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Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter 2. Ducky and Abby decide what they want...and then get it!  WARNING: Graphic dipictions of sex!

          Abby was in the lounge room, knees curled up to her chest as she looked around the room that enshrined the things Ducky held dear.  Copies of his various degrees hung as the focal point above where she sat; his Medical Degree from the University of Edinburgh, framed on either side by his Masters in Forensic Psychology and his National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners license.  Photos lined the wall opposite her; his Mother, himself as a boy, pictures from the many meals he has hosted over the years.  There were even rare photos of Ducky in his officers’ uniform from his time serving in the British SAS, and one of him in the RAMC.

            Ducky was in the kitchen preparing tea for the both of them.  It was likely that the discussions to come would be trying, and they had both agreed to a cup.  As she anxiously awaited his return, Abby fought to keep the bagel she had eaten for breakfast from making its untimely return.  Her stomach hadn’t been in so many knots since Gibbs had up and left a few years back. 

            Two rooms away, Ducky paced back and forth between his stove and the kitchen table, waiting for the kettle to boil.  Slowest damn kettle this side of the pond, he spat at it in his mind.  While he waited for the whistle to sound, he made ready two cups, the pot, strainer, and made sure there was fresh milk as well.  Abby took her tea like himself; no sugar, plenty of milk.  Finally, the kettle shrieked.  He removed it from the heat, turned the stove off, and commenced with piecing together the tea.  Into the warm pot went the required three teaspoons of tea leaves.  Covering them with water, he left them to steep.

            Well Donnie, you certianly have done it this time, haven’t you?  You had to leave the note that would inevitably bring about this discussion.  Then the kiss!  What the hell was with the kiss!?  Between the two, might as well let the cards fall where they may, old lad.

            “Or throw the cards into the bloody wind and be done with it,” he whispered to himself as he leaned on the counter.  He tried to clear his head, but the kiss simply clouded all of his thoughts.  After the tea had been properly steeped, he strained them each a mug, added the milk, and headed for the lounge with them.   

            Ducky sat in his favorite chair, a king’s chair that allowed him to comfortably sit whilst crossing his legs.  Few modern chairs allowed that.  Across the lounge from him, Abby curled her left leg under her as she leaned on the arm of the love seat, sipping her tea.  Watching her closely, he sipped his tea and then held it at chest level in his right hand.  With his left, he removed his glasses, rubbed the bridge of his nose, and replaced them before taking a deep breath.  He took a final sip of tea and lowered the mug onto his lap.

             “Abigail…let me start in the simplest of forms. I…am….sorry.  I never meant to cause you any sorrow, pain, anger, whatever I might have caused…none of it was intentional.  Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean it still didn’t hurt.” He looked down, somewhat hopelessly, at the mug.

            “Ducky...” Abby fought to find the words she needed.  “I never believed it was purposeful…” hanging her head as well, she added “couldn’t believe it was.”

            They both sat in silence, glancing between each other and taking slow sips of tea.  When Abby’s eyes finally locked with his again, Ducky decided to throw the cards into the wind after all…results be damned.

            “You were wrong you know.” He smirked behind his mug, taking a sip.

            Abby cocked her head slightly.  That sounded like an accusation, not a mere comment. She sat her mug atop a coaster on the end table next to her, moving her legs so that both feet now touched the floor.  Somewhere in the back of her mind she realized she had taken an aggressive posture, leaning forward with her hands on her thighs.

            “Wrong about what, exactly?” she quipped with a challenging raise of her brow.

            He sat his tea down, uncrossed his legs and sat forward as well, only with his hands clasped together over his knees.
            “Why, about me, more or less.  The last time we were together, you stated that you knew I wasn’t looking for a relationship.” He let the last word sink in a few seconds before reiterating, “You were wrong.”

            “Duck…” Abby was cut off before she had barely started.
            “Donald.  My dear, serious discussions deserve serious names.”  He leaned back into his chair again, not wanting his posture to seem aggressive. “Ducky is a fine nickname for light hearted topics and good news, mind you,” he finished off with a small smirk.

