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DiNozzo sighed and frowned at the screen in front of him. It wasn't as though the words were jibberish, but it certainly felt as though they were... especially at... he briefly glanced at his watch.... No, that couldn't be right. It was only 13:42, which meant that it was only 7 minutes since he'd last looked at his watch, and it was still.... well, WAY too long until they would finally be released from this madness. Sure, it was important to go over cold cases from time to time. See if they'd missed anything the first time round, hopefully put somebody behind bars. Finally getting justice for the agrieved, all of that stuff. But really. Enough was enough.

The team had just finished wrapping up a case that they'd been on the tail end of for more than three weeks - more than 21 days, for those folk that had the luxioury to not work weekends, thank you very much! And it wasn't as though they hadn't worked their asses off!

Tony squeezed the bridge of his nose as he felt his headache start to build in intensity. This'd be a doozy, he could just feel it. The throbbing behind his eyes would start soon.

He shook his head minutely and made his decision. Logging out of his computer, he abruptly stood up and started gathering his things.

"Ah...Tony, you okay?" McGee asked, concern etched on his face

Tony shook his head, then looked at the younger man, "Yeah. Tim, go home, you've earnt it. You too, Ziva,"

McGee and Ziva exchanged glances, before Ziva spoke up, "That's not your call, Tony,"

Tony leaned on his desk for a moment, glancing up at MTAC, where Gibbs had disappeared an hour ago. He looked back at Ziva, straightening up and saying quietly, so as not to disturb the banging in his head, "Ziva, I'm the Senior Field Agent and in Gibbs' absense, I'm in charge. We've been going non-stop for 26 days and we finally caught PO May. It's time to look after ourselves. We don't need to be here today. So I'm making an executive call to get the hell out of here, you can follow my example or not, but I'm done. I'm cooked. I need sleep. So do you, both of you," he glanced back at McGee.

Picking up his phone, he started punching in a number, before looking back at McGee and Ziva, who hadn't moved, "What are you waiting for? Go home. I'll sort it out with Gibbs,"

He rolled his eyes as they finally started moving, then punched in the final numbers and waited. "Abs, Tony, power down. Is Ducky still in?"

Abby squeeled for a moment, sparking fire-works behind Tony's eyeballs, then answered, "Nope, he left as soon as he submitted his report,"

"Good man" Tony responded, "We're heading home too, I'll let you know when we're expected back,"

After getting off the phone, Tony watched Ziva and McGee trudge out of the bullpen, before glancing back up the stairs. He sighed again and slowly made his way to the top of the stairs and going into MTAC. It was strange to walk in and not see anything on the main screen, no major operation currently taking place, or at least, none that NCIS were involved in. Instead he heard a heated argument, followed by seeing Gibbs and Vance glaring at each other. Tony belatedly realised that nobody else was in the room.

"DiNozzo," Gibbs' voice brought him back to the present, "Something wrong?"

Tony blinked, realising that he must've been standing there for a while. But hey, that's what happened when you got a headache after not sleeping for.... "No, just wanted to let you know I sent the team home. If we'd stayed for another hour, McGee would probably have face-planted the keyboard" - no need to tell the boss that it probably would have been himself, not Tim.

"Good work, I don't expect anyone back for at least three days," Gibbs responded, then glared at Lance.

"I'll let them know," Tony said, frowning at the interaction between Gibbs and Lance. He turned to exit, calling over his shoulder, "See you tomorrow, boss,"

"Three days, DiNozzo, not before," Gibbs responded, levelling his gaze at Tony.

Tony nodded, "Understood boss,"


Tony woke with a start, "Boss?"

He looked around the room and chewed his lip, there was no one else in his room. Just a bad dream.

Tony frowned and flopped back onto his bed, he wasn't going to try to analyse his dream now, he was WAY too tired. Too tired to wonder why he and Gibbs had been running from - chased by - something, something that was faster than them and had been catching them up. Too tired to wonder why he'd dreamt that they had hidden under a tree - yes, *under* a tree - and that the interior of the tree looked like the interrogation room.

And definitely too tired to analyse why they were both suddenly naked, or why Gibbs had knelt before Tony and wrapped his lips around little Tony. But before anything had happened, the door to the interrogation room had swung open and Gibbs stood there, with a look of disgust and longing on his face. Tony had looked back to the other Gibbs to find that it wasn't really Gibbs, but PO May. And then....well, he'd woken up.

Tony closed his eyes and hoped he would be swept back into the land of nod (hopefully after the channel had been changed, because he didn't want to go back to that dream).

But of course, no such luck. Tony felt like crying or at least, throwing a tantrum. He was so damned tired! And now he couldn't get to sleep again.

He turned over again and punched at his pillow, trying to find that sweet spot to rest his head. But after another 15 minutes, he decided to give up.

