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It's been a week since Gibbs came back from Mexico. They now have a case Ziva and McGee are being mean to Tony. When they get to the crime scene Tony bag and tags, Ziva photographs everything and McGee talks to witnesses. Ducky comes in and takes the body. Gibbs has also stopped begging mean to Tony by then. Tony has already started to withdrawing from them and has started to show more of who he is. Ziva and McGee are being even worse to Tony. When everyone is back at NCIS they started to get all the information they needed to so that they can get the killer. The next case that they had Tony and Ziva got trapped in a shipping container because of a case. When the team finds them Tony is hurt and gets looked at by ME's. The next day Tony walks in the bullet pen he hears his team talking about a dinner party and team activities that he was not invited to so acts as if he's not bothered by it. The elevator dings and looks up to his Squadron come out and goes "hi Jack Steely, Drew Merser, Andrew Fletcher, Zach Jones, Enzo James, Randall Thomas, Lorian Hayes and Larry Throne. 

Then he says "what can I do to help your squadron Sargent Steely". They all keep a straight face and say "were meeting with director Shepherd now because she wants to know something". Tony goes "OK I will take uses to her office". 

Tony takes his squadron to Jenny's office and they meet Jimmy on the way. Jenny tells Cynthia to tell Gibbs that Tony will be in a meeting for a few hours. 

Jenny goes 'so why did uses all want to meet". 

Zach says "that's because I wouldn't tell them without everyone being here". Jenny asks "what news do you have". Zach says me and hope are getting married soon. Everyone congratulates him And asks him to keep them updated on The wedding. 


Jenny asks Tony how his ops going. 

he's says that the daughter has nothing to do with her farther and I'm not going to get her to fall in love with me as it's not fair on her". Jenny goes OK. Tony goes by the way I'm not doing the op anymore because CIA's involved. 


"By the way we have loads of house that we bought and that government bought use in case. But since he killed your dad Jen" tony says 

Jimmy says "Cus I know you want out so when you say the word we will be there". 

Jenny goes "OK I will, Then she stays OK Tony you're finished the op and when I say the you can tell Janine anything thing you want".

Tony goes 'thanks Jen I'm going to get back to Gibbs before he blows". 


Tony says bye to everyone. 


When tony gets back Ziva and McGee go "I bet Jenny had get the navy seals to sort you out tony" Tony just ignored them and went "boss do we have a case". 

Gibbs goes no Tony we are on cold cases for now. Later he spots something in a case file and let's Gibbs know and goes to Abby's lab. 


Tony and Abby come back up and she asks "how did know one notice this because we still haven't found this killer Gibbs".

Gibbs tells Abby that they didn't have the best people on it.


Team Gibbs stat go dig though everything. It takes most of them 9 hours to solve it but it took one of them 7 hours to solve it but he let the team take credit for it.


Tony goes to Jenny's office. Jenny gives Cynthia the OK to let tony in. Tony walks in to her office and sits down on the couch. Jenny goes "well done on your last mission with your squadron Tony and I hear uses rescued Gibbs's first wife". 

Tony thanks her. He tells Jenny that Kelly's alive as well. After that they start to talk about everything. As tony starts to get up to leave Jenny says "Angle". 

Tony stops halfway to the door. He then comes and sits down again.

"OK when do you want out Jen he asks when do you want out". 

Jenny replied with " 3 months and 2 weeks Captain A.J". 

Tony goes go to this house by the way you might bump into Catlin Todd and Steve". 

Jenny goes "OK but I thought that she was dead". 

Tony replies with " so did I until a few months ago".

When Tony left he went to see Jimmy.


When tony got to autopsy he found Ducky and Jimmy talking about Jimmy's finals. Ducky looks up when the doors opens "what can we do for you Anthony". 

Tony said I just came to see how uses were and how's your mother doing Ducky also I'm going to the gym after I've finished here".

Jimmy can tell that he's in his captain mode. 

Ducky says "my mother's not doing well Anthony but she would like to see you and some of your friends that have been going over when I've been busy".

Tony looks at Jimmy and nods. 

Tony goes "about that you know the medical files that you can't get on me and Jimmy right". 

Ducky replies, "yes are you saying that I can finally have all of your medical information together". 

Jimmy and Tony answer "yes" at the same time. 

"The main reason is we need your help with something important that's happening in 9 months and 2 weeks from today because I've just had a nice chat with Jenny" Tony says. 

Jimmy goes "she said the word didn't she" . 

Tony says yes she did and I've told her to......

But he gets cut off by Ducky. Ducky asks "what's going on". 

Jimmy goes "Tony you need tony the house that we bought everyone can help fill Dr Mallard in". 

Tony pulls out a top of the notch military phone and phoned his squadron. 