            Abby gave a slight nod in acknowledgment before she continued where she had been cut off. “You were wrong too, Donald.  You replied that I wouldn’t seek you out for a serious relationship partner…you were wrong.  The only reason I didn’t correct you that morning was because I thought I was right about you not wanting anything long-term…anything with strings attached.”  She let herself fall back into the loveseat.  With head tilted back and eyes closed, she let out a sigh.  

            After a brief pause, Ducky started a low chuckle.  However, it did not stay low nor little for long.  Transitioning to a deep guttural laugh, Ducky locked his fingers together behind his head and crossed his ankles. Abby straightened and looked questioningly in his direction.

            “Milis Losa!” Ducky exclaimed, seemingly to the ceiling.  His head was still back and his eyes closed as he slowly contained his laughter.

            Abby leaned forward yet again. “My Scots is a touch rusty,” she joked…”mind letting me in on this one?”

            Gaining the last of his composure but still chuckling, he locked eyes with hers before speaking, a glimmer twinkling in his own baby blues. “It means sweet Jesus.  It’s a mix of praise and derogatory frustration.”  He noticed that his accent could still elicited a smile from her. “You realize that we have been in agony for these past months, because we both wanted the same thing and were too stubborn to bring it up?”

            The hard hit of reality rocked her foundation.  “Damn!”

            Sometime later, Ducky had moved to sit with Abby on the loveseat.  Reaching for her cheek once more, he pulled her into another kiss.  Without much thought, or perhaps any at all, Abby leaned back onto the arm of the loveseat, Ducky followed her, never parting his lips from hers.  He ended up kneeling over her with his body perched over hers.  As he moved his hand to her waist and started pulling it up her torso, Abby’s lips let slip another gravelly moan.  Seizing the opportunity, Ducky plunged his tongue past her parted lips and sucked her tongue hungrily into his mouth.     

            Beneath his trousers, Ducky’s cock ached and begged for its own release.  Abby wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him deeper into their kissing.  Becoming more the aggressor, he felt her nip his tongue and bite his upper lip as their tongues danced.  He only made the agony in his boxers worse when he grabbed her waist and pulled her into him, grinding himself on her like a horny teenager.

For the first time in months, Abby’s fire had been ignited.  The feel of his unyielding cock grinding into her sent waves of pleasure through her core.  Trying to get a similar rise from Ducky, she arched her back and ground her nipples, now hard as stone, into his chest.  As a guttural groan escaped his lips, she was satisfied in her efforts. 

 Panting slightly for breath, Ducky put his hands on either side of her and lifted himself back to a seated position on the mini sofa.  Had they been on a full size couch, he might have been fucking her already; God knows he wanted to!  Abby swiftly sat up and leaned over, resting her head on his shoulder, not wanting the contact to be over yet. He had to grab his dick and repositioning it so that it was not straining his trousers quite as bad.  Abby laughed at the amusing state she had helped to get him in.

“Laugh now, Miss Sciuto, but I have every intention of putting this to good use later!” he piped up, grabbing himself and chuckling.

 Abby sat up so they could talk face to face.  “Then why did you stop, Dr. Mallard?” she toyed with him, eyebrow raised.

He sat his hand on her thigh and gave himself permission to move it in small circles. “Before we delve into…that, part of it again, we need to agree to what we want from this, from everything.  I don’t think I could handle going another eight months without your touch beneath me or your taste on my tongue.”
            “You had better start…if I go first my nerves will push me into a ramble.”
            “Yes, well then…where to start…” he trailed off.

 “I may not seem it, but I am a very selfish man, Abigail.  The main thing that I want is to have you, all of you, all to myself.  The thought of being “lukewarm” makes me brood,” He trailed off, letting his hand rest on her knee.

 “I want that too Ducky…Donald…Dr. Mallard, however formal you want it.,” she stammered.  “I want to be able to know that I don’t have to compete with anyone else for you…I want to have no reason to be jealous of other women you interact with…I want to be able to say ‘he’s mine’!”

 “Then yours I shall be, my dear!” He exclaimed.  He couldn’t hide the small grin that accompanied it…knowing you were desired had that effect.  “So, that order of business is settled…we shall be exclusive to each other…shall we qualify it as dating?”

