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Author's Chapter Notes:
Continuation...warnings for 3 major f-bombs.
Tony closed his eyes, his heart and stomach trembled.

Breathe. Just...breathe.

'Gibbs would never hurt you'.

Sure, he gave them head slaps a lot but... that was just a strange way of showing affection...right?

Tony felt truly appalled he'd even consider something like that. 'Trust Gibbs,' he ordered. 'Trust him to have your six!'

But that didn't stop the shaking.

"Pull it together," Tony breathed into his locker.

Bounce back.


"DiNozzo...what are you doing?"

Tony spun around to meet Gibbs gaze. It stared back into his soul with question.

A question he couldn't answer.

Tony did it anyway.

"R-regrouping Boss."

Gibbs threw a towel down, "Well regroup somewhere else, DiNozzo. This is a men's locker room."

He came forwards, challenging the younger agent to say otherwise.

Right, Tony swallowed. Its only been three years. Not enough time to spill your innermost secrets.

Gibbs stared at him. Silently, as the SFA shifted in awkwardness.

How did they even approach whatever had happened to him in training?

..."I've got your six, Boss."

For some reason Tony felt an urgent need to reassure Gibbs of that.

That no matter what happend. No matter how fucked up the situation was: the team would look out for each other.

"I know DiNozzo."

He felt like he should spill his secrets.

Tell Gibbs everything.

Tony just couldn't take that chance. One wrong move or display of weakness and the marine would be all over him.

'He's already doing that you sick faggot!' A voice inside of him said.

Tony's dull green eyes stared into space. At least he stopped shaking.

Jethro took a step forwards and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Go home," he commanded softly.

Tony didn't respond.

Gibbs left to take a shower. More people started to wander in. Well..it WAS a men's locker room. Not exactly a place to reexamine your feelings.

Tony left, throwing his things into a black gym bag.

Eyes followed him across the office floor all the way to the elevator.

Tony gave a mocking grin as the metal doors closed.

It felt like a shock rang through his gut.
Chapter End Notes:
Not a one shot anymore! Yippee. Thank the chatty reviewers over on f2f.net. Yes, that was a subtle comment on y'alls stoicness. ENJOY
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