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Author's Chapter Notes:
Gibbs and Ziva, 'Zibbs', their journey together has seen mistrust, faith, loyalty, forgiveness and baseball, but what happens if both of them do not want their relationship to be labelled and Father/Daughter, what if they both want something more? Be aware that this story contains suggestive language and adult themes which are not suitable for younger readers. PLEASE REVIEW.
. . . . .

The weekend past without much incident. Ziva left late Saturday afternoon after much exploring and score keeping. She had planned a night to the Opera which she would not cancel despite - what did she say? Oh yeah, that's it! - "your very good use of page 57".

- I really must ask her what that meant!

In her absence I was able to think about what transpired between us and the possible consequences of our actions. My new project was my companion during these moments, my thoughts entwined with the wood, it seemed with every smoothed out grain my fears dissipated with it.

- We are stronger together!

. . . . .

I woke to the alarm signalling the start of a new working week, I rolled over to silence the high pitched shrill echoing throughout the room.

- Oy va'avoy! That was some dream!"

After a few deep breaths, I regained control not only of my wits but of my racing heartbeat pounding inside my chest. The only thing that didn't return to normal was the dull ache of desire now burning at my core.

Just like my dream, I pretend my hand is Gibbs's tongue, exploring my breasts, stomach and inner thighs. I feel my own juices as I slip my fingers along my sensitive folds. As I manipulate my sweet spot I remember how he slipped his fingers in to me, the weight of his body on top of mine, and the feel of his thrusts as he filled me almost to breaking point.

I was so close to release, my body a hot and writhing mess, but no matter what I did physically or what images I recalled to my mind, my release was just out of reach.


With this final cry I stopped.

- What has he done to me!

Frustrated and worked up, I get up and head towards the shower.

- This is going to be a long day!

. . . . .

After my morning meeting with Director Vance I head back down towards the bullpen, as always I stop short of entering so I can overhear the conversation between the team.

"How was the Opera, Ziva?"

"How did you - of course - It was beautiful and overwhelming as always. Thank you for asking Tony"

"Dare I ask how your weekend was?"

"Well to paraphrase from you 'beautiful and overwhelming' was personified in the form of a 5ft 8, leggy blonde who was last year's runner up for Miss America"

"Are you losing your touch Tony? Tut Tut!I thought second place was so beneath you?"

- Oh Ziva, even I can tell you just opened yourself up here!

"Well if a certain 5ft 7 Israeli was to finally succumb to my charms I would quite happily have her beneath me!"

Her soft laugh fills the room.

"Oh Tony - Let's get one thing straight, of all the positions I'll be in, beneath you wouldn't be one of them . . ."

Tony's silence causes me to chuckle. Despite my 'inner man' telling me to be jealous of this little sparring match, I am secretly pleased that the dynamics of the team still remain the same.

I straighten up my face and walk in to the bullpen to shouts of "Morning Boss!"

"Morning! Continue with your reports, the Director has nothing new for us today"

I sit down at my desk, place my gun in my drawer and turn the computer on.

From the corner of my eye I see Ziva walking towards my desk with a coffee holder.

"Morning Gibbs, would you like some coffee?"

Her face is deadpan, but her eyes are recalling the last time she offered me coffee, and I feel my manhood twitch in remembrance.

"Thank you Ziva!"

I remove the coffee cup out of the holder and take a sip of the sweet dark nectar, never once taking my eyes of her. I see her dark cherry wood eyes open wide in response to my subtle defiance to her seduction. As I lick a small drop of coffee from the side of the cup, I see her throat swallow down a controlling gulp of air.

"You're welcome Gibbs"

As she walks back over to her desk I notice she is as tight as a coiled spring.

- Who are you and what have you done with the real Ziva?

I make a mental note to myself to ask her if, and when, we have a moment alone together.

"McGee! When you have a moment I would like to see the finished report on the Smith Case"

"On it Boss!"

. . . . .

I am so worked up, I can't concentrate. Gibbs has picked me up on several occasions on misspelt reports, crime scene photos in incorrect case files.

- Get a grip, David! One orgasm denial and your useless!

"Ziva? Ziva are you listening?!"

I am snapped out of my own torturous mind to see both Tony and McGee looking at me with embarrassed faces, while Gibbs is looking at me sternly, anger radiating from every pore.

"Am I boring you Ziva?"

"Oh would you give it a rest - "

I don't know what made me say it, it just came out. Both Tony and McGee were now looking at me as if I had two heads. I didn't dare look at Gibbs, knowing his gaze would freeze me to this very spot.

"Ziva! Conference Room, NOW!"

- Zevel! Now I'm in for it! Breathe. Focus. Breathe -

I follow Gibbs in to the elevator.

. . . . .

I press the emergency button and the elevator stops. I am so disappointed I can't even imagine what I am about to say to her. I turn my body so that I can see her, she continues to face the elevator doors, her head down. I take a deep breath and I am about to bring my onslaught when two dark cherry wood eyes look at me and she begins to talk.

"Gibbs that was totally out of line, I'm sorry! I know I said we can do this without it interfering with our work but trust me this has nothing to with what happened between us"

"Then tell me what has gotten in to you Ziva?"

She looks back to the floor. I feel the frustration rise up in me again!

"Damn it Ziva! Tell - "

"I couldn't cum!"

Her response silences me.

- Did she just say what I thought she just said?

"What did you say?"

She looks to the floor again and takes a deep breath. I remain silent and wait until she composes herself.

"I said 'I couldn't cum!'. I dreamt about you last night and when I woke up I tried to release all my built up tension, but no matter what I did, I couldn't cum! I can't concentrate because when I look at you I'm reminded of times when I could cum. I'm sorry, I am just worked up and frustrated. You have broken me!"

