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Author's Chapter Notes:
The two Abbys get together for lunch and discover how much they have in common
NCIS Forensic Scientist Abby Sciuto was intently examining piece of evidence when she sensed someone had come into the lab. She closed her eyes and sniffed the air then grinned--It's the other Abby! CGIS agent Abigail Borin laughed out loud. How do you do that? Abby turned. Well, It like this. Everyone has a different smell. Take Gibbs for instance. He is Old Spice and coffee, McGee is Paco Rabanne,Tony is Axe, and Bishop smells like lavender. You agent Borin are a combination of-(she sniffed again)- White Linen and sea salt--oh, and coffee like Gibbs. Borin shook her head. You have an amazing sense of smell Abby. Just one more thing I admire about you. Abby hugged the Coast Guard agent and said what brings you to my lair? Borin smiled. How about you and I grabbing some lunch-that is if you're not too busy. Abby's eyes twinkled. No, not too busy to eat! Where do you want to go?
When the pair had eaten, they sat and talked awhile. Abby soon glanced at her watch. I had better get back to the lab before Gibbs fires me. Borin reached over and took her hand. That's never going to happen and you know it. You are too valuable to the team. Abby smiled at that and her head. Anyway I'd better get back just the same. As they were about to exit the elevator at NCIS headquarters, Borin said- Abby can I call you? I'm going to be in town for a few days wrapping up a case and I thought we could you know, go out and have some fun or something one evening. Abby said sure, I'd like that and they exchanged cell numbers. As they entered the squad room Tony DiNozzo smiled. Abby and Abby, now there's a pair to draw to. Borin grinned at him. You'd lose your shirt DiNozzo. Tony grinned and replied It might just be worth it agent Borin, it might just be worth it. Abby looked at Borin then at DiNozzo and laughed. I don't believe even you would survive that encounter Tony, but we'll never know. This made Timothy McGee laugh saying she got you Tony! DiNozzo glared at him. Oh shut up McGeek!

True to her word, Borin called Abby a couple of days later and they agreed to meet for drinks that evening. Borin suggested a pub in Georgetown and set a time. When she arrived,It took Abby a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dim light in the bar. After a few seconds she saw Borin at a table and walked over and said Wow you look great! After she sat down, Abigail Borin smiled. You don't look too bad your self Abby. A waiter came over,took their drink orders and went back to the bar. As their drinks arrived, Borin looked at Abby strangely and said, as a matter of fact I think you look damned good. The way she said that caused Abby to get a serious look on her face. Where is this going? You have been acting differently lately. Borin again reached over the table and took Abby's hand in hers. Maybe nowhere Abby. She took a deep breath. Okay, I'll be up front with you. I am attracted to you in a disturbing sort of way. Let me say I've never felt this way about another woman and I hoped you might feel the same way about me. There, I've said it. Now if I'm way off base, just tell me and I'll never mention it again and we will still be friends. I promise. And if you get up and leave I'll understand. Abby let all this sink in for a moment. Are you saying what I think you are saying? Because if you are, I say it's about damn time. A look of relief flooded Borin's face. Where do we go from here? I mean working with the Coast Guard I've been in some dangerous waters, but none have frightened me more than this. I mean these are uncharted waters for me. The usual take charge in control woman that Abby often referred to as a female version of Gibbs was not so much in control right now. Abby picked up on the nautical references and said don't worry, I'll steer you to a safe port, or harbor, or whatever you call it. Okay, let's get out of here. Abby took care of the tab and led her outside. Do you know where my apartment is? Borin said she thought so but wasn't sure. No problem. Just follow me. If we get separated by traffic, and you lose me pull over and give me a call. I'll come back and get you. She looked at Abby. Are we really doing this? Abby got an evil grin and said not yet.

When they arrived at Abby's apartment she let them in. Don't look at the mess. I wasn't really expecting company this evening. Abigail Borin looked around and saw nothing but a neat well kept apartment. Hey,you should see my place. On second thought, I take,that back you really shouldn't. Not right now anyway. I haven't been there in awhile and when I left I was in a hurry. Abby noticed Borin was fidgeting with her hands. Don't be nervous. Relax,I don't bite. That is unless you want me to, then I leave marks. Borin's eyes got wide. Abby laughed, I'm just kidding! Everything is going to be okay. Abby, I don't even know where to begin, I mean how--what do I?. Abby walked over and placed her hands on Borin's shoulders. I will lead you through this. I have to admit this is something I have fantasized about. If at anytime you say stop, we will stop. If you don't want to do something, we won't do it. Okay? Borin nodded. Alright close your eyes. Go on, close them. When Borin had done so, Abby tilted the woman's chin and kissed her softly. Borin sighed and tentatively kissed her back. Abby said now that wasn't so bad was it? Baby steps. That's how we will do this. Baby steps. Now turn around. When she had done so Abby kissed her neck and breathed deeply. I do like the way you smell Abigail Borin. Now again, if you say stop, I will stop. With that said,she reached around and cupped Borin's breasts with both hands and began kneading them slowly. Borin again closed her eyes and laid her head back her mouth slightly open. Abby was rewarded in short order when she felt both nipples harden under her touch. Now turn around and face me. When Borin had done this, Abby began unbuttoning her friend's blouse. With the blouse open, Abby kissed the exposed part of Borin's breasts over her bra cups. Abigail Borin's voice shook as she said oh my, oh my! What do I do? Abby stepped back a little and said anything you want to-anything. Abby was a little surprised when Borin removed her blouse, kicked off her shoes, then shimmed out of her skirt, Taking the cue, Abby did the same and soon they faced each other wearing only their bra and panties. Borin said what now? Abby looked at the woman's full figure appreciatively and said now we decide our next move. Will it be the sofa, the bedroom, or the floor? But first, come here and kiss me.

When Abigail Borin awoke the next morning it took her a minute or two to realize where she was. Then she remembered. She was in Abby Sciuto's apartment--in her bed and she was wearing one of Abby's old t-shirts and nothing else. Abby heard her stirring and poked her head in the door with a toothbrush in her mouth. Good morning sleepy head! You may not have to punch a clock this morning but I do. Abby disappeared for a moment then returned without the toothbrush and kissed Borin on the forehead.
Borin sat up in the bed and said, it wasn't a dream was it? I mean by the way I am dressed, or should I say undressed, it couldn't have been. Abby said honey, it was no dream and by the way,you were awesome. Now,if you will scoot your cute butt into that bathroom you will find a new toothbrush in the right hand top drawer. When you get that wake up funk out of your mouth, come back in here and I will give you a quick reminder of what we did before I have to go to work. As Borin walked past her, Abby gave her a playful slap on her naked rump. By the way, now I Know for sure Tony DiNozzo wouldn't survive either one of us let alone both of us!
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