Jimmy before he was taken but thanks for the drugs that was pumped into him everyone wants to have sex with him weather he wants them to or not this makes the team even more protective.
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