- Holy, Mother! I didn't expect that!

I can feel my body's reaction to her revelation, the strain against my trousers tightening under my growing manhood. I am turned on by the power I now hold over this beautiful and strong woman and overwhelmed with the knowledge she had entrusted with me.

I push her back against the elevator, my front flushed against her back, as much as my erection will allow. I gently kiss the back of her neck, my hands exploring over her clothes, kneading and palming both her breasts.

"Mmmm Jethro . . . Don't stop!"

I nibble her ear and whisper seductively in to it -

"Oh no Ziver . . . I have not broken you, I have only tamed you. Your body belongs to me now, it yearns for me. You can't cum simply because I have not told you to. Your body responds only to me because it knows who commands it"

Ziva rubs her back against me, her ass grinding against my painful erection, her hands pull my head towards her lips and I take what is so willingly offered.

- Holy, Mother! I've missed this! I will never get enough of her!

I break away from the kiss, knowing full well whatever happens now, needs to happen quickly and under my control.


Her body stills beneath me. Her dark cherry wood eyes filled with longing and surprise. I shake my head telling her without words that I am not stopping this altogether and the smile that she returns to me is full of relief.

"Oh I wouldn't smile just yet Ziver . . . Place both your hands flat on the wall. Good girl! Now bend at the waist, that's it, lower . . . Perfect!"

I run my hands along her smooth legs, all the way up past the boundary of her black pencil skirt, I stop when I get to the apex of her thighs. I mirror my movements on to the other leg, this time lifting her skirt all the way, resting it on the small of her back.

I now have a fantastic view of her ass, covered modestly with a black thong. I groan inwardly.

- How did I get so lucky?

I knead the mounds of her ass until she is squirming, this doesn't take long, I know she's ready but I make sure just in case. I gently place a finger in to her core, with her juices coating it, it slips straight in knuckle deep.

Her moans fill the elevator and she pushes off the wall with her hands trying to control the rhythm of my hand. I remove my finger instantly and give her short slap on her buttocks. Her shocked gasp is filled with much more than surprise.

"I told you to place your hands flat on the wall! You have tested my patience long enough! I am going to give you five strokes for your insubordination today and then I am going to fuck you from behind. Tell me that you understand . . ."

I hear her clearing her lust filled throat, she replies in a strong accented voice.

"I understand"

- Holy, Mother! That voice could make me cum alone!

"Now you must be quiet Ziver - Otherwise we might get caught before I can make you cum!"

I take her silence for understanding and consent. I unzip my trousers and pull my manhood free of its confinement. The sound of my zipper seemed to have sent Ziva in to another round of squirming.

As the first stroke made contact with her skin, she stopped squirming, the only sound to escape he was an intake of breath.


I gently kissed the spot on her skin where my hand struck, she seemed to jump at this delicate gesture, this forced me to use all of my self-control to keep from laughing out loud. I smiled against her skin.

I repeated this process after strokes two, three and four. The skin of her ass now a gorgeous pink colour.


This time I quickly moved the delicate fabric of her thong to the side and entered her core with one fluid thrust. We both moaned in unison.

"Fuck! Yes . . ."

She repeats the exclamation she saves only for when I enter her. I grasp her hips and thrust in to her again, ensuring she feels my entire length.

"Now - How about that orgasm? Ready Ziva?"

Her reply is a mixture of incoherent sounds. I grab both of her hands, careful not to make her fall. I place them at the small of her back.

Knowing the only thing that is holding her up is my manhood, nearly makes me explode on the spot.

"Jethro . . ."

My name hangs in the air as I cut her words off with another thrust. I can feel her hot muscles tightening around my manhood -

"Ahhh . . . Ziva! Yes!"

As I repeatedly thrust in to her core, the sounds of our flesh meeting echoes around the elevator, I know she is using every ounce of control to stop herself from screaming, I give her a reprieve by placing my hand around her mouth.

All I can make out are muffled sounds of "Yes, Yes, Yes!" and "Elohim ya'azreni!"

"Wait for me Ziva!"

As her muscle clench around me like a hot vice, I feel me balls tighten up. I let go of her hands -

"Hold on Ziva!

She places her hands back against the wall of the elevator, pushing herself back on to me, meeting each thrust I give her.

"Holy . . . Now Ziva - Now!"

As she screams into my hand, I feel that hot feeling go through my manhood as I release in to her, as she spasms around me I bite down on her shoulder, the only way I know that will silent my cries of ecstasy.

For a moment the only sound is that of our heavy breathing. As I gently pull out of her core, Ziva falls on to her knees utterly spent.

- Holy, Mother! I wish I had a camera!

I reach into my pocket for a handkerchief and kneel down behind her, I place gentle kisses on her neck as I slowly clean between her legs, her over sensitive folds causing her to shudder as I do so. I get to my feet again and turn her cheek to face me.

"Now be a good girl and clean me up!"

She smiles a knowing smile and wraps her lips around my manhood. Her moans vibrating along my length causes me to shut my eyes. After a few enthusiastic attempts I hold her shoulders to stop her from continuing.

"Tuck me away . . ."

She grasps my manhood and gently places it in to my trousers, carefully she fastens my zipper all the way to the top and finishes my placing a soft kiss against my closed zip.

I take both of her hands and help her to stand up so we are facing each other, I take in her beautiful face and my heart melts with the look of trust shown in those dark cherry wood eyes.

"Ziva, Ahuvati . . ."

Her face flashes with recognition before my lips crashes on to hers.

. . . . .
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