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Author's Chapter Notes:
Gibbs and Ziva, 'Zibbs', their journey together has seen mistrust, faith, loyalty, forgiveness and baseball, but what happens if both of them do not want their relationship to be labelled and Father/Daughter, what if they both want something more? Be aware that this story contains suggestive language and adult themes which are not suitable for younger readers. PLEASE REVIEW.
. . . . .

As I lean over towards the breakfast tray, still breathless from our kiss, I hear him groan in frustration.

"Oh how the chairs have moved!"

Gibb's full belly laugh, rarely heard, fills the room.

"Tables have turned. . . how the tables have turned!"

- Zevel! Damn American idioms!

"Whichever way the furniture has gone. . . it is still frustrating, no?"

At this comment I feel his hands slide down to my waist, his fingers applying a little more pressure around my waist than necessary. He pulls me down on to his pelvis, grinding it in to me so I can feel his hardened maleness.

"It's frustratingly hard . . ."

Now it was my turn for a full belly laugh.

"Oh you didn't just say that!"

I lean back towards the breakfast tray, the thin layer of material between my legs a poor barrier of protection against his growing frustration. I pick up a fork and load up some of the scrambled eggs from the plate, I place the eggs in my mouth and let them melt on my tongue.

- Oy va'avoy! These eggs are fantastic!

"Mmmmm . . ."

He continues to grind against me, the feeling a perfect mix of pleasure and pain, pain because you want so much more than the pleasure you are actually getting. I do my best to ignore his movements and pick up another forkful of eggs, I turn the fork round and place it on his lips. Gibbs opens up his mouth and takes the fork and the eggs in to his mouth, chews and swallows all without taking his blue eyes off of my face.

- Who knew eating eggs would turn me on so much!

"Can I have some coffee too?"

His slow smile tells me he knows exactly what he's doing. I put the fork down and pick up the coffee mug, I take a small gulp of the brown liquid and swallow it, and then an idea forms is my head. I take another mouthful of the warm coffee and place the mug back down. I lean forward and place my lips against his, he opens his mouth and I let the coffee trickle down. A few drops miss his lips and I slowly lick the liquid off of his chin.

"Mmm . . . Can I have my coffee delivered to me this way every morning?"

"I'll trade that request for an orgasm every morning"


I'm suddenly rolled on to my back, Gibbs pinning me down with his pelvis and he roughly pulls the t-shirt over my head. He leans down, the weight of his body forcing me further in to the mattress and kisses me full on the mouth, his mouth begins to move lower down my body. I feel his hands and lips all over my neck, breasts, rib-cage and stomach. I feel his fingers tug at my boxers and slide them down my legs, I help him remove them my kicking them off my feet. He places a kiss on my bare mound and nibbles at my taut skin, I buck in to his mouth arching my back off the mattress. I look down and see him comfortably kneeling between my legs, he blows all over my bare skin until I can't stand it anymore. I am about to scream in frustration when his tongue finds my sweet spot -

"Elohim ya'azreni! Yes . . ."

I feel him smile against my lips, his breath hot against my skin. His tongue, wet and skilful continues to work me in to a writhing mess. The familiar sensation begins to grow, a tight build up in my stomach spreading down towards my core, I could feel the pressure everywhere -

"Mmmm . . . Yes . . . Ahh"

I move my hands and place them over my breasts and squeeze, rolling my hands in rough circles, my thumbs brushing against my nipples. The only thing I hear is my heavy breathing, the only thing I feel is his hot tongue flicking against my core -

"Oh . . . God!

He slides his fingers in to me, slowly at first, my breath temporarily caught in my mouth, as he starts to pump his fingers inside me my breathing turns in to shallow pants.

"Yes . . . Yes . . . Please!"

I feel the pressure build up inside me, my orgasm in reaching distance, then all of a sudden it stops. I am about to open my eyes to see why he has stopped when I feel a sudden resistance at the entrance of my core, then there was a split second of pain quickly replaced by a sense of fullness and bliss.

"Fuck! Yes . . ."

Gibbs covers my mouth with his, swallowing my pleasure. He holds his position just for a moment, his hardened maleness a pillar of molten rock inside me.

"Holy, Mother! So tight . . . Yes!"

He talks without his lips leaving mine and begins to move inside me. I meet each thrust over and over again, the sound of our breathing and flesh on flesh fills the room. I cross my feet and move them up his legs, the change of angle causing me to gasp.

"More . . ."

It is the only word I can manage but he seems to understand every unspoken word lost in my incoherent thoughts. He kisses me roughly, I bite down on his bottom lip, pulling it away from his face with grin on my face. His eyes seem to darken to a sapphire blue colour, when I let go of his lip a knowing smile is left on his face.

"Oh you wanna play like that do you?!"

I try to buck against him answering his question. He thrusts a little harder causing me to cry out loud.


He looks at me directly in the eyes and performs duplicate thrust.

"Yes . . . More!"

He grabs both of my hands and forces them above my head, he pins them with one hand and with the other he grabs the headboard and thrusts in to me causing me to move up the mattress with its force.

"Ahhh . . . Mmmm"

"I know what you need . . ."

With those words, he thrusts again and bites down on my earlobe.

"Ssssss! Elohim ya'azreni!"

He relentlessly thrusts inside me, repeatedly until I feel myself climbing towards that higher plain, the pressure building up between my ears. All I can think about is his next thrust, everything else has turned in to a blur of colours.

"Yes . . . Yes! Ani gommeretz . . . Ani gommeretz!

"Now Ziver . . .Now!"


I hear Gibbs voice a guttural groan on his final thrust of his pelvis. He holds me in this final embrace, his mouth open on my shoulder, until he stops shaking above me. His body weight presses me in to the mattress and I smile inside. I feel his cock twitch inside me as he begins to withdraw from my core, my body still sensitive from his onslaught convulses.

"Oh God . . ."

"Really . . . Round two already?!"

"God no! I think I'm about to have a cardiac arrest"

Our lips meet, slowly and more gently this time, our tongues massaging one another's until our breaths even out and are heartbeats return to safer levels.

He let's go of my hands and gently rubs each wrist, I have a feeling that there will be a high possibility that I will have some bruises to remind me of this moment. He kisses me one more time and rolls over on the bed so we are both facing the ceiling.

Silence - The perfect compliment after sex. If someone has to ask how was it for you? Or how amazing was that? Then they really haven't got a clue!

I turn on my side and run my hand along his chest, I place my lips on his shoulder and kiss his skin softly.

"No need to thank me Ziva, the pleasure was all mine!"

I scoff in to his shoulder and lift myself up and straddle his now naked form. I pull my hairband out and let my hair fall around my shoulders. I place my hands flat on his chest and lean forward so my hair forms a brown curtain around our faces.

I let my nose rub against the side of his face then lean in to kiss him and as he raises he head I quickly pull away. I repeat the process twice before I kiss him squarely on the mouth, savouring his taste, the smell of old spice, sawdust and sex surrounding my senses.

"Well if you insist the pleasure was all yours I think we need to even the score, don't you?"

At these words I reach down in-between my legs and begin to ease the growing ache rebuilding at my core.

. . . . .
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