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Gibbs says gear up we have a dead marine. On your six boss tony says. They all followed Gibbs to the truck. When they get to the crime scene the local police fill Gibbs in. Tony bag and tags, Ziva photographs and McGee talks to the wife. When they get back to NCIS the get all the information that they can on the dead marine. They find out that it's not suicide. So the Leo's are wrong because they thought it was the husband who killed himself but it wasn't. It takes them the rest of the week to find that it was the wife murdered her husband. 


Vance splits up team Gibbs. Ziva goes back to Israel, McGee goes back to the Cibber crimes unit and Tony has to go and be agent afloat. Tony acts as if he was getting punished. But he knows that he's not being punished. He spends his last day with with his friends from NCIS. Gibbs and his navy seal brother see him off. 


Tony's first day aboard U.S.S. Seahawks he's getting grief from all the navy petty officers that are aboard. At lunch time he gets phone call from Zoya. 

Tony pulls out his satellite phone and answers it "Hi Drew how's everyone doing" Zoya goes Tony when are we going to see you". 

Tony answer's her with "in 6 months that's how long this assignment is". 

Zoya goes "that's too long Tony". 

Tony goes "I know but the time will fly by and can you please put Drew on". 

Drew: 'what's up Captain". 

Tony asks "when's the squadron going to visit navy ships because I know one of uses are coming to the one that I've been sent on also I will be here for six months and I have my navy suit". 

Drew says "tomorrow we are going to navy ships and Kate asked are you finally going to get rid of the rest of your masks". 

Tony goes "all my masks are gone and I will probable have one masks when I get back to NCIS but for now I don't need any". 

Drew goes "OK bye". 

Tony says bye to Drew.


The captain of the U.S.S. Seahawks and asked him were he got the satellite phone.

Tony says "because all of my squadron has one".

The captain asked. which squadron are in".

Tony goes I'm Captain A.J and it's the navy seal group that's not named Captain Davies". 


Captain Davies says "ok Captain A.J. and one of your squadron is coming tomorrow". 


Tony answers "ok Captain Davies".


Tony continues making sure everything is going smoothly.


The next day Tony finds Jack in his office and goes now I know way know one would tell me who was going to be here today Jack" Tony says. 


Jack goes "I wanted to surprise you and we all meeting up at a port because we are all going to be promoted and getting an award so all of the navy ships that we are all on are going to be at this port in a week so I'm here for a week and the rest of the squadron will be staying on the navy ships that they are on apart from jimmy who will be coming with Ducky". 


Tony replied "OK and who else is going to be there". 


Jack answer's him "all you're fraternity brother's, their family's, Ducky, Jenny, her mam, all of our squadron and our family's, SacNav, Tom Morrow, a lot of navy people and the president who is giving us this award, McGee's father's going to be promoting us". 


Tony goes OK as long as my name does not get out to the press because I still don't want my team to know about my past and about this". 


Jack replied "OK Captain". 


They go to the training bit on the ship. 


"So captain what training are we going to give them" Jack asked. 


Tony says we have to see what sort of training they have already had Lieutenant Commander Steely". 


"OK Captain A.J" Jack answers. 


One of the Petty Officers goes "I thought that you were agent Dinozzo Captain A.J.". 

Tony answer's him with "I'm both of them as I work for NCIS and I'm a navy seal so I can get called away from my NCIS job at any Time". 

The petty officer goes "OK". 


All of the navy personnel split into different groups. Tony and Jack train them in what the rest of the group knows so they all have the same combat training. They do that for 7 hours. 


NCIS base 


Gibbs is looking for a mole in NCIS. 

It takes Gibbs two weeks to find the mole and to find agent Lee's sister. 


Tony's helping to train the navy officers. He has gained more respect from the everyone on board the U.S.S Seahawks. 