 “Dating, lovers, everything!” Abby replied.  She placed her hands on top of his still perched on her knee.  “But what do we tell people…DO we tell people?!? Do we tell Gibbs!?! Oh God Ducky, what do we tell Gibbs!?!?” she was starting to ramble, and Ducky could see her pulse jump up as her neck started visibly moving her choker.

 He grabbed her hands for reassurance. “Abigail, calm down, it’s okay!  I can think of no reason I wouldn’t proudly proclaim you as my own, although if you wish to keep things more personal and away from work, I am completely amenable to that as well.”

“Are you kidding me Duck-Man!? I feel like hacking the pentagon server just to send out a nationwide email blast that you are off the market and all mine!” Her ear-to-ear smile causing Ducky to mirror her excitement.

 “There…it’s settled.  We are exclusive and proud of it!” he grinned.  “As for telling Jethro, well, I would be willing to bet he already has some idea.”   Ducky certainly hadn’t told him…not in as many words at least, but Jethro was observant enough to have likely pieced something together, right?

In a flash, Abby was off of the loveseat and almost frantically looking up and down the hallway and far stairwell.  Ducky observed a few moments before asking what she was searching for.  She walked back over to where he was still sitting and leaned down until her lips brushed his earlobe. 
            “The bedroom…” she whispered into his ear before slowly rising back up, pulling him upright with her.  Her breath caused him to swallow hard.  Not to be shown up for eagerness though, he took the lead and headed for the stairwell, towing her close behind.

 On the second floor landing he pointed to the door immediately to the left, inviting her in with his motion.  Abby stopped after opening the door, sliding half into the room.  She beckoned him to follow her with a single finger and a fire in her eyes he is sure he has never before seen.  He adjusts his recently hardened cock again before following her into his chambers…Dear God, YEESSSS! His whole body sparked.

            Before he even had the bedroom door closed behind him, Abby had wrapped herself around him once again.  The fingers of her left hand ran through the hair on the back of his head, pulling his mouth ever harder into hers while scratching the nails on her right hand down his back.  Heat from the scratch marks helped to further ignite the raging inferno Ducky was desperately trying to keep some control over.  He muffled his own delightful growl by biting down on her lower lip perhaps a touch too hard.  When the bite elicited a similar growl from the vixen before him, he grabbed her ass in both hands, lifting her around him. 

 As he carried her to the bed, he let his hand explore her mound through her jeans.  Even with the coarse material separating her folds from his hand, the heat radiating from her warmed his palm and caused his cock to jump in his boxers, yet again.  Ducky crossed the room to the bed effortlessly.  Placing a knee on the mattress, he was able to set Abby in the middle of his queen bed.

 “You, my good sir, are stronger than you appear!” Abby called out as she propped herself up.

Ducky spoke while he crawled onto the bed to join her. “Lifting people much larger than you IS part of my job.”  He spared a smile before taking her neck in his left hand, bending it just enough to allow his teeth to drag across her spider web tattoo. 

Abby chewed her lower lip as his teeth sent chills through her entire body.  She wanted to see him again, feel him again, and started to fight with his bowtie.  Her quest was stopped when he grabbed her hand and, joining it with her other, laid her back onto the bed.  Dr. Mallard had his little love bat precisely where he wanted her.  Abby found herself pinned beneath him, her hands held above her head while his knee slid between her legs and he pressed his weight onto her, holding her to the mattress; she was unable to get free, not that she had any such desire. 

 Bringing his face down to hers, he bore a loving yet somber expression.  Still holding her hands in his left, Ducky used his right hand to trace the line of her jaw.  His thumb brushed over her lips, gently pulling them ever so slightly apart.  He lowered his lips to her ear the same time his hand found her neck.  The gasp she emitted let him know that the touch was wanted but her pulse under the pads of his fingertips reminded him just how much control he had at the moment.  He kept his hand on her throat still, with just the slightest pressure, not enough to cause any ill effects but to let her know it was still there.  His breath warmed her ear and he allowed himself a brief indulgence in her scent.  A cascade of vanilla, flowers, and cherries drove his own pulse higher.  Before he spoke again, he moved to her lips, covering them with his but just ever so.  He locked eyes with her, making sure he had her full attentions.

