Saving Toni by TibbsFangiri89
Summary: What if Anthony DiNozzo was born Antoinette DiNozzo? Toni was fired from NCIS by the new director, Leon Vance. Jenny Shephard had retired, but was blackmailing the new NCIS director. What happens when the others find out that Toni isn't what she really seems to be? Crossover with Charmed and CSI: Las Vegas
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Genre: Alternate Universe, Angst, Crossover, Romance
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo, Abby/OMC, McGee/OMC, Other Pairing
Warnings: Dark story, Disturbing imaginery, Horror, Mpreg, Non-con, Torture, Violence
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1. Saving Toni by TibbsFangiri89

2. Waking Up by TibbsFangiri89

Saving Toni by TibbsFangiri89
Author's Notes:
What if Anthony DiNozzo was born Antoinette DiNozzo? Toni was fired from NCIS by the new director, Leon Vance. Jenny Shephard had retired, but was blackmailing the new NCIS director. What happens when the others find out that Toni isn't what she really seems to be? Crossover with Charmed and Criminal Minds.
Senior Special Agent Dr. Antoinette Carmela DiNozzo was standing in front of NCIS Director Leon Vance's desk. She wondered why she had been called into the office. "Agent DiNozzo, please have a seat," Vance spoke softly. Toni sat down and crossed her legs, folding her hands across her stomach. At the moment, she was four months pregnant with twin girls that she was going to name Haley Juliette DiNozzo and Alexandra Penelope DiNozzo. "I have been looking at some of the agents in this agency closely. I am the Director now and considering the current state of this agency due to the previous Director's leading style, I wish to make some adjustments. I want to place my stamp on this agency," the older man replied. Toni nodded her head and wondered where Vance was going with the conversation.

"It has come to my attention that some agents aren't as computer literate as Special Agent Timothy McGee. It's fine and well that some agents do have a solid understanding of computers, but there are some agents that cannot even type properly. I've looked over your files and noticed that you are one of those agents. I have decided that it is in the agency's best interest to terminate your position. You are no longer a NCIS agent, Dr. DiNozzo. Please hand over your identification and weapon before leaving the building. I will have the paperwork prepared and you will be informed when you are to come in and sign it," Vance said. Toni just stared at the Director and nodded her head as she stood up from the chair. She unclipped her gun and badge from her waist and laid it upon Vance's desk. She walked out of the office in a complete daze and let her head hang lowly as she walked to the bullpen.

As she walked from Vance's office, she glanced down at her stomach and sighed softly. She needed to find another job to work at so she could support herself and her daughters since her ex-boyfriend cleaned out her bank account. As she walked through the bullpen, Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs noticed that she didn't have her weapon and badge anymore. Abigail "Abby" Sciuto gasped softly as she watched her best friend for the last seven years walk to her desk and pack up her belongings. Once she was finished, she turned to face her former team. Special Agents Timothy McGee and Ziva David couldn't believe that the young woman had been terminated. "I just want to say that it has been a pleasure working with all of you. Tim, I know you're going to be a wonderful senior field agent. Ziva, I'm very proud of you for becoming an US citizen and grasping the American language quickly. Abby, you are such a wonderful friend and I'll make sure to call you every chance I get," Toni said. She then looked over at the man she had fallen in love with and smiled softly.

Toni made her way over to Jethro and looked up into his beautiful ice blue eyes. "Jethro, I was so fortunate to have a wonderful commanding officer like you to ground me and guide me to become the woman that I am today. If it wasn't for you rescuing me from my father, I wouldn't know where I would be. I fell in love with you and I just wanted you to know. You're my saviour, best friend, soul mate, and everything. I love you," Toni said and kissed Jethro on the lips. Jethro wrapped the young woman in his arms tightly and deepened the kiss. They ended the kiss slowly and Toni cupped Jethro's cheek as she smiled lightly and gathered her things from her desk. She passed the older man her dog tags that she still wore around her neck after serving in the Marines. "Semper Fi," she replied and walked out of the building that had been her home for the last seven years.

