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Tony whistled as he got off the elevator and sauntered into the bullpen.

"Morning, Ziva, McGee," Tony greeted them, with a grin at McGee and a wink at Ziva

"You look happy, Tony," McGee observed, frowning at the other man

Tony's grin widened. He sat down and answered, "Well, yeah. Had a great weekend,"

And he wasn't lying. He'd had an amazing weekend/time off. When he'd gotten back home on the Wednesday night after the club, he'd only just made it to bed before passing out. And the best part? Sleeping in on Thursday morning. He hadn't been surprised to find he'd slept until 10.  The rest of the time off had been spent relaxing, catching up with a few friends on Friday night, and having a blind date on Saturday night - which had expanded to include Sunday morning.

"So what was her name?" Ziva asked, poking her head over her monitor, "Betty?"

Tony grinned and booted up his machine, "Charlie,"

Tony swore McGee almost got pistol whip, his head spun so fast, "Charlie?"

"Yep, great kisser, fantastic body, really nice - " Tony stopped speaking and cupped his hands to gesture instead, he wondered how long he could keep this going before confirming that Charlie was, in-fact, a female.

"Ass?" Ziva asked

"Boobs?" McGee asked at the same time

The two of them exchanged a glance, then spoke again, at the same time.

"Boobs?" - ZIva

"Ass?" - McGee

Suddenly, Gibbs appeared behind the two of them, "Didn't know you swung that way, McGee," he commented as he walked past, heading to his desk, "But it's okay, we accept you for who you are,"

"Boss, no, I - " McGee stuttered, going bright red. Tony had to stiffle his laugh as McGee got progressively redder.

"Wait," Ziva interrupted McGee's stuttering, "So, you think I'm gay?"

Gibbs shrugged and sat down, "Probably bi,"

Ziva arched an eyebrow, "What about Tony?"

"Wait, you didn't deny it," Tony commented, pointing at Ziva

"I am who I am," Ziva said with a shrug, "Tony had a date with 'Charlie' on the weekend,"

"Charlie is a female," Tony defended, then turned to Gibbs, "Boss, I - "

"Finished your report yet?" Gibbs interrupted him, cutting off his response.

Tony shut his mouth, then blinked with a frown, "I sent it to you Wednesday morning,"

"Where?" Gibbs asked, lifting up a few piles of paper on his desk

"I printed it in triplicate," Tony responded, then held up a finger, "I'll do it again,"

Gibbs nodded, then turned to McGee and Ziva, "Any progress on the cold cases?"

A chorus of 'no's' was the response. "Okay, well get used to them. The Director has us working cold cases for a while, give us a break from the field,"

"He's taken us off active cases?" Tony asked, meeting Gibbs' eyes over the top of his monitor

"Why?" McGee asked

"Because he can," Ziva responded.

Tony pursed his lips and exchanged a look with Gibbs. The other man was clearly not very happy, and Tony would bet his bottom dollar that it had something to do with the argument he'd walked in on on Wednesday afternoon.


After 4 days of more of the same, the team was well and truly over it.

Tony felt like his life-force was being sucked out of him with every minute that passed. It was like those space vampire things that were the aliens on Stargate Atlantis - the Wraith. Meeting one of those things would suck - actually, quite literally. But all would be well so long as Lt. Col. John Sheppard was around to save the day.

Tony grinned, what he wouldn't give to have some time alone with that man.

"DiNozzo, if you're smiling, you're doing it wrong," Gibbs' voice infiltrated his thoughts

"Yes boss," Tony automatically responded

With an exaggerated sigh, Tony focussed back on the case at hand. He vaguely remembered the case, it was from about 4 years ago, or was it 5? It was just after the affair with Navy vessel running aground after the  navigation went haywire. And just before his disastrous relationship with Phillip - call me 'Phil'.

Tony shuddered. Worst 3 months of his life. Thankfully, Gibbs had inadvertently put an end to things. Tony had been in a heated discussion? argument, over the phone when -

"Okay, gym time," Gibbs voice interrupted his reverie

"Boss?" Tony asked, frowning at Gibbs

"You are all about to fall asleep," Gibbs stated as he got up, "Be downstairs, ready to go, in 10,"

Tony grumbled, but actually felt happier about doing some exercise rather than continuing with the same. He followed his fellow agents downstairs to the changerooms, waving at Ziva as they parted ways.