“Do not think that I have forgotten my promise to you from when last we did this.  However, this endeavor will require only the highest of focus and care on my part.” Abby’s eyes, half blind with lust, never lost focus on his own.  “My dear, if you could grant me this one pass, to get the last eight months out of my system, I swear to keep my end of the deal this evening.”  He swallowed hard and continued before she could speak, his blue eyes constantly observing her reactions while his trusty right hand gauged her physiological response.  “The only reason I ask for the pass is so I can have better control over myself, not because of anything of you have done ill.”  He left the conversation at that, and released her hands and throat from his grip.

 Not lifting himself totally from her, he kept his leg between hers, ensuring they would stay spread before him.  He knelt one leg on either side of her outreached right limb, resting his hands on her hips and squeezing. Abby brought her hands down to his thighs and squeezed in return.  As she ran her hands up, she found his stomach with one, and the other wrapped around the now exposed head of his cock.  She could tell he was rock hard to have the head fully exposed from his foreskin, the thought made her grin, larger yet when he closed his eyes and let slip a low “FFFUUCCCKKK!”

 “Donald…I understand the…” She fought to find the right words when all her brain wanted to do was strip him naked and screw him into submission.  “I know how much I have asked of you…you can take all the time you need and I will still think you a man of his word.”

 A smile reappeared on his face as he slid down on top of her, snaking his hands inside her shirt as he went, inching it slowly higher.

 The pallor of her exposed abdomen received an excess of light kisses and teasing nips.  Working his way upward with her shirt, she lifted her head and shoulders to help him ease the garment off; he tossed it on the floor beside the bed.  As they both lowered to the bed again, he probed her mouth, still finding himself yearning to taste her.  One of his hands found its way to the small metal clasp of her bra, the final barrier between himself and her glorious tits.  Mere seconds later the clasp fell open; having surgeons hands were proving to be rather useful, even away from work. 

 Having moved his mouth from hers, he peeled the fabric from her skin, exposing her pert mounds.  With a hunger that had festered for months, he sucked a rose colored bud between his lips, the faintest hint of sweat dancing on his tongue.  Abigail writhed beneath him, arching into him and wrapping her legs around his waist, grinding on him. 

“My God Abigail…you have no idea how often I have wanted to do this to you again…how greatly I’ve needed you Abby!’ He breathed between teasing tongue laps and bites on both of her nipples.  It was only during mental lapses that he called her Abby instead of Abigail so she could tell he was lust riddled; she loved it!  Her tits were red with grab marks and slight teeth impressions by the time she released his waist and sat them up.

 Abby slid onto Ducky’s lap, straddling him on her knees.  She pulled his tie off, perhaps harder than needed, but she had to get him undressed.  Even though she was fully clothed from the waist down, it was her turn to play.  “You know…” she uttered as she unbuttoned his shirt, yanking it free from his trousers…” I’ve wanted to fuck you for years!”  Shirt now on the floor somewhere behind her, she yanks his white undershirt over his head in one swift motion, nearly taking his glasses with it.  She straightened his glasses before shoving her tongue into his mouth for a hurried kiss, leaving him nearly breathless at its conclusion.  With her slightly taller frame, she easily pulled his face into her tits while she ground her hips into him, ragged moans spilling from his gut. Leaning down to whisper in his ear…”When your Mother asked if you had slept with me four years ago”, (extra grinding pressure), “I wanted nothing more than to lock you in your office, rip your scrubs off, and fuck you right then!”

 Between her proclamations and the rubbing of her pussy so forcefully over him, Ducky felt himself leak into his boxers.  “For God’s sake Abby, you’re going to kill me if this keeps up,” he belted out.  “You mean I could have been screwing you for YEARS now!?” He laid back on the bed, grabbing his head in his hands as she scratched down his chest, marking him as hers.  He felt the pressure on his cock lift as she shifted further down on the bed. 