"Very good, Leon. You managed to get rid of the woman that has been keeping me away from my Jethro for the longest time," a voice came from the shadows. Former NCIS Director Jenny Shephard walked into the light and Leon shook his head. "What wonders forging someone's files can do to their careers," she replied and laughed menacingly. Leon knew that he had to fire Toni so Jenny wouldn't out him as a bisexual. Basically, the redheaded woman was using his sexuality to blackmail him and he needed to tell someone about what was happening and he decided to speak with Toni's uncle, Behavioral Analysis Unit Section Chief Adrian Michael DiNozzo. The older man should be able to do something about what happened with his niece.

Two Weeks Later
Toni had been kicked out of the house that she was living in because she couldn't make a lot of payments on time. Currently, she was living in a one-bedroom apartment on the other side of DC. She ended up working as a waitress for Cedars Restaurant and was completely exhausted. The expectant mother had bruising shadows under her eyes, extremely pale skin, suffered from harsh all-day sickness, lost a lot of weight since she couldn't hold anything down, and her sandy brown hair had fallen out somewhat. Vance had contacted her to come to the building to meet with someone who wanted to see her and she wondered who the mysterious person was. As she walked through the doors after obtaining a visitor's pass, people was surprised to see her. Jethro couldn't believe that Toni looked so depressed and broken. As the younger woman walked into MTAC, Jethro decided to find out why Toni had been fired. She was exceptional at using computers and could hot-wire them to any network. Someone must have been blackmailing Vance into terminating Toni's position and he was going to find out.

Toni sat down at the table in MTAC and waited for Vance and the mysterious person to come in. When the doors opened, she looked up and was shocked to see her uncle following behind the NCIS Director. "Uncle Adrian?" Toni asked hoarsely. She coughed harshly and moaned afterwards. She hadn't used her voice a lot after she was fired from NCIS three weeks ago. Adrian looked at his niece and couldn't believe how horrible she looked and sounded. He knew that the younger woman was working as a waitress at the restaurant he frequented on the other side of DC. Vance looked at the former NCIS senior field agent and knew that the termination had gotten to her horribly.

Vance sat down close to Toni and she moved away slightly. The older man couldn't blame the ex-NCIS agent for not wanting to sit close after he fired her. Adrian sat on the opposite side and Toni moved closer to him. "Toni, I understand that you were fired from NCIS because of you supposedly being computer illiterate. Leon contacted me and told me that someone was blackmailing him with his sexuality," Adrian said and Toni looked over at the other male. Leon nodded his head in agreement to her uncle's comment. She realized who the person was that knew everything and Adrian saw the shadow that passed over his niece's face. "If you're thinking about Jenny Sheppard, then you are correct. She hated you the first day you walked into NCIS and made a lasting impression with everyone. She was even more pissed at the fact that Jethro and you are in love with one another. I want you to come and work for the FBI as a criminal profiler. The Behavioral Analysis Unit is looking for another agent to work with them," he finished explaining to his niece.

Toni thought about what her uncle explained to her and she finally nodded her head. "Alright, I'll come and work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit. I knew that Jenny hated me, but I would have never thought she had to use Vance's sexuality against him. So, when is my new team expecting me?" She asked softly. Hopefully her new job would pay her a good salary so she could move out of the small apartment she was living in. Adrian smiled at Toni and hugged the woman close to his body. Toni wrapped her arms around her uncle and held onto him tightly. She needed to let Jethro know about her new job.

A few days after everything came to the light, Toni was standing next to her uncle in the bullpen of the BAU. She was wearing a pair of black jeans, a green buttoned-down shirt, and green All-Stars. Adrian knew that his niece was nervous about meeting her new team. When they had walked into the bullpen, Adrian cleared his throat and everyone turned to look at him. "Good morning everyone. This is your new team member, Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Antoinette DiNozzo. Yes, she is my younger brother's daughter. Her NCIS position had been terminated under some false pretenses and she opted to not return because of the extenuating circumstances. NCIS Director Leon Vance informed me that this would be good for her," Adrian explained to his unit and they nodded their heads in agreement.