Tony got out of bed and trudged into his kitchen. After staring at his kettle for what could have been hours, he turned it on and sat on his couch until the kettle boiled, head in his hands.

Finally, he lifted his head and booted up his laptop. He figured he could catch up on his personal emails whilst he waited to get sleepy again. He deleted a bunch of spam, before going through the emails that he was more interested in. One in particular caught his eye and made him grin.

Any email from 'Ann.DS' was worth reading. He clicked the email and as he read, his grin got bigger. Suddenly, Tony decided sleep could wait. As Fornell said, you could sleep when you were dead.

Tony replied to the email, then booted down the laptop and got changed. Tonight, he was going clubbing.


"Good evening, Sir. May I see your invite?" the well-dressed young man at the door greeted Tony. It always made Tony laugh a bit on the inside, but he also always felt like he was part of an exclusive club.

Tony woke his phone and showed the door-man the invite.

"Excellent. Donna will show you to a room to change," the man said, with a smile and an appreciative glance.

Tony smiled, "Thanks,"

Tony recognised Donna when he walked in, "Hi there, sweet-cheeks, you're back!" Donna enthusiastically greeted him

"Did you miss me?" Tony asked

Donna hugged him, placing a kiss on each of his cheeks, "Of course I did! I was just wondering where you were the other day,"

Tong scoffed as he followed Donna down the hall, "Liar. I bet you tell that to all the good looking ones,"

Donna chuckled, but didn't deny it, "And here we are, feel free to take advantage of the lockers, and the entry is just through that door there. Do I need to talk you through the rules again?"

Tony eyed the room quickly, it was fine to suit his needs, "No, I'd rather you didn't," he turned back to Donna with a suggestive look, "So, what are the other clientele like tonight?"

Donna grinned and leaned close, then whispered in his ear, "I think your needs will be met sufficiently,"

Tony chuckled and watched as Donna sauntered back down the corridor to meet the next guest. Turning back to the room, he closed the door and leaned against it. He hadn't been to this club for a while, hadn't needed it, but tonight he did.

He quickly took off his outer garments, leaving on only his tight black jeans. After putting away his clothes, he pocketed a few condoms and grabbed his mask. The mask looked like a mask from the opera, but it was malleable and didn't cover his mouth. Some of the other 'clients' would wear the full mask, they probably weren't into kissing or oral sex (at least, not giving it). But in either case, it was enough to conceal their identities - well, mostly. You wouldn't want to have a  prominent identifying feature on your body, especially if you chose to expose said part of your body.

Tony snickered at his thoughts, time to get this show on the road. He put on the mask and left the room. 

The room on the other side of the entry door was dim, so it took Tony's eyes a while to adjust. But when they did, he looked around and found quite a few people had already made themselves quite at home in the club. Tony felt himself get hard as he took in all the sights, he particularly liked the view of the threesome playing in the corner. He'd always found double penetration a turn on, but had never tried it.

Tony slowly walked through the club to get to the bar. As 'on the edge' as he was, he still felt the need to have a drink to get himself in the mood. The bartender could either read what drink he wanted very well, or he recognised the face-mask and recalled what Tony usually drank, because by the time he got to the bar, a gin and tonic was waiting there for him.

Tony nodded his thanks to the bartender and took an appreciative sip. He looked around the room again, before wondering up the stairs. There were different 'specialty' rooms up here, for the guy who knew what he wanted. Blow-jobs in one, orgies in another, office-sex, train-sex (well, that one was a yet, unconfirmed rumour).

Taking another sip of his drink, Tony watched at the doorway of the oral sex room, his mind inadvertently going back to his weird dream. Shaking himself slightly to rid himself of the dream, Tony watched as one of the Tops blew his load down the other guy's throat. To his credit, the guy cleaned the Top off, despite still having a bulging (and quite impressive) hard-on. Not that the Top seemed to care, he all but threw off the Bottom and stalked out of the room.

Tony frowned and watched the man's path through the crowd. He mentally recorded the features of the mask and made a note to mention the behaviour to Donna. That kind of behaviour could get the Top kicked out of the club, and any of its kind, for good.

As Tony looked back to the room, he almost missed the exit of the Bottom. Intrigued, he followed the man, cataloging his features. The man had a very nice, round ass and it made little Tony very happy. The man was also very confident, not bothering with any clothes as he made his way around the club. Most either wore pants or boxers. Few wore nothing at all. He couldn't help but admit that he was also drawn to the man's salt-and-pepper hair, he could almost pretend... and after all, that's what these clubs were about, fulfilling fantasies.

Tony smiled as the man walked into the Office-sex room, a personal favourite of Tony's. Grinning slyly, Tony walked up to the man and softly stroked his ass. The man turned around and very blatantly checked him out, then smiled.