"So, you know I'm not gay, right?" McGee asked as soon as the door closed behind them

Tony stopped, blind-sighted by the statement, and wasn't able to respond anything more articulate than "Huh?"

McGee shrugged as he stopped at his locker, "Just thinking about what Gibbs said the other day,"

Tony shook his head as if to shake off the cobwebs, "I don't think he thought you were,"

McGee nodded, "I mean, not that there's anything wrong with it,"

Tony opened his locker, "Tim, Charlie is a girl - woman,"

"I have a lot of friends who are gay," McGee said, "Best friends to hang out with,"

"What are you driving at?" Tony asked

McGee shrugged, "I don't know, just... " he sighed, "Okay, so my gaydar is rarely wrong - "

"McGee," Tony interrupted, trying to stave off what he thought was coming

McGee continued anyway, "Do you think Gibbs is gay?"

For the second time that morning, Tony was rendered inarticulate, "Huh?"

"Well, do you?" McGee asked

"I - I don't know," Tony responded. He hoped so. "It's not something I've really thought about,"

McGee rolled his eyes, "Fine, whatever. I'll see you in there,"

Tony watched as McGee disappeared into the gym. Did he think it was possible? Sure. But anything was POSSIBLE. Hell, pigs flying was POSSIBLE. But was it likely? 4 marriages would seem to indicate no. That said, 3 divorces may indicate yes - or possible. So, yeah, maybe it was just possible. A man could only dream.


Tony panted into the gym mat, feeling Gibbs doing the same behind and on top of him. God, it felt good. But before he could get used to the sensation, Gibbs got off of him.

"Again," Gibbs panted

Tony got up and wiped his forehead on his sleeve. He loved physical exercise, especially the kind that involved wrestling with Gibbs.

"Boss," McGee called from the other set of mats, "Ah, I'm gonna go for a jog. My knee keeps seizing up,"

Tony felt a pang of sympathy for the younger man. Getting shot in the leg was a bitch, especially when it narrowly misses your kneecap and instead takes out a lot of the cartilidge.

Gibbs nodded, "I told you, you need to keep moving when you fight, be more dynamic,"

"Ah, I don't think that's the problem boss," McGee responded

"No, but it'd help," Gibbs called back as he got into position behind Tony, "Take as long as you need, Tim, and take your cell,"

They heard the door close, followed by the sounds of Ziva punching a bag.

"Ready?" Gibbs asked Tony

"I was born - " Tony was interrupted when Gibbs abruptly moved, catching Tony off-guard

The two wrestled for a while, before inevitably Gibbs came out on top - again.

"Too much weight over your ankles. Easier to gain control," Gibbs advised as they got up again

"Gibbs, I'm hitting the showers," Ziva called. Gibbs nodded in response

Tony snorted, "You said the opposite thing last time,"

"You moved too much of your weight. Still uneven," Gibbs shrugged, then changed tack, "Tim doing his physio?"

"Yeah, well, was," Tony responded


"He forgot to add a set of his physio stuff to his go-bag,"

"So he hasn't been doing his physio since ..."

"For at least 2-3 weeks. Yeah," Tony confirmed, taking up position again

"I'll talk to him," Gibbs said as he set up behind Tony

"Be nice,"

"To Tim, or you?" Gibbs asked

"Ah, both?"

Gibbs chuckled, "Ready?"

"No?" Tony responded, this time feeling the change in the distribution of Gibbs' weight before he made a move.

Tony took advantage and surprisingly ended up on top for a change.

"You're learning," Gibbs panted

"Quick learner," Tony responded

"I don't think 15 years is quick, Tony," Gibbs replied

"I have to relearn every time," Tony responded, getting off the top of Gibbs - though he wanted to stay

Gibbs snorted, "Showers?"