Toni cleared her throat and smiled at the BAU team. Aaron Hotchner approached her and extended his hand. "Welcome to the team, Antoinette. I'm Aaron Hotchner, the BAU Unit Chief. You can either call me Hotch or Aaron, whichever you prefer. I'll introduce you to everyone now," he said and Toni nodded as she shook his hand. "This is Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss, Jennifer Jareau, my wife Penelope Hotchner, and Dr. Spencer Reid," he explained and she exchanged handshakes with everyone. She grinned at Spencer and the younger man grinned back at her.

"Still up for the chess games I owe you, Spence?" Toni asked and Spencer nodded his head. Everyone stared at the two doctors and she turned to look at them with a smile on her face. "Spencer and I met each other back in college. I was six years ahead of him in age, but we still became best friends. When we were in college together, we vowed to not let our friendship end just because we chose different career paths. Spencer and I were still exchanging letters back and forth as much as we could and when I returned to DC, he called me and we met up for a while. We made a pact to vacation together and the last time we hung out together, I got called in for a case and he knew that I hated being called in," she finished explaining to the team and Spencer hugged her close. Toni grinned and hugged the younger man back. They had the same IQ levels even though she was six years older than him. The two friends had grown closer and adopted one another as siblings.

About a month later, Toni had saved up enough money and reopened her bank account and looked healthier. Spencer knew that she was dating her former commanding officer, so he helped her move out of the small apartment she lived in and into Jethro's house. The expectant mother had become very good friends with her team and she looked up to Jason as a father. Currently, she was coming out of the supermarket after picking up some groceries. She walked over to her truck and opened the hatch door to put the bags in. Once everything was loaded into the trunk, Toni closed the hatch door and walked over to the driver's side. When she got into the truck, she felt the barrel of a gun pressed to her temple and she gasped. "Scream and I'll blow your brains out, Agent DiNozzo. You will listen to me as I tell you where to go," the man said and Toni nodded as she started the engine. 'Spencer or anyone, please help me,' Toni thought to herself as she drove away from the supermarket.

Back at the BAU, Derek was speaking with Aaron when Spencer walked in with a frown marring his features. He tried contacting Toni and every time he dialed her cell number, it went straight to voice mail. He looked up when he saw his friends glancing at him with concern etched into their faces. "I've been trying to contact Toni for over three hours, but her cell phone goes straight to voice mail. I think something happened to her and I'm very afraid since she's pregnant," Spencer said. The two agents frowned lightly at Spencer's comment. They were wondering the same thing and knew that Toni periodically checked in with either them, Jethro, Jason or Spencer when she was going to be out for a while. "She'll call back whenever she can reach her phone," Spencer said and decided to go see Penelope about some things.

Toni realized that they were at a shipyard and she turned the engine off. "I want you to get out and kneel on the ground with your head hanging. Don't look at me until I say so," her kidnapper spoke and the expectant mother compiled with the demand that she was given. Toni opened the door and stepped out of the truck. She knelt down on the ground and waited for further instructions from the man that was carrying a gun. 'I should have had my gun with me, but I figured that I wasn't going to be gone that long,' Toni got to herself. "Look at me," the man replied and Toni finally looked up with wide green eyes full of fear and worry for her daughters. "Good night," he said and used the butt of the pistol to knock the pregnant woman out. Once Toni was rendered unconscious, the man dragged her into one of the steel crates. The serial killer bound Toni's hands together and then picked her up from the floor to hang her from one of the hooks.