The beg of the second week at sea Tony and everyone got to the port and got of the U.S.S Seahawks. Tony went and said hi to his squadron. He introduced everyone to all of the navy people that he's with for the next 5 months and 2 weeks. 


When everybody gets to the massive venue where the award ceremony is being held. Tony went to see the President of the United States of America. 


Cameron says "Hello Captain A.J. how have you been lately and do you have anyone special in your life". 


Tony replies "hello Cameron and no I've got know one special in my life and how's your wife and little Katie doing".


Cameron answer's him with they're all great but she would love to see her uncle Tony".


Tony goes "is she here today with your wife Holly". 


Cameron says "Yes they're here A.J.".


"Cool let's go to them Cam" Tony says. 


So they go look for the rest of the Smith family. SacNav Jarvis comes to them. He notices Tony. 


"Agent Dinozzo what are you doing here". Jarvis asked Tony. 


Tony replied with "I came because the U.S.S. Seahawks came and ported with a lot of other navy ships because we had a navy seal on board but you will find out the real reason I'm here later". 


Jarvis goes OK Tony". 


"Uncle Tony uncle Tony I've missed you" Katie says as she jumps in to Tony's arms. 


Jarvis "goes uncle Tony?" 


Jake comes to see his brother and tony. 


Captain the ceremony is about to begin And hi Katie 


OK Jake can you please take your niece off me so that I can go change before it begins and Katie I have your birthday present at home".


"Cool I can't wait for it uncle Tony" Katie says.


Tony goes to get changed. When he got back he went to his squadron, his fraternity brothers and all of their families and friends who are with them.


The president starts the ceremony with " we are all here to calibrate how a group of Navy seals, a navy fighter pilot and some navy soldiers. Tony wants to shrink because nearly everyone he knows in the room is starring at him. 

Ducky asks him "is there anything you want to tell us". 

Tony replied with "when I have free time and don't have anything planned I have said they can call me for help with any of the degrees or skills that I've got so they've called for my navy training and for my navy pilot skill as I can fly pretty much any type of aircraft. Also because of how many languages I know".

They are shocked by this information.


They all continue to listen to the ceremony. The present continued with " the first we will start with the navy soldiers and they are petty officer's Mark Brown, Simon Cornell, Jessica Taylor, Anna Jackson, George Ryan and Flynn Gibson for their bravery and Integrity". 


The Navy soldiers went up and said their speeches. 

The president continues now we have the Navy seals are Captain Jimmy Palmer, command Jack Steely, Lieutenant Command Drew Merser, Andrew Fletcher, Zach Jones, Enzo James, Randall Thomas, Lorian Hayes and Larry Throne the Navy Good Conduct Medal and the Defence Service Medal bravery, integrity and rescuing someone from really poor conditions".


They do their speeches next.


The president says "last we have the last of the navy seals, the navy fighter pilot and the soldier is Rear Admiral A.J. gets Army Good Conduct Medal, the Navy Good Conduct Medal, the Air Medal, the Defence Service Medal, the Defence Superior Service Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross for rescuing people from all sorts of conditions, for bravery, integrity, courage and more as there's too many to list". He is also a navy seal, a navy fighter pilot and a great soldier". 


Tony goes up and says "thank you everyone for coming but I was only doing my job" and gets of the stage.


The Secretary of the Navy stands there shocked.


Hetty, Sam, G Callen, Kenzi, Deeks, Eric and Nell find Tony and congratulate him.

After the ceremony they all have a big meal then Tony says thanks to everyone he knows. Once all the Navy ships leaves the port that's the end of the day.


Tony wakes up early the next morning.


Tony goes to the room with computers and a big screen in to talk to Gibbs and Ducky.

"Hi we miss loads here tony" Ducky says. 

Tony is trying not to show a knowing smirk. 

Tony goes "I miss everyone there and I can't wait to be back with you all". Gibbs gets a phone call. Gibbs goes away from them to answer the phone call.

Ducky says "Ziva and McGee are back on Gibbs" team now once Gibbs is far enough away from them.