Jack answered the phone and asked him why he was phoning him when he was at work. 

Tony goes "because we need to fill Ducky in on everything and I have the phone on speaker phone because I'm with the Commander and Ducky so he can help us with the angle op". 

Jack goes "OK I'm with the whole squadron Captain A.J" 

Ducky asks them why Tony was called Captain. They all answer him because everyone who's talking are navy seals and A.J's the Jimmy's Commander".

Tony goes "that's one of the reasons why you couldn't get my full medical records Ducky and the other one was because of my childhood". 

Ducky goes "OK but why have you kept it a secret for so long Anthony". 

Enzo answers for tony "because of his childhood he has meager trust issues and extremely low self esteem. If you come to the the house that we are all in at the moment tonight we will explain everything to you and bring Jen with because her and the commander have something to explain to you".

Ducky goes "OK because uses definitely have a lot of explaining to do.

Tony says we will Ducky but please don't say anything to the others about any of this. By the way you are invited to my graduation next month were I will be getting my doctorate in Getting a doctorate in criminology, forensics, forensic science, computer science and medicine,PhD in criminal law, computers, computer programming. 

Ducky says okay so that's what you are getting degrees in and your degrees stand at the moment as Doctorate in chemistry, physics, biology, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, PhD in physical education, history, world literature, mathematics, anatomy, music, anthropology, Masters in fine art, Acting, health, social studies, film and you also have degrees in economics and art appreciation".

Tony goes "yes only because I went to military academy were the have accelerated courses and most of them are college degree courses and I was thinking about taking a course in criminal profiling". I've also recently found out that Kate is alive so you will probably see her there as she's married Steve" Tony says.


Larry says "are you learning anymore languages Captain" . Tony goes "I'm thinking about it". 

Tony says bye to his squadron then close the phone. 


Ducky goes I will help uses were I can and I will be at that address at 18:00 hours. Tony goes OK back then says bye to them and goes back to the bullet pen. 


Tony was on the phone as he sat down at his desk. He said Steve how's your wife and my god children Angle and Zoya and are you coming to you know were tonight because if uses are there is going to be two extra guest's". 

Steve replies "yes we are and they are excited to see their God farther to and you spoil them rotten A.J we are near NCIS now". 

Tony says "bring them up but I know that your wife doesn't want to come in the building because of critical circumstances so tell her I say hi please". 

Steve says OK we will be up in a second A.J.". 

1 minute later the elevator dings and two little kids come out and shout Tony Tony. Tony gets up and moves around his desk before he's knocked over with the two kids on his knees. 

Tony says hello Angle and hello Zoya how are uses I've missed you two". 

Zoya says we've missed you as well and so our mam". 

Angle says "please can we have a tour of your work place because mam doesn't normally allow us to come here". 

Tony replied " yes but wait for your dad to catch up with you as it looks like you two ran up here and I will introduce you to my team okay". 

After tony said that Steve came out of the elevator and told his children of for running off. 

They say "sorry dad and OK Tony". 

Tony goes "Zoya, Angle that's my boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs, that's, Agent Ziva David and agent Timothy McGee". 

Then he goes boss, Ziva and Tim these Two are Steve's children Zoya and Angel". 

Steve says to his children "behave for your godfather". 

They go "we will but were are you going dad". 

Steve goes "to talk to director Shepard". 

They go "OK dad". 

Tony says come on let's start with the top floor OK and they follow Steve". 

Tony "why are we following our dad" Angle asks. 

Tony replies "because he's going to the first place that I'm taking use and we'll we are I'm going to introduce uses to Jenny who going to be living in the house next to uses soon because a a really bad situation like your mam did before she had uses and before she was married to your dad but she's safe now the reason why she did it has been dealt with now". 


Back in the bullet pen Ziva asks "did you know about this Gibbs"

Gibbs goes "no he's stopped sharing personal things with me at the moment but I should be able to find out tonight because I'm going over to his apartment after work". He replies


After about 4 hours tony and the two kids come back from the tour of the building and lets them play on his computer and on his phone. Tony then tells them that he has a surprise for them we he sees the two of them later. About 10 minutes later Steve and jenny come down.

Jenny tells everyone that they can go home early.

Tony says "I'm just going to say bye to Steve and his family then I will back up here because I need to finish something up and see Ducky". 

Then he and the Gallger family leave.

McGee says "I wonder who their mam is" while he's packing up his stuff.


Tony, Steve and Steve's kids get to Steve's car and tony says "Hi Kate how are you and gives her a hug and I've let most of my masks now at work". 

Kate replied " great Tony and we are coming to the main mansion that you and your navy seal squadron use tonight".

Tony says I know and Jenny's going to be living in the house next to all of uses soon be the person who killed her father knows that she was there when he did it so he's after her". 