Once Toni was in place, he admired his captive and knew that she would make a very good sex slave. First, he would have to get rid of her daughters that she was expecting and then repeatedly have sex with her until she conceived his child. He pulled one of his knives from the bag he carried around with him and then walked over to the unconscious hanging woman in the center of the room. He pressed the knife to her shirt and started to cut it off. Once the article of clothing was off Toni's body, the murderer took some time to admire the woman. 'Hmm, she is very beautiful pregnant. Maybe her daughters could be of some good use,' he thought to himself as he set up a live video feed to be sent to the BAU for viewing purposes. When he finished, he turned the camera on and stabbed Toni's unconscious form about five times before starting the video. "Agent Hotchner, you'll be happy to see Agent DiNozzo," the man said to himself and laughed maniacally.
Waking Up by TibbsFangiri89
Author's Notes:
Toni finds herself in a dangerous situation with a madman. Will her new team and boyfriend save her? Will her daughter be alright?
Toni slowly opened her eyes and wondered where she was. She looked up and noticed that she was hanging from a hook with a rope tied a little tightly around her wrists. Her head was throbbing like crazy and the only thing she remembered before passing out was kneeling beside her truck. She felt the blood running from a few stab wounds she suffered while unconscious and groaned in pain softly. "Ahh, I see that you're awake now my dear. Welcome back to the Land of the Living, Agent DiNozzo. The pain will be over before you know it. Just let me have some more fun with you," the man spoke and Toni screamed out when the knife she had been stabbed with the first time slid into her side once more. The expectant mother gasped out as she felt more blood flowing from her body. She wondered what was going to happen. "Shh, just breathe in and let the knife slid into your body. Your team will see how you become very submissive and beg for death like the little bitch that you are and have been for a while now," he spoke and Toni gritted her teeth when she was stabbed once more. It was the worst feeling she had ever been dealt with and tears of pain were rolling down her face.

Back at the BAU, Penelope walked over to Aaron and wrapped her arms around the older man. She said, "Babe, there's a video call and I've been receiving it. It's a live video feed and I think you better look at it." Penelope rerouted it over to the main computer and Aaron opened the file. Spencer's eyes went wide when he saw Toni tied to a metal hook. It looked like she was in some sort of storage area and Aaron enhanced the feed to get a clear visual and the rest of the team was in shock. Toni had whip marks down her back and had been stabbed numerous times from the looks of it. Her back was a completely bloody mess of open wounds. Toni mouthed, 'Someone save me!' A man's voice was finally heard and Aaron turned the volume up so Penelope could get a recording of the man's voice and use it to trace the location where Toni was being held captive.

"Doesn't Agent DiNozzo look beautiful covered in blood? I believe that red is definitely her color since she is pregnant and it gives her a healthy glow as well. I know that you're all looking for your precious agent now since she's so special to you all and the fact that she is pregnant as well. Don't worry about me killing her and her daughters too soon, Agent Hotchner. I'm going to enjoy torturing her until she wishes that she was dead," the man spoke and finally stepped into the camera. Aaron gritted his teeth together when he saw the man that murdered his ex-wife and even murdered expectant mothers.

George Foyet was a mass murderer and harvested expectant mothers' hearts after removing them. Toni screamed out painfully once more as Foyet stabbed her in the right side, angling the knife so it wouldn't kill her daughters. Blood dripped from the stab wound and Toni was sobbing brokenly. Jason clenched his fists tightly as he watched his goddaughter scream in agonizing pain as she was being tortured by the man that they had yet to catch for the ten murders of women and men, preferably pregnant and divorced ones. "Agent DiNozzo will be mine and I will break her to the point of no return like I did your ex-wife, Agent Hotchner. Miss Brooks begged for death by the time I was done with her and I granted it. That's all I have for the time being. Time is ticking, so you better come and save Agent DiNozzo before time runs out and she will be dead by the time you all get here. Tata," Foyet replied and laughed maniacally as he cut the video feed off. Everyone looked around at each other and knew that they had to do something to free the expectant mother.

Derek was the first one to speak up after Foyet ended the feed. "We need to get to the place where Toni is being held. From the looks of it, it can either be at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard or somewhere in DC. I remembered visiting the Navy shipyard and seeing the storage crates since my friend had taken me through them," he explained to the team and Penelope finally got a match for the place where Toni was being held captive. She printed it out and handed it over to her husband. The technical analyst wanted her best friend back so they could hang out together and go places.