Tony nodded and grabbed his gear. They made their way to the changerooms together in comfortable silence. It wasn't long before they were showered and getting changed. Not surpisingly, Gibbs was done with the shower long before Tony was.

As Tony grabbed his clothes from his locker, he glanced at Gibbs to ask about the situation with Vance. But what he saw made him stop and stare.

Gibbs must have sensed that Tony had stopped moving, as he chose that moment to glance at Tony, whilst pulling his pants over his boxers. "Need help getting dressed, DiNozzo?"

"Um, I, ah..." Tony mumbled, his eyes still transfixed

But the moment was broken when Gibbs turned around with concern on his face, "You okay?"

"Ah, yeah. I - " Tony stopped again, a considering look on his face

"Cat got your tongue?" Gibbs asked, as he slid his white t-shirt on

"No. I just - maybe think that what I want to say... it's not appropriate here," Tony eventually responded, quickly putting on his boxers so he didn't feel so inadvantaged by Gibbs
being dressed and him being in just a towel

Gibbs frowned, then shrugged and gestured to the empty locker room, "Nobody here,"

"No, I mean... In this environment....this workplace environment," Tony attempted to clarify

"Tony, just out with it. If you have something to say - and if you feel the need to say something, it's usually worth saying - than just say it," Gibbs said, sounding a bit exasperrated

Tony sighed, seeing no way out of this. He quickly pulled on his pants and did away with the towel, before responding, "So... okay. That mark on your shoulder - I think I put it there,"

Gibbs' face went interestingly blank, before he smirked, "Wrestling doesn't usually leave - "

"It wasn't from the wrestling," Tony interrupted, "It was from... Wednesday night,"

"I wasn't here Wednesday night," Gibbs stated

"No," Tony agreed, "Wasn't here. It was... outside of work,"

Gibbs frowned, "I wasn't at your place on Wednesday night,"

"Yeah, neither was I," Tony responded

"I thought you were going straight home to sleep?" GIbbs asked

"I did,"  Tony responded, with a smile, "Fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. But I had a nightmare and couldn't get back to sleep,"

Gibbs nodded, then pulled his polo shirt on over his undershirt, "So you went out?"

"To a club in the CBD, run by a woman named Donna," Tony replied

Interestingly, Gibbs went bright red, but he tried to play it coolly, "Tony, I'm sure there were - "

"Look, Gibbs," Tony interrupted, " - can I call you Jethro whilst we're discussing this? I'm not looking to gain anything from this discussion. What happened, happened. I'm just... I guess it just took me by surprise,"

"Why?" Gibbs asked

Tony sighed and sat down on the bench the separated the row of lockers. "I don't know, take your pick," he started counting off on his fingers, "Didn't know you were into that sort of thing - "

"Thing being 'playing' or men?" Gibbs asked

"Honestly, both," Tony responded

"Well," Gibbs said, raising his eyebrows, "You hardly gave indications either,"

Tony chuckled, "Yeah. So, what now?" Tony put on his serious face, "Do we just pretend nothing happened? Or do we admit ..."

Gibbs made a 'get on with it' hand gesture when Tony didn't continue, eventually asking, "Admit what?"

Tony sighed, "Or do we admit that it was fucking awesome?"

Gibbs raised his eyebrows, then sat on the bench next to Tony, "I think.... I think we need to continue this talk somewhere private,"

"Mmmm, did I mention my apartment is broken again?' Tony asked

"Broken how?"

"No electricity. Power shut down in my block last night, my landlord is slack, so it'll probably be out until...next week?" Tony responded, raising an eyebrow at Gibbs

Gibbs grinned, "That long, huh?"

"Longer," Tony automatically replied

Gibbs chuckled, "We still talking about the power outage?"

"What power outage?"




Chapter End Notes:



It's been a while since I wrote anything. Just did this one for a bit of fun and decided to post it up here for entertainment. The first part didn't seem quite finished, so added this chapter.

Also, I was deliberately vague with bits and pieces (read: Tony's previous horrendous relationship), I figure you guys can add in your own things to make the story better in your own minds.

Happy for people to run with the idea, expand, whatever if you wish :)


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