 His belt was no match for her long, slender, nimble fingers.  Not bothering to remove it from his trousers, she unzipped the fly and wiggled them down past his knees.  Her hands then played with him through his boxers.  “Someone’s excited” she teased when she encountered the wet spot soaked through them, flicking her tongue over the stain and consequently the tip of his cock.  She could feel it twitch under her tongue and hear an incoherent sound rumble from his throat.  His hips lifted off the bed as she slid the boxers down to join his pants below his knees.  She rose from the bed just long enough to slip his shoes, pants, and boxers completely off, letting him keep the socks if he so chose. 

Not to be outdone for strength, Abby grabbed Ducky’s thighs and slid him to the edge of the bed, swallowing his thick 7 inch dick in the process.  His legs jerked and hips bucked at the sudden sensation of being swallowed.  The first time, she had been surprised to find him uncircumcised; this time, she could see how much more sensitive it made him compared to her partners of the past.  Making sure to vary her pace and force, she would occasionally stop and lick laps around and over the head of his dick.  Twice now, doing so had rewarded her with dribbles of pre-cum to coat her tongue with.  When she had both a firm hand grip of him while also plunging him into her throat, she felt his hand weave into her hair to set the pace he needed. 

Unintelligible sounds were all he could produce as he thrust into her mouth over and over again.  While Ducky hadn’t planned on cumming in her mouth, Abby had a different agenda.  Feeling his orgasm quickly building, he tried to lift her off of himself, but she was not going to be moved.  Panting, he begged, “stop Abby…I’m about to….ohhh fffuuUCCCKKK!”  It was too late, he could no longer stop his cum from coating the back of her mouth and throat.  All he could do was thrust into her with each jet, groaning harshly as he did so and contorting himself on the bed beneath her.

 Abby kept him in her mouth until she was convinced he had finished and his body had stopped writhing.  Finally releasing him, she crawled back up his body and slid onto the bed next to him, allowing his arm to curl around her and pull her down onto his chest.  She traced her nails over his chest until his free hand laced his fingers into hers.  With the glaze finally clearing from Ducky’s eyes, he gleamed at Abby.  The only words he spoke, “Holy shit!” were drawn out into a low chuckle. 

 “Does that mean I performed admirably, Duck-Man?” Abby inquired. 

“Mmmmmm,” He muttered into her hair, taking a few moments more to regain his composure. 

With no warning at all, Ducky rolled Abby onto her back and was over her once again.  A few deep lip exchanges with playful bites mixed in between them, moans filled the room again.  As he undid her jeans and slid his hand inside, he held his cheek on hers to declare simply, “my turn!”  His left hand found its way inside her thong and came to rest over her lips, applying the slightest of pressures. 

 Pausing only a moment, his middle finger slid effortlessly into her wet, waiting folds.  Her hips thrust up to meet his finger, especially after his thumb circled and pressed on her clit.  Usually he would have opted for a slower, methodical approach; however, he found it unnecessary this time, her juices flowing freely already.  He nipped her earlobe while increasing his pace and inserting a second finger.  A quavering “ooohhh Goooddd,” fell from her throat as her hips bucked wildly against his hand.  “I’ve wanted this for so long Abigail,” He panted into her ear and hair, “craved you, needed you,” he added.  Slowly easing his hand out from her folds and up her stomach, he pinched her nipple before sucking it into his mouth to soothe the minor pain as quickly as it arose.  A parting kiss led him down her body, resting on his knees beside the bed.

With his hands on the waistband of her jeans, a hard tug pulled them and her thong past her knees.  Once her shoes and stockings had been removed, the other two garments hastily followed.  Finally naked in front of him, he hoisted a recently freed leg over his shoulder.  Taking his glasses off and tossing them elsewhere on the bed, he worked kisses and suckles up both thighs, adding in a quick bite or two for good measure.  Resting his face a few inches from her trimmed pussy, he gave a playful nip to her mons, causing her to buck up into his face.  If he thought her scent at the door had been intoxicating, the scent this close to her sex was absolutely maddening.

 “Please!” the cry came from his lover’s lips.

Ducky started out painfully slow, moving his tongue in tiny circles around her clitoral hood, the tip of his tongue just glancing her exposed clit.  As Abby moaned and writhed before him, he picked up the pace.  Needing to taste her further, he flattened his tongue and transitioned to long, slow, deep oral intrusions, all ending with soft attacks on her clit.  Taking a trivial break to rewet his fingers, he moved them rhythmically in her as his thumb found her perineum and pressed down hard in circular motions.   The new exploration was rewarded by her own form of incoherent sounds, she ran her fingers through his hair, not letting his head go.