Aaron read over the printout that his wife handed him and he glanced up from it. "She's being held captive at the shipyard in one of the storage crates. Gather your gears and let's head out," Aaron said and everyone got their things together. He wanted Toni back since she was one of the best agents the BAU had ever seen. She had a disarming quality about her and would strike at any given moment if need be. Once everyone was ready, they headed out to the unit vehicles. Aaron called for back-up and emergency medical services since the younger woman was heavily injured. He also called Jethro since they exchanged contact information and he was dating Toni.

At the shipyard, Foyet circled around Toni with a carving knife in his right hand. He stared at the pregnant agent and smiled as he ran the blade over her stomach lightly. "You're so beautiful and sexy, Agent DiNozzo. I knew that you would be mine, even if I had to take you by force. My name will be the only name that you scream when I'm pounding into your sweet and beautiful body," Foyet whispered into her ear and Toni moaned painfully as the serial killer bit down on her neck. She cried out and tried to move away from the man's mouth. Jethro was the only one that could mark her since she had given herself to him completely. She knew that her boyfriend was informed about her kidnapping by Aaron. The silver-haired man had jurisdiction over the case since she was a former military official. It wasn't every day that she was kidnapped and tortured by a crazed psychopath that wanted her as his sexual plaything.

Outside where she was being held, Aaron was making sure that his team and Jethro had bulletproof vests on. He looked at the SWAT team as well and they all pulled their guns out from their holsters. They started walking through the shipyard searching for the crate that Toni and Foyet was located. Jethro heard another deafening cry of pain and he waved over to Aaron and SWAT. The unit chief made his way over to where the NCIS leader was standing. Jethro signaled and pointed at the crate where Toni's screams came from. They moved into position and Aaron counted them off. Once he got to three, they stormed inside and Derek yelled, "Freeze, FBI! Foyet, drop the knife now! Baby girl, you alright?" Jethro was shocked to see how bloody his pregnant girlfriend was, but knew that he had to focus on Foyet to step away from Toni.

Toni looked up and saw her boyfriend standing with her team and she nodded while struggling to stay conscious. Foyet smirked menacingly and was about to stab Toni once more when the young woman used what little strength she had and rammed the back of her head into Foyet's nose. The murderer was completely dazed and dropped the carving knife he had in his hand as he held his broken nose. Jethro and Aaron took their aim and shot at Foyet. The killer didn't have time to react as bullets from the two agents and the SWAT officers ripped through his body.

The psychopath fell to the ground bleeding from his body. Derek and Jason managed to cut the ropes that kept Toni from moving around and signing out what she wanted to say. She collapsed into Derek's arms and he replied, "I got you, baby girl. Your boy is here as well and he wants you to get better." Toni nodded tiredly as Jethro picked her up into his arms and laid her on the stretcher that the paramedics brought in. The last thing she remembered before falling into a blissful state of unconsciousness was Jethro kissing her forehead softly. The BAU and the NCIS Supervisory Special Agent watched as Toni was placed into the back of the ambulance with an oxygen mask over her face and an IV bag hooked up to her. The seven agents walked through the crime scene and watched as the CSI team collected evidence and the medical examiner checked the body over.

Sibley Memorial Hospital
"I think she's waking up. Come on sweetheart. Wake up so we can see those pretty moss green eyes of yours." Toni slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room she was recovering in. Jethro was sitting on her right side holding her hand and Derek was to her left. The rest of the team were standing around her hospital bed. "Welcome back to the Land of the Living, baby girl. You suffered fourteen stab wounds in total, but none of them hit any vital organs or arteries. Your daughters are alright and they're healthy as ever," Derek explained to the woman had become a younger sister to him.

Toni looked over at her boyfriend and smiled softly. Jethro returned her smile and leaned down to kiss the younger woman on the lips softly. Toni asked, "I-Is Foyet d-dead?" Everyone nodded their heads and she sighed in relief. "I-I'm so f-fucking relieved to hear that! That asshole had been out to get me since I first encountered him back in Quantico, Virginia. I-I didn't t-think he would f-find me anymore and he did. G-Goddamn it, I-I was so scared and pissed off!" She exclaimed and gritted her teeth when she moved her left arm in a wrong direction. Jethro ran his hand up and down his girlfriend's leg to soothe her. He had contacted Leon and let him know what had happened to Toni since the man wanted to keep track of the ex-NCIS agent. Toni finally noticed tha her left arm was in a sling since it was injured more than her right arm. The other arm was just bandaged up and had an IV line hooked to it.

