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Author's Chapter Notes:
Tony disobeys Gibbs and Gibbs take action. WARNING: CONTAINS SPANKING. IF NOT YOUR THING DON'T READ.
Tony knew Gibbs told him to go dry off and not to go back on the roof but he went anyway. Tony owed it to Kate. He had to. So here he was back on the roof in the rain. He serached the roof for the evidence that he needed to catch Ari for killing Kate.

Tony wasn't sure how long he was out there but all he knows is that he heard a gruff voice behind him. "DiNozzo!" Tony turned around quickly and saw Gibbs glaring at him. "With me now!" Gibbs shouted and Tony followed immediately.

They ended up back at Gibbs house. "Go jump in the shower. Now!" Gibbs said firmly. "Boss I-" Tony started. Gibbs got in his personal space. "Get. In. The. Shower. Now!" Gibbs said firmly. "Yes sir." Tony quickly went up stairs and into the shower.

Gibbs watched his senior agent run away in a haste. He specifically told Tony not to go back to the roof and he went anyway. He needed to deal with this but he wasn't sure how.

Gibbs was sitting on the sofa when Tony came down. The man looked innocent. That's what got the idea in Gibbs head. "Come here," Gibbs said. Tony walked over to his boss hesitantly. Gibbs looked at tony and said, "Would you mind explaining to me why you felt the need to disobey a direct order?" Tony looked down at the ground and shrugged.

Seeing he was not going to get an answer anytime soon he pulled Tony over his lap. "Gibbs what are you doing?" Tony asked. Gibbs ignored him and pulled down his sweats.


"Ow! Gibbs"

"Anthony DiNozzo, I asked a question," Gibbs said as he continued to make his agents behind red. SWAT.SWAT.

"Gibbs!" Tony cried.
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