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Author's Chapter Notes:
Gibbs and Ziva, 'Zibbs', their journey together has seen mistrust, faith, loyalty, forgiveness and baseball, but what happens if both of them do not want their relationship to be labelled and Father/Daughter, what if they both want something more? Be aware that this story contains suggestive language and adult themes which are not suitable for younger readers. PLEASE REVIEW.
. . . . .

I knew she was having as much trouble sleeping as I was. Still unaccustomed to my sleeping habits it was easy to pretend I was asleep, If she knew I was faking she didn't pull me up on it. After a time her breathing evened out and her soft snores filled the room, her head resting on my bicep and her right hand resting on my chest.

I place my hand gently over hers and think back over the day's events. The collision in the hall way, the blushing in the car, the case, the gym, the bath. . . I groan out loud.

- Did that really happen all in one day?!

The bath was the first time I got to explore her body properly, every curve and mound, perfect in its formation. The dark honey coloured tint of her skin, her coffee coloured nipples peeking out of the water, the darkened areas of skin on her back slightly raised, tokens from that bastard Saleem.

I clench both of my hands and instantly regret it as Ziva stirs next to me. I release her hand and remain as still as I can hoping she will return to her peaceful state. It doesn't take long before her soft snores return to their normal rhythm.

- I am so glad I took that bastard out! My only regret was I couldn't make his pain last longer!

I close my eyes and slow my breathing down to match hers, I let the memories of this evening wash over me until the darkness surrounds me.

My eyes begin to flutter open, the front of my body feels really warm like it is in front of a fire and I can't move the fingers on my right hand. My eyes finally focus on the scene in front of me, Ziva laying asleep in front of me snuggled against my frame, her head resting on my right arm.

- Well that explains why I can't move my fingers!

My response to this compromising and intimate position is felt below my waist.

- I can't wait to bury myself inside you!

At that thought there is no mistaking my body's intentions to follow that idea through. I gently move my right arm from under her sleeping form and slowly slide myself off of the bed, removing myself from the temptation in front of me. I decide to go downstairs and prepare some breakfast.

After a short while, I return to the bedroom with a tray of scrambled eggs and bacon, toast and a pot of coffee. When I enter the bedroom Ziva is asleep on her back, the covers tangled in-between her legs, the grey t-shirt I lent her raised above ribcage revealing her taut honey coloured stomach.

- Holy, Mother! What are you trying to do to me?!

- Screw it!

I place the breakfast tray on the side table next to the bed and crawl on to the bed. I place my lips on the edge of the waistband of her boxers and start kissing every inch of exposed skin of her stomach. I trail my hands up along her ribcage and slide them underneath her t-shirt, finding my destination I start to knead her breasts gently.

Ziva starts to stir from her sleep, uncontrolled moans leave her lips and her legs start to run along the length of the bed. I know she is truly awake when both her hands rest on the top of my head.

"I hope you mean to continue what you have started, otherwise I would of have been better off remaining in my dreams, the Jethro in my sleep never leaves me wanting!"

"Is that so? Well please continue fair maiden. . . To sleep per chance to dream!"

Her laugh vibrates through her chest down in to her stomach and I kiss it one more time, before moving up her body to cover her lips with mine. Her lips move against mine with fierce intentions, her tongue parting my lips, trying to gain control of the kiss.

I break away, gasping for air, my manhood leaving now doubt to what power she has over me.

"I hope you're hungry, I've made breakfast"

"You've read my mind! I'm definitely hungry but not for food!"

She grabs the back of my head with one hand and restarts the same crushing kiss that has my head forgetting all about scrambled eggs and bacon, when her other hand reaches down and cups my manhood I forget all about the coffee.

- Well almost anyway!

I place my hands gently on her arms and push her off me down on to the bed, both of us gasping for air, her head leaning off the mattress still trying to gain contact with my lips.

"Ziva! I promise when we eat and have talked about. . . about us I will never leave you wanting again, well not unless you want me to . . ."

A sigh escapes her and her body relaxes in to the mattress, I know now that I have got her full attention. I let go of her arms and move so I am sitting against the headboard of the bed, I gather the breakfast tray in my hands and place it carefully over my legs. Ziva lifts her body off of the bed, sits crossed legged facing me and the tray.

"I know what you are worried about Jethro, it has been the same for me for the past. . . I don't know twelve months. Scared to make the first move, any move that would betray my true feelings, and have those feeling rejected back at you with a hurricane force!"

She looks at directly into my eyes, her guard down and her heart open, waiting for me to respond.

"Rule number 16 . . ."

"Never date a co-worker? Oh Gibbs! I am going to throw one of your own rules back at you now . . . Rule number 14, bend the line don't break it! So don't date me, just fuck -"

I grab her wrist to silence her.

"Ziva! Don't talk like that! You are so much more that all that, you deserve so much more that that!

She lowers her head, an outsider may think that it was because of embarrassment, but not with Ziva, it was because she never thinks herself worthy of something other than a physical connection, a trained killer is not given the option to love.

"I know it is not because of the agency, they have an informing policy, but it is not prohibited to have inter-agency relationships. What do think will happen it we break one your rules?"

I can't answer her question. I remain silent.

"Damn it Gibbs!"

She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and starts to get off the bed. I quickly reach for her wrist, causing the breakfast tray to rattle dangerously on my lap. She turns to looks at me, her dark cherry wood eyes boring their way in to my soul.

- Breathe. Focus. Breathe . . ."

"I'm afraid. . . I'm afraid I'll let the team down. I'm afraid you'll get hurt!"

I look down in to the breakfast plate unable to look at her after my revelation.

I feel the mattress shift as she moves on the bed. Her hands come in to view and move the breakfast tray on to the side table. She moves her right leg over my waist and straddles me. I feel her hands on either side of my face, a shadow falls over me as she places her forehead on to mine.

"Oh Jethro . . . Your rules are not that powerful! How many times do you need history to repeat itself? You, Me, Tony, McGee. . . We are stronger when we are together! It is only when we feel alone do we create situations where we inadvertently hurt each other!"

I tilt my head up so I can see her face, her pleading eyes telling me in a silent language that this will all be ok.

"We don't have to broadcast anything just yet. Let's just see if this goes anywhere, if our feelings are more than physical. We are both grown up enough to keep this from interfering with our work. Just know this Jethro, I'm in this for long game!"

She leans in to kiss my forehead, a gesture of fondness and carefulness, she doesn't want to force me in to a decision that I am not comfortable with. I change her intended target my tilting my head backwards.

"Don't try and distract me Jethro! Talk to me . . ."

"Kiss me! I. . . I don't want to feel . . .alone anymore!"

It feels like at the same moment we are both holding our breath. She places her hands on my shoulders and leans down to kiss my forehead, each closed eyelid in turn and finally my lips. Our lips were barely touching at first, then she deepened the kiss, our lips joining and dancing to their own rhythm.

I run my hands up inside her t-shirt, feeling her breasts, her nipples already hardened from our previous encounter need no more encouragement. I let my hands roam round her back and I lean forward, causing her to rest her weight against my hands. I tilt my pelvis forward, grinding myself against her, my manhood eager to claim what I have been fantasising about for months.

As she breaks away from our kiss, panting and breathless she says something I wasn't expecting.

"So how about those eggs?!"

. . . . .
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