Tony goes "okay Ducky I will act surprised when Abby tells me because we all know that it's Abby who's going to say their back I better go now and let you and do your job tell Gibbs that I will talk everyone when the case is over and I've got to go and train some of the navy petty officer's" tony says and does the cut off sign.


A navy petty officer's been killed. When they find out that he left one of his pins at a rape scene. They found out that he raped a 12 years old girl who is called Sofia Reid daughter has been raped. As they dig for information about everyone who link to Sofia and the petty officer. Sofia only goes and talks to Ziva. It takes them the rest of the week to find out that Sofia's farther killed the petty officer because he found out that he had raped his little girl. The petty officer was the Sargent's right hand man. 

When the case is over Ziva adopts Sofia. 


Tony is teaching some navy people in Kung fu, Judo, Karate, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Capoeira, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Arnis, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, kenjutsu, sumo, Sambo, NinJutsu, Aikido, Yosekan, American Kenpo, Wing Chan Kung Fu, Iaido, Kendo, Penack Silat, Kuk Sool Won and Tai Chi for the next 2 week's and 6 days. 


Washington D.C. 


Team Gibbs in MTAC trying to get a hold of Tony. Jimmy goes to the back of the room. He pulls out his satellite phone and calls Tony. 

Tony answers him "hi Jimmy".

Jimmy says hi Tony I'm in MTAC with Gibbs, Ducky and Abby.

Tony replied with ok Captain i will go to it as I'm dead sore at the moment so I was late getting up and Bye see you in a minute".

Jimmy goes OK Bye Rear Admiral A.J.


Jimmy then looked at Ducky and nodded to him. 


Ducky says try again please and tony comes on the screen. 

"Hi how's everyone doing? " tony asks them. 


"We are fine but but we miss you so much tony and now all we need is you back and we will have all of our family back together" Abby tells him. 


Tony says "so boss where's Ziva and McGee is there back as I miss everyone and when am I coming home? ".

Gibbs answered his question by telling him the truth which is they didn't want to come and talk to you and am working on getting you of the ship OK Dinozzo".

Tony then says OK boss. So who was the mole then boss?".  


Abby and Vance have a surprise expression on their faces.

Tony says "Hi Director how are you and your family. By the way is your kids still interested in music and sports because if they are I can help them out for you?" with out looking at Vance. 

Jimmy and Ducky just smirk at everyone. 


Jimmy goes by the way you know the plan you helped me with tony it worked. 

Everybody else in the room is confused. 

Tony helps them out by going" so are you getting married soon then Autopsy Gremlin. 

Jimmy goes she said yes so we are going to have the wedding sometime when you get back so we don't have a date yet". 

Jimmy asks him "How can you read people so well Tony". 

Tony goes with "Well when you have to guess what people close to are going to do when you're just a little kid you pick up how to read people's body language,  their emotions, the thing that show a lot about a person is there eyes as they show a lot of who you if you know what you are looking for".


Abby and Vance say "what do you mean by that Tony, Agent Dinozzo" at the same time. 

Abby I've told you so of my childhood that should give you what I mean" tony tells her. 

Vance goes "you had everything and you had a rich family". 

Tony says in a dangerous voice you don't know swat about me VANCE and you don't have the clearance to to look at my past and there's a reason why also it pays to be fraternity brother's with the president's brother and an uncle to his niece. If you want information on my dad ask Fornell for a copy of the file 456723 as him and jenny continued to make a case against him but certain things in it to do with me will be blocked out unless I say you can know".........


Ducky cuts him of by going how's everything we're you are. 


It's fine Ducky by the way boss you might want to the rest of your team that if they don't want to speak to me and just listen to what's going on then they should of just brought popcorn. I will talk later bye. 

The screen goes blank. 


Ducky goes "you don't know him very well Director Vance because as you've just seen he gets upset if you push him to talk about his past and he has every right to be" . 