Kate goes "OK" and her and her family leave.


That evening tony his frat brother's, his squadron, Jenny and Ducky were all at the at Tony's and Jimmy's mansion.

Ducky says "OK explain to me why you all need my help and what's going on because I'm confused".


Steve starts to tell the story of Anthony Dominic Dinozzo Jr. "The story takes place when he's a baby and here's how it goes, When Tony was a baby he came from a privileged home but he's an only child so his dad sends him to private school so he can learn how to act like a man but from 1 to 5 years old". 


Jimmy continues the story. 

"Tony was verbally abused by his father and his mother tried to stop it but she could when he was 5 years old he met me at that time I was 4 years old because my mother became ill and my dad was looking after her and trying keep money coming in for for my family. So I went to the the private school as Tony and we became best friends".


Zach says the next bit "when tony was home his farther started to physically and mentally abuse him. Tony's escape from was when he was in school. His farther also neglected him by leaving him alone. Tony only had Jimmy though the years of school before he got sent to the military academy where Jimmy joined him so that he had a friend there".


Chris continues "before he went to military academy his mam died when he was 6 and his dad got worse so he would stay with Jimmy's family when he was home from school but his dad didn't like it so he stopped him from going over to Jimmy's house and left him alone with know one around for the whole day then early the next day he was shipped off to the military academy".

Ducky asked "how did Tony's mother die".


Jack says "we all would love to know that Ducky".


They all look at Tony to see him crying.

Jenny and Kate go to Tony and give him a hug, he hugs them back and cries on Kate's shoulder. He looks at jimmy for him to continue the story.


Jimmy goes "Tony went to his father's office to see what all the yelling was to see his father beating his mother. Mother went to hospital. His mother had to stay in for 7hours then she went home and stared to pack her's and Tony's things. His farther found her doing and so did Tony but his stab her in front of him. He ran out of the house to some one else's but I don't know as he hasn't told".


Jenny says it was my mothers house he went to because he was looking for you but you were with your parents Jim ". 


Jake continued when they were at military academy Tony chose three sorts of things that they did but Jimmy chose two and they were both chose military training and both chose more academic stuff then they needed to but they wanted more clarifications then they needed but they would of been board so they did it and the one only Tony took was sports. 


"They made two friends there and they were Jack and Larry

They all pretty much did everything together". Enzo says


Jack continued with the story "when we left before went to join the navy seals we went to a special training centre for training us in undercover work mosard and normal police work".


Larry continued the story " after we finished our training we joined the army but the commanding officer asked us were we were all trained so we told him and he asked is if we wanted to be in a special navy seal team and we said yes. 


Drew said "and that's were we all met".

Their training is why they are the ranks they are". Said Andrew


"We all took a break after 5 years" said Randall. 


Andrew says we all went back to school". 


Lorian continues " here's their education but tony still goes to university whilst he's a police officer, a detective or a special agent so here we go Graduates military academy at 11 and 10

Finished training courses at a special training at 13 and 12

Joins navy seals at 13 and 12

Takes a break from the navy seals at 18 and 17

Graduates from Ohio state university at 20 and 19

Goes back to the navy seals at 20 and 19 

Jimmy goes to John Hawking's medical University at 23 until he goes to work at NCIS at 33

Joins Peoria PD at 24

Leaves Peoria PD at 28

Joins Philadelphia PD at 28

Leaves Philadelphia PD at 30

Joins Baltimore PD at 30

Leaves Baltimore PD at 34

Joins NCIS at 34 

They are both still a navy seal and still work at NCIS". 


Paul finish it off by saying that were he met the rest of us apart from everyone one's family". 

Kate says "apart from me which he met when I worked with at NCIS". 


After that they talked about anything and everything.


The next day Tony got an email from his farther, turns extremely pale and starts to breath really heavily. 

Gibbs came in to see this. 

"Are you OK Tony" Gibbs asks.

Tony shake it off and says "yes I'm fine boss" with one of his bright grins.

Ducky, Ziva and McGee come in when t

Tony hits print on his computer and closes everything so that they can't see what's shaken him up.

Ducky asked him as he was passing by what's wrong but he just shrugged it off.

He picked the paper off the printer then looked at Ducky with a follow me look. He went to the director's office. Ducky went up a few min later.


When Ducky gets to the director's office Cynthia's just letting tony in to see the director so asks her if he can go in.

Jenny sees Ducky and called him to let him come in the office then when the office doors closed. Jenny asked tony what's wrong and he just hands her a piece of paper. She looked at it and reads it out loud" Drear Jr I want what's mine or what happened when you were 6 will happen again".

Tony starts to cry because he knows who will be the first to go. Ducky hugs him and calm him down.