Reinitiating his oral assault and focusing it on her nerve bundle, he suckled her clit between his lips, flicking his tongue over the end, his hand moving harder and faster to match her new pace.  Like Abby, Ducky would not concede his explorations until he had claimed her orgasm.  Her moans were soon interspersed with pleas: “Oh God” and “Oh Fuck” were followed by “Ugghhh,,,Duck…Don’t stop Ducky…sssoooo cllooosseee!”  Between her pushing his face further into her and her labored breathing, Ducky knew exactly when she peaked. 

Removing his fingers, he flattened his tongue a final time and sucked all of her he could fit into his mouth, her explosion coating his tongue and dribbling down his face.  Abby had tried to call out during her climax but all she had been able to manage was a garbled “FFFF…FFFF…FFUUUUUU!”  After she had released his head, he sat back on his heels and let her catch her breath.  He hadn’t noticed until then that his cock was painfully hard again, so he grabbed himself and stroked, enjoying the site displayed before him.

    Hearing that her breathing had finally stabilized, Ducky crawled back onto the bed over top of her.  When he was again back in her sight, he wiped the wetness from his chin with a sinister smirk.  Feeling his own resolve start to crack yet again, Ducky positioned himself between her knees and wrapped an arm around her waist. 
            “Abigail…may I have you?” He begged, his dick no more than an inch from her slick folds.

“Please Ducky…” she groaned back.  Before she could finish her thought, he had plunged full hilt into her, growling at how glorious it felt.  With an arm wrapped around her waist, he was able to lift her hips into him, his other forearm bracing him next to her head.

Hanging his head over her, the pair exchanged the gentlest kisses they ever had.  Between kisses, Abby finally asked, “Ducky…what...what about protection?”  Raising his head so he could lock eyes with her again, he proudly exclaimed, “You are mine, I love you, and I want you…all of you…piss on anything else, my dear!” he ended the proclamation with a smile.

“You love me?” Abby half choked out, determined not to cry.

Running his fingers through her hair, still holding himself still inside her, “I love you.  I have loved you for a long time, Abigail Beethoven Sciuto.”  He could see the wetness welling up in her eyes but figured it was for a good reason this time.

“I have loved you for a long time too, Donald Horatio Mallard,” she answered.  “I love you, and piss on anything else!”

Passion flowed between their lips and tongues as he finally started to stroke in and out of her.  Abby held his head in both her hands, pulling him into her for even deeper kisses, nipping his tongue and pulling his lower lip between her teeth.  Feeling her bare heat enveloping him for the first time, Ducky knew he would not be able to hold out long.  Jesus!  She is even tighter than I remember!  He pulled himself free from her to retrieve a pillow, using it to replace his arm at holding her in place.  Pulling her hips back to him, he delved back into her.  One hand held onto her hip, grinding with her on each thrust.  His other hand found her clit once again and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger, causing her to clamp down onto him even harder.


Abby started pinching and pulling on her nipples, short-circuiting any control Ducky had left.  He dropped his body weight onto her, pushing her into the mattress and wrapping one of her legs around him.  “Abby…I need…” He panted.  “Go ahead Ducky…Fuck me…” Abby moaned into his ear before biting it, pulling the lobe between her teeth.  His last hold of control shattered and he fucked her hard and deep.  Flesh pounding flesh filled the bedroom along with guttural outcries of pleasure.  A few minutes of frantic fucking and Abby clamped down on him again, not letting up this time, repeated cries of “Oh God” on her ragged breaths as he felt her gush over his cock, trying to milk his cum from it.  With her final moan of  “Ohhh Dooonaallld” ringing in his ears, his release came.  As his seed exploded inside her depths, all he could say was her name…”Abby…Abby!” he belted out before dropping to his arms on the bed, taking care not to crush her under his weight.  As he slipped himself free from her with an audible *plop*, he kissed her lips and forehead, finally collapsing onto his back next to her on the bed, the pair working to control their ragged breaths.

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