Tony felt blown away by the smile, but that was nothing on what the kiss felt like. Tony groaned into the other man's mouth as his hands began exploring the man's body. He quickly determined that the man's nipples were very sensitive. The man groaned or thrust his hips whenever Tony brushed his hands against the man's nipples, causing him to shiver a little bit. Tony wondered how on the edge this guy was, and wished that he could just ask - but that would be a violation of the rules. Instead, Tony let his hand go lower and grasped the guy's cock, pumping it a few times.

The man arched into his touch and broke off the kiss to bury his face into the crook of Tony's neck, panting. So the guy was closer than Tony had anticipated, his cock already coated with pre-cum, but Tony knew what he was doing.

Tony let go of the man's cock and gently guided them back until they hit a desk. When the guy felt the desk on the back of his thighs, he unexpectantly sat on it and scooted back so that Tony was standing between his legs.

Smiling again, Tony started kissing the guy again, as he moved one of his hands between the guy's legs to rest on his ass. Then the guy grasped Tony's hand and moved it so their hands brushed over the guys hole.

Tony's eyes widened for a moment, then broke off the kiss and gave the guy a considered look.

The guy smiled and grasped his knees so Tony could look. Yep, the guy was wearing a butt-plug. Well, that made things easier.

Tony grasped the plug and worked it for a while, enjoying the look on the guy's face as he did so. Finally, Tony took the plug out and laid it aside. Then he unbuttoned his own pants and unzipped so his cock was finally freed.

The guy stared at little Tony and licked his lips, but Tony didn't think the guy would last long enough for that. Instead, Tony grabbed one of the condoms and put it on. Then he leant over the guy and kissed him hard, as he guided his cock into that nice, tight, warm space.

Tony groaned as he finally got all the way in. Tony paused, but the guy pushed against him, trying to get some friction, obviously eager.

Tony rocked back and forth, feeling the cruscendo build. He wasn't going to last long, this felt way too good.

He groaned into the other guy's mouth as breathing took dominance over kissing.

The guy adjusted his position, then started grunting with each thrust, obviously hitting that sweet spot.

Tony slowed his pace, trying to draw out the feeling a bit longer. In return, he was sure the guy scowled at him, which just caused him to grin.

Suddenly, the expression of the guy's face changed and not in pleasure. He gasped and stopped pushing back, causing Tony to stop in confusion.

The guy lay there panting for a moment, then bit his lip and made a quick gesture to swap places? Tony frowned, maybe this guy was confused about the Top and Bottom thing. What did he mean swap places?

But before Tony could figure it out, the guy was moving. Tony moved back to give him space as the guy got off the desk.

Then all was explained when the guy briskly massaged his leg, shooting Tony an apologetic look. Tony nodded, wondering if he should help. But before he knew it, the guy turned back to the desk and placed his palms on the desk and spread his legs.

Tony smiled, finally figuring what the guy meant before - change position, not swap places per se. Tony didn't need a written invite, instead taking up where they left off and it wasn't long before he felt his orgasm approaching and fast.

Tony gripped the guys hips with one hand and started pumping the guy's cock with the other. He rested his head on the guy's shoulder and started thrusting deeper, hoping he could hold out until the guy came before him.

Thankfully, he didn't have long to wait, as the guy came with a non-sensical shout and came all over the desk. Tony adjusted his grip so both his hands were on the guys hips and thrust like wild until he saw white. He rode out the after-shocks, still leaning heavily on the guy.

Finally, his vision cleared and he pulled back a bit. Then he noticed the bite-mark on the guy's shoulder - damn, he hated it when he got bitey. Tony sighed, brushing his fingers gently over the mark, he felt the guy shudder and hoped it wasn't in anger.

Tony slowly pulled out and disposed of the condom, then returned with a warm wash-cloth (one of the many things he loved about this club). He gently cleaned up the guy's ass, checking for any blood, then did the same for the guy's front. As he stood in front of the guy, Tony held the guy's eyes as he brushed the guy's shoulder, making a show of wincing. But the guy just smiled and shrugged, instantly making Tony feel a bit better.

After they were cleaned up, Tony disposed of the wash-cloth and returned to the guy. He was leaning against the desk and looked dazed, making Tony feel amazing. Tony wanted to take the guy with him, back to his place, and slowly fuck him senseless - over a period of a few days. But that would never happen.

Besides, Tony suddenly felt exhausted and wasn't sure he could make it home tonight. Taking company wouldn't be a good idea.

Tony put his hands on either side of the guy and kissed the man deeply, until he heard him moan softly. Then Tony pulled back and watched the guy for a moment, then brushed his finger over the guys lips. Then Tony left, trying hard not to look back. Inevitably though, he got to the door and turned briefly. The guy's gaze was still on him, he hadn't even moved. Then Tony was past the doorway and the guy was removed from his vision.

Tony sighed and mentally prepared for the long journey home.

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