Tony looks at Jenny and asks her "what are we going to do Jen".

Jen goes I don't know and what does your father think is his".

My trust fund that my mother left for me".

When tony gets back to his team he ignores the questioning looks he's getting and just gives them a 100watt smile.

Gibbs goes gear up we have a dead Marines wife.

When they got to the crime scene they saw a little boy whispering to himself

"Jakubson is worthless, Jakubson is useless, Brown's don't show weaknesses Brown's don't show pain and Brown's don't need help". 

Tony slowly walks up to Jakubson and kneeled down in front of him then he quietly says " who ever thought you that method is wrong because I should know that". 

The rest of team Gibbs is watching him calm Jakubson. 

Jakubson asked tony if it was his father that thought him all the things that he's just been saying".

Tony goes yes and was it yours that thought you it.

When they get back to NCIS Jakubson won't talk to anyone so tony tries to talk to him. 

Tony goes "I know what you have been though Jakubson as my father's done the same to and I also watched him kill my mother two. If you tell us what your father's we can make sure he can't do it again and get so you live with someone else in your family". 

Jakubson says " so if I tell everything that's happened you can help live with my auntie".

Tony goes yes I can get it so you live with your auntie Jakubson and my boss is going to be coming in here to talk with you".

Tony then leaves a notebook and pen for him. 

It takes them two weeks to solve the case. 

The next week Fornell comes in and up to Tony. 

Jenny comes out of her office and goes "Agent Fornell come with me because I've got the are asking for". 

Fornell follows Jenny to her office


On Monday when everyone gets in Gibbs says "gear up". 

Tony goes on your six boss".

When they got the and were stabbed and shot. After they had collected all the evidence they went back to NCIS to give Abby the evidence from the crime scene. 

Abby finds the identity of the dead petty officer. 

Tony dig even deeper into petty officer Luck's past. 

Gibbs says David, Dinozzo go talk to the family. When the get back from talking to the petty officers family they tell Gibbs what they've found out. McGee tells them what petty officer Lucks co workers said. It takes them nearly two weeks to find the other petty officer that he was arguing with. He confess to being involved with the drug trafficking ring and being involved in the murder. 

It takes them another two weeks to find the and stop one of the drug ring. 


They get another case on a motorway because a navy officer's car has crashed. They collect all the evidence. The navy officer goes to hospital. 

When the navy officer wakes up he is met by Ziva and he says "I see you, I foresee you."

Ziva comes back to tell them what he and that he died. 

They find out from his co workers that he's stolen navy secrets. Later they find out that he was going to sell them before his car crash. They also find out that he he has hidden the briefcase containing the secrets. NCIS must now find where he has hidden the briefcase containing the naval secrets before the rival agents do. It takes them a week to break the code and another week to get the killer. 


Team Gibbs get a week off but tony decided to stay and help others out and make sure that his paper work is done. 

Tony's graduation day he had loads off people there for him. 


They were on cold cases for 2 weeks. Then they had a case that took them 3 weeks to solve. 


Tony came in an hour earlier than he was jue in and got on with cold cases and helps the rest of the NCIS major crime response teams. This is what Gibbs came in to when he came into the office. Tony seen Gibbs out of the corner of his eye and came to continue with his cold case's.

They got a case and it took them a week to get it solved.

Tony texted the people involved with operation Angle to say "it's a go". 


Tony and Ziva have to escort the director to a conference with some navy seals. When they get to the Tony gives a tiny nod to Jenny.

Jenny says "uses are dismissed" to Tony and Ziva.


Tony acts as if he's doesn't want to leave but Ziva actually doesn't want to leave. 

Tony says "we have to a leave and if they need use they and the director have my phone number".


Jenny phones Mike Franks to meet in a small diner in the Mojave Desert. They are talking when a group of thugs come in Mike goes to pull the car up to the dinner. The thugs started to shoot at her and She killed most of them but some got away. Jenny took the tablets to slow her heart rate down enough to look dead.

Mike came back to get her but found her beaten up. He checked her pulse to see if she's alive but doesn't find one and leaves.

Tony and Ziva got to were Jenny was to find her on the ground to tell Ziva to go inform the navy seals of the situation and start on the crime scene while I check on her and phone this in. 

When Ziva's out side talking to the navy seals tony goes to Jenny "take another one because Gibbs, Ducky, Jimmy and assistant director Vance will be here and here's some water to wash it down". 

"I'm also going to buy your father's house and use it for center for run a ways, abused people, people going back to school, people with disabilities and more including family's that need help". Tony says 

Jenny says that's a great idea but do you have the money". 

Tony says yes for what the military gives me my mam's trust found I've got enough plus they both get interest as well because of the way I've done it.


Everyone from NCIS that need to come has arrived at the crime scene.

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