Derek knew that Jason wanted to sit next to Toni, so he stood up from the chair he occupied and offered it to the older man. Jason nodded and sat down in the chair. Toni smiled at Jason and replied, "Hi, Uncle Jason." Jason smiled and brushed a lock of his goddaughter's sandy brown hair from her face and kissed the younger woman on the forehead softly. Toni grinned and returned her uncle's kiss. The team, Toni and Jethro chatted for a while before they left.

After spending four weeks in the hospital and a few days at home with Jethro recovering from her injuries, Toni had finally been cleared to return to work by her doctor after he examined her and made sure that nothing had gone wrong with the stitches. Aaron brought Jack into work to see her and the little boy started calling her Auntie Toni. The young woman smiled as she read to Jack and knew that her godson was going to be very intelligent when he was older. "Auntie Toni, are your babies alright? Daddy told me that you were kidnapped and attacked by a bad man that didn't like you. Did he hurt you a lot?" Jack asked as he looked up into his aunt's eyes. Toni was surprised that Jack knew about her kidnapping and didn't seem very scared as she thought he would be. The expectant mother hugged the five-year-old boy close to her chest and nodded her head softly.

"Yea, your cousins are alright, sweetheart. Uncle Jason and Uncle Derek saved me from the bad man. Haley and Alex are safe inside my belly for three more months, Jack. Your father is lucky to have Penelope in his life and I heard you're calling her Mommy now," Toni said and Jack smiled brightly when he heard Penelope's name mentioned. "Let's go see your Mommy now, sweetie. She's missing you every day she's here at work," Toni added as she eased up from the chair she was sitting in. Her arms were still bandaged because she developed an infection in two of the surgical stitches. She had been put on antibiotics and the infection cleared up quickly. When Toni arrived at Penelope's office, she walked through the door. "Mrs. Hotchner, I have an important package for you," she said.

Penelope spun around in her chair and instantly had her lap full of her son. "Why hello, my baby boy. It's good to see you since Daddy decided to bring you into work," she replied and Jack laughed happily as Penelope tickled him. Toni smiled and wrapped her arms around her stomach, feeling her daughter move around. Haley and Alex were on the move more as each day passed and Spencer was extremely fascinated with her belly. Toni had approached Spencer and asked him to be the twins' godfather about a few days later after talking with Jethro. The younger man had been so excited that he picked her up into his arms and spun her around as he hugged her. Penelope saw Toni and smiled softly as she waved her over. The young woman walked over to one of the free chairs and eased into it slowly. "You're looking very beautiful and healthy, sweetheart. Has Jethro been taking good care of you?" Penelope asked as Jack fumbled around with the Rubix cube she had given him.

A warm and loving smile was slowly seeping onto the young woman's face and Toni said, "Of course he's taking care of me, Penny. Jethro didn't want me to return to work so soon, but I told him that everything will be alright and I wouldn't overwork myself. Uncle Jason and Spencer are always questioning me every chance they get and I swear that I'm going to crack soon. I love them very much, but I just want them to ease up mostly." Penelope chuckled softly when Toni explained the way she felt. Aaron wasn't as stifling as Spencer and Jason was with Toni, but he made sure to come by and see how she was doing since she was four months pregnant herself. "My sisters are coming here in a little bit. I haven't seen them in a while now, but they do know about my pregnancy and dating Jethro," Toni added and rubbed at her stomach.

