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Author's Chapter Notes:
Gibbs and Ziva, 'Zibbs', their journey together has seen mistrust, faith, loyalty, forgiveness and baseball, but what happens if both of them do not want their relationship to be labelled and Father/Daughter, what if they both want something more? Be aware that this story contains suggestive language and adult themes which are not suitable for younger readers. PLEASE REVIEW.
. . . . .

I felt powerless yet powerful under his weight. From the moment his hands pinned my own above my head I was instantly turned on. His forceful kisses causing me to shamelessly arch against him just so I can find some friction to relieve the tension building in-between my legs.

I have imagined this scene a hundred times, in a hundred different places yet not once did I imagine what it would be like to feel his response pressing in to the top of my thigh. I rocked against him, trying to feel more of his hardened maleness, Gibbs moaned in to my mouth.

- Elohim ya'azreni!

My body feels like it is in hell fire, if this is sin, then god please forgive me, but I will sin again. I notice his lips have left my own, a sudden hole emerges inside me and I feel as if I going to be dragged down in to a pit despair if he doesn't kiss me again.

"Oh Ziver . . ."

His words are like a life-raft bringing me back to shore. For a moment I am nothing but a mass of nerve endings. Then I feel the blackness inside of me taking hold again, I open my eyes and all I see is blue eyes boring in to my own, his face holds an expression I have never seen before -

- Desire! He wants me just as much as I want him!

"Jethro, don't stop!"

A sound almost like a growl came from the back of his throat, if I wasn't wet before then there was no doubt about it now. He crushed my lips again, this time taking my bottom lip between his teeth and nipping at it, I bucked against him and I felt his smile against my lips. I was breathing heavy now, sensations bursting from every direction, if he didn't touch me, I was going to cry in frustration.

"Touch me!"

I don't know if it was the desperate plea or my verbal consent that finally kicked started him in to action. He pinned both of my hands with his one, keeping them above my head, in this position my chest was pushed upwards and vulnerable to attack. His free hand was now exploring my face, his thumb brushing across my lips.

I licked his thumb and drew it in to my mouth, he closed his eyes as I began to gently work on his thumb, I wanted to see his eyes again, so I bit down on his thumb pad, crystal blue eyes snapped back in to view.

- That's better!

His thumb was replaced by his tongue, telling me in a language only lovers understand that he was in control. His hands brushed across my neck and gently squeezed, I bucked against him again, this time instead of feeling his smile I saw it as he looked down at me from his position of trust.

"Oh Ziver . . ."

- If two words could finish me, then those words would do it!

"I'm getting the impression that you like to be in compromising positions . . ."

His hand trails down by chest, feeling and squeezing each breast in turn over the fabric of my tank top. All I can do is whimper in response.

"Your body totally at the mercy of another . . ."

His hand was now underneath my tank top, gliding over my stomach, cupping my bare breasts. His voice, his smell, his touch, the combination was causing my brain to turn in to marshmallow again.

"Yes . . ."

I wanted to say so many things but my brain wasn't functioning properly.

- Jethro, right now you can tell me to sing the national anthem and I'll do it!

His chuckle is muffled as his mouth clamps over one of my now exposed breasts.

"Elohim ya'azreni!"

My cry of exaltation, moved him to a new sense of urgency. His hands were everywhere, my breasts, stomach, hips, legs, it was as if he was looking for something on my skin. He manoeuvres us on the mat so we are facing each other, his hands are on my lower back pulling my pelvis towards him. Gibbs starts a trail of kisses from my breasts to my neck, I begin to explore his chest and back underneath his hoodie. His chest is just how I remember it, warm and solid, his muscles straining with every movement he makes.

"Kiss me!"

- Now there's an order I can't refuse!

I look him in the eye, I look down towards his lips, they are fuller than usual. . ." who's wouldn't be after that oral assault! I move my head down and as I touch his lips with mine, I pour every ounce of frustration and longing in to that kiss. His muffled moans encourage me to be bolder and I move against him, pelvis against pelvis, trying to find some relief for us both. My hands move down the front of his chest, lower still, until I reach my intended target.

- Oy va'avoy!

I trace the outline of hardened maleness against his sweatpants. I know this is all I probably get to see in this room, I know Gibbs, there is a big difference between fondling and actual intercourse in the department's gym.

- Bend the line, don't break it!

When he starts nibbling my ear and bites down on the lobe I'm all about ready to blow up the line with many pounds of explosives!

"I'm sorry Ziva, I want this - you so bad, but not here, you deserve much more than a quickie on the gym floor!"

"It's refreshing to hear a man not exaggerate about his sexual prowess!"

Our heavy breathing is broken with his light chuckle. He embraces me tightly and lowers me backwards on to the mat. His mouth smothers my own, more gently this time but still with every ounce of passion. I feel Gibbs's right hand move lower down my body, it comes to a halt when it reaches the apex of my thighs.

"That doesn't mean I'm going to stop being a gentleman, it would be very unchivalrous to leave a lady frustrated and wanting, don't you agree Ziva?"

"I wouldn't want to ruin your reputation as a gentleman, please continue if you must!"

I feel his smile as she kisses me again, his tongue taking control, urging me to submit. His hand slips underneath my training pants, but thank god, not beneath my underwear, I would be unraveled in an instant otherwise. The warmth of his hand seeps through my delicate underwear and I moan in to his mouth. As if he was waiting for this signal, he begins caressing me through my underwear.

"Oh Ziver - you're so wet! I'm beginning to change my mind!"

My laugh is somewhere between a giggle and a moan, his skilled hands perfectly working me towards a higher plain, a height I will quite happily jump from. Gibbs starts move against me, clearly just as worked up and in need of release as I am.

"Jethro, don't stop! Yes. . . Right there!"

"Right here?"

"Yes! Oh Jethro . . ."

"Wait for me Ziver . . . Hold on!"

"I can't. . . Stop . . . No!"

My body had turned in to a bundle of nerve endings, every touch of his body had a direct route to my core. The familiar sensation begins to grow, a tight build up in my stomach spreading down towards my core, I could feel the pressure everywhere, in my ears, behind my eyes, even down towards my toes. It was only a matter of time.

"Ready Ziva? Now!"

He didn't wait for my response, he didn't need to; the last flick of his fingers was the catalyst of my undoing. Both of our cries of ecstasy were drowned out by the other. The build-up of pressure burst in to rays of intense pleasure, my core pulsing with the aftermath. I could feel Gibbs heavy and spent above me.

- I don't care what other women say, that moment just before he realises he is crushing you with his weight, is the best post act feeling ever!

He begins to come to his senses and starts to spread his weight on to his elbows, the heaviness on my chest unfortunately eases up. The aftershocks from my orgasm begin to slow leaving only an echo of pleasure in my muscles. Gibbs looks down at me, leaning on his side, clearly enjoying the view.

- I think I might actually die if I have sex with this man!

Gibbs leaned down and started to nuzzle my neck, leaving small kisses along my cheekbone towards my ear.

"God you smell amazing! Watermelon and sex. I don't think I could look at a piece of fruit the same again!"

He muffles my laugh with his lips.

. . . . .
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