"Come on Mr Palmer" Ducky said as he turned and stormed out of MTAC with Jimmy on his heels saying coming Dr Mallard. 


Back on board the U.S.S Seahawks 


Tony's in the shooting range. Then goes to the gym and starts to pound at the punching bag with all of his strength. 


Over this month Tony's going to be teaching the Navy people how use fire arms. 


In Washington DC


They had a case and it was taking the team ages to solve and McGhee was starting to miss Tony. It takes them 3 week's to solve the case. 

Ziva is thinking about what Tony told Vance what could he be hiding but Ducky seems to know and it seems that Jenny knew about it.


Fornell comes in and Gibbs asks him what he's doing here.

Fornell turns to Gibbs and then asked "if he knew why Vance wants to know about a FBI case and how he got to know about it as we weren't told to read him". 

Gibbs tells him "it depends on which one you are talking about because there is a lot of cases that it could".

Fornell goes well when we got in touch with someone who's involved in it they were beyond angry that they were dangerous so what got them that way" .

Gibbs goes "why is My senior field agent involved with another case of yours Tobias".


Can't tell unless everyone involved says that you can be told, so how did NCIS find out about it and why does Vance want to know about it".


"Some people at NCIS found out about it when we were talking to Dinozzo. As to why he was dangerous that was because someone decided to say that he got everything when he was a kid".

Fornell says I bet he was dangerous and shouting a them and told them about it so did use mange to actually talk him" Fornell says.


Gibbs goes no he cut the connection between us and the reason why Vance wants to know about it is because Dinozzo told him to ask you but not to expect to be able to read everything on it as a lot of it to be blocked and that he doesn't have the clearances for most of his past. Plus that he doesn't know him very well".Tony


Fornell goes he doesn't know much about Dinozzo at all as he was disowned when he was 8 not 12 but his father made people think was 12. Dinozzo did see his father when he was 12. His farther wanted him to join the family business but he said he wanted nothing to do with it. That's all that I'm going give because he doesn't want me to tell be he was ok with me telling you but even I don't know all of his past I only know from when he was born to 8 because it has to do with the case". 

Fornell goes the see Vance.


Team Gibbs are absorbing the information about there missing team mate.They are on cold cases for that week.


On board the U.S.S. Seahawks

Tony's told everyone that they can have a week's break. Tony is doing some online courses, e-mailing who he needs to he sees a email from his father and reads it after he's forward it to Fornell. 

He gets one straight back from Abby saying she's sorry for saying what she said when they were talking through MTAC. He goes to make sure that everything is going to plan and play some basketball with some navy officers. That was his routine for that week.


Month 3 on board the U.S.S Seahawks


Tony's teaching everyone some different languages for that month and for the next month as well.


Month 5 and 6 if they need help with the courses that they are doing Tony will help them as he's got a doctorate in quite a bit subjects.


Two weeks from finishing his time on board the U.S.S Seahawks. On of the officer wardens is murdered so tony use his satellite phone to phone Gibbs. 

Gibbs answer's his phone goes. this is Agent Gibbs how can I help you". 

Tony goes "boss there's been a murder on the ship, I've bagged and tagged everything for you as well".

"OK Dinozzo we'll be there soon". 

Gibbs walks in to the bullet pen and "gear up we have a dead officer warden" . 

Ziva goes "where Gibbs" as she picks up her gear. 

"On a navy ship and the call was from Dinozzo Ziva".

Then Gibbs says "McGee get Ducky".

"On it boss" he says.

It takes them a week to figure out who killed the officer warden.


Tony's is packing his things up when one of the navy officer's comes in and asks him if he's leaving and goes yes as my boss won't I leave unless I go with him if any of uses need me just phone one of these phones ones my satellite phone that everyone's seen me use and the other ones my personal phone that only a few people have. As he walks down the corridor to were his is he Salutes everybody that he passes. 

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