Penelope smiled at her best friend and knew that there were secrets that the young woman had. The technical analyst knew that Toni was a witch already from catching her doing magic one day in the training room. What Penelope didn't know was that Toni was one of the Charmed Ones. Her mother, Patricia Halliwell, had hidden her with her aunt because six demons were after her. When Toni was about nine years old, she found out what happened and didn't blame her mother for what she had done. At least her mother had died fighting to get her back from her sister and bringing her home. "There's something else that I didn't tell you, Penny," Toni replied softly. The blond-haired woman turned to her friend and glanced at her softly. "I'm not just an ordinary witch. I'm one of the Charmed Ones and they're coming here like I said. We have this way of transportation called orbing. It helps us get to places quicker," the expectant mother explained.

To say Penelope was shocked was an understatement of the year. "Woah, wait a minute! You mean to tell me that you're a Charmed One and your biological sisters are Piper Halliwell-Wyatt, Phoebe Halliwell, and Prudence Halliwell-Trudeau, who's a Whitelighter now?!" Penelope asked loudly. Toni grinned sheepishly and nodded her head in agreement. "OH MY GOD! You're a Charmed One and you didn't tell me! Bad Toni, BAD!" Penelope exclaimed and the pregnant agent chuckled out loud. The two women continued to chat about Toni being one of the Charmed Ones. Penelope had asked her best friend to use her magic for Jack and Toni smiled softly to herself. She had extended her hand to a book sticking out from the shelf that was in the back and it was teleported into her hand.

Toni was actually happy that Penelope didn't seem too mad about not knowing she was a Charned One. Her nephews, Wyatt and Chris Halliwell, were coming a little bit later after they finished up at Magic School since they were both teachers. Toni was thinking of returning to the school as a teacher since she was one before leaving to work for NCIS. Toni's brother-in-law, Leo Wyatt, was a man who was protective of her, Piper, Phoebe and Prue. The four sisters had been glad when the Elders let Leo keep his Whitelighter powers. Toni had officially changed her last name back to Halliwell and Jethro had been there with her as she did it. Her grandmother, Penelope "Penny" Halliwell, had come to see her and was more than happy to welcome her back into the family. Toni had gained Whitelighter powers unexpectedly, but she had her witch powers such as potion making, scrying and spellcasting.

About an hour later, Toni was walking outside of the FBI headquarters when she felt the air shift around her. She grinned and turned to face the area where she felt the telltale signs of someone orbing in. Piper, Phoebe, Prue, and Leo orbed in and all grinned when they saw Toni standing there with a soft smile on her face. Piper was the first one to reach Toni and she threw her arms around her youngest sister. Toni smiled and caught Piper in her arms as she managed to stay upright without falling down. "Hey Piper, I missed you too," Toni replied and the older woman grinned softly. Prue, Phoebe and Leo exchanged hugs with Toni after Piper had been pulled off the expectant mother by her husband. "Come on. I'll introduce you to my teammates. Jason isn't here at the moment, but he'll be back soon," she said and her family followed her inside.

The Halliwell sisters and Leo walked through the doors of the BAU bullpen and Aaron looked up from his paperwork. Toni smiled at her boss and replied, "Aaron, I would like for you to meet my sisters Piper, Phoebe and Prue. The man standing behind Piper is her husband, Leo Wyatt. They came here to see where I worked and meet my friends. I told them that you should meet them first so they could see the man that saved my life." Piper, Phoebe and Prue felt that Aaron wasn't fully human because their senses were on alert. Toni looked at her sisters and wondered what was going through their minds at the moment. 'It's probably because they're worried about the people that I work with. Since they're the older sisters, they tend to watch out for me more,' Toni thought to herself.

Aaron smiled at the three sisters and shook Leo's hand. "It's nice to meet Toni's family for the first time in a while. She talks about you all the time and her desk is covered in pictures of you all. Piper, where are your two sons? Toni told me about her nephews and she had been wanting to see them for the longest time," Aaron replied. Toni knew that the older man wouldn't forget about her stories that she told her team. Wyatt and Chris were pranksters and loved pranking their youngest aunt since she was the most funt to play with.

Piper smiled at the mention of Wyatt and Chris and replied, "They'll be here soon. They had finish teaching their classes at the school where my husband is the Headmaster. They're teachers there and Toni was their teacher before she moved to Washington, DC." Aaron nodded and led the group through the bullpen. Penelope had joined them and Toni introduced her best friend to her family. Phoebe and Penelope had gotten off to a good start and exchanged contact information. Piper and Prue were happy that their youngest sister were surrounded by a good group of people and they were going to meet up with Jethro after Toni was done working. When Jethro and Toni had made love for the first time after they admitted their feelings for one another, their souls connected. Spencer had walked into the room with Derek and smiled at his best friend.

Toni turned to face her friends and replied, "Everyone, I would like you all to meet my sisters Piper Halliwell-Wyatt, Phoebe Halliwell, and Prue Halliwell-Trudeau. The man standing behind Piper is my brother-in-law, Leo Wyatt." Jennifer, Derek, Emily and Spencer exchanged handshakes with Toni's sister and brother-in-law. "Prue's husband, Andy, is a third-generation homicide detective for the San Francisco Police Department. Prue works for 415 Magazine as Chief Editor since the man that was the editor before left to pursue other things. Piper, Leo and Phoebe work at P3, Piper's club that she bought when she had been pregnant with my oldest nephew, Wyatt. Wyatt and his younger brother, Chris, will be here soon," Toni explained to her friends and they nodded.

About an hour and a half later, Wyatt and Chris Halliwell orbed in and looked up at the building that they had landed in front of. Wyatt said, "This is the place Aunt Toni had told us to come, but I don't see anyone else. Let's head into another area and see where Mom, Dad, Aunt Paige, and Aunt Prue are." Chris nodded and together the two brothers headed into the building a few minutes later. They stopped by the front desk to receive visitor's badges and then headed through the door that the receptionist told them to go through.

Toni was sitting at her desk when she heard the door open behind her and turned around in her chair. Her nephews were walking through and the expectant mother jumped up from her seat. "Wyatt, Chris!" She exclaimed and jogged over to the two young men. Wyatt had just celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday back on February 22nd and Chris was about to turn twenty-two on November 16th. The two Halliwell brothers wrapped their arms around their pregnant aunt and hugged her close. "My God, you two have grown and gotten more handsome! Wyatt, I hear wedding bells later on in the year. Who's the lucky man?" Toni asked with a grin on her face. She knew that Wyatt was gay since he came out to her first at the age of sixteen and she didn't mind. Piper and Leo had told him that he didn't need to feel ashamed about his sexual orientation.

Wyatt looked at Spencer discreetly and the young genius smiled at him. Toni said, "NO WAY! Spencer, you're getting married to my nephew?!" The brown-haired man blushed horribly and the older agent chuckled loudly. "I should have known you two would get together. Spence, do you know about our family, right?" She asked and waited for the younger man to answer. Spencer decided to show her and he orbed out from where he was standing and orbed next to her with a smile on his face. Toni was shocked and then shook it off quickly. "Well, you're a Whitelighter and know about the family secret then. Why am I not surprised?" Toni asked and the three older Halliwell sisters laughed happily.

Spencer said, "Wyatt and I had met when I was visiting California for a conference. We exchanged contact information and a year later, we started dating. He told me that he was your nephew and I didn't want you to know at first. The both of us agreed to not let anyone know until we were certain that the union would be accepted. I guess we were just slightly afraid. Sorry about that, everyone. We just needed to make sure that we were really soul mates before telling you all. Luckily, the Angel of Destiny said that we were when we had met with her about some issues. Another thing is that I'm two months pregnant." Piper, Phoebe, Prue, and Leo knew that they were going to have another Halliwell baby born soon. Wyatt was the first to start a family.

Toni shook her head and replied, "It's alright, Spence. I could see that my nephew had been very happy just from reading the emails that he sent to me throughout the years. You two will be wonderful parents when the baby is born. It is my duty as your best friend and future in-law to take you shopping and spend time with you. Jethro needs to know since he is Wyatt's soon-to-be uncle." Spencer stared at his best friend with wide brown eyes and Wyatt wrapped his arms around the younger man's slender waist. Spencer was frightened of Toni and he needed